Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TMI Tuesday: November 8, 2016 ~ Election Special

Hi folks!

As the world knows it is crazy-time with elections in the USA, on this TMI Tuesday. Today’s questions were created by Recusen and little ol’ me. There are many types of elections–student council, city government, civic club boards, union leadership, executive boards, Homeowners Associations, and more.

Refer to any type of recent elections as you answer the following questions:

1. I think more favorably about a candidate who has family, such as a spouse and kid(s)
True or False

2. I am more likely to support a candidate who has my same religious beliefs?
True or False

Q: Melania Trump could be the First Lady - why/why not?

3. I am skeptical of anyone running for any type of office if they are devoutly religious.
a. I agree
b. I somewhat agree
c. I disagree
~ sadly many of the publicly devout have been proven to be immoral hypocrites.

4. If a candidate has a sex scandal, I will not vote for them.
a. True
b. False

5. If a candidate was involved in a sex scandal more than a decade ago:
a. I don’t care, it will not affect my view of the candidate
b. Scandal is scandal, I cannot support that candidate
c. Everyone has sex, sex is not scandalous, I don’t care about a candidate’s sex life
e. For me to be swayed by a candidate’s sex scandal it would have to be something huge, heinous and against humanity

6. I like when candidates call each other names and get into negative verbal sparring.
a. Yes – It’s exciting to know the dirt
b. No – It’s a waste of time, I learn nothing about either candidate

7. Do you vote? Why or why not?
~ I didn't use to when I was younger ("It's not like my candidate will win or lose by one vote") but as I got older I realized the process was important. It's important to participate, otherwise others will shape our democratic process for us. We supposedly fight in other countries so their people can have democracy (because it's not about the oil, amiright?) and yet voter turnouts in Western democracies continue to decline. When I see that the US presidential election has come down to a choice between Hillary or Trump I have to wonder if the Illuminati really do exist, and they want us to give up on the electoral process?

8. When it comes to campaign ads, which kind do you respond to:
a. Negative ads
b. Positive ads
~ I'm skeptical of both, but I do prefer positive ads ie what they are going to do as opposed to just platitudes about what a great person they are, or how great their policy is (yet they can't back it up with how they're gonna achieve/pay for it).

9. Has a campaign ever swayed your vote?
~ No, I've usually made up my mind well before election time. No candidate has ever swayed my vote. Which is not to say I've voted for the same party every time.

10. Do you pay attention to who placed/paid for the ad?
~ Yes. The US election is now dominated by who can raise the most money to buy the most ads and pay for the best online campaign (which may or may not include the dark art of employing surrogates and proxies to smear your opponent. The US Supreme Court made a big mistake in my opinion when they allowed corporations equal rights of citizens to contribute to political campaigns, either directly or indirectly. The USA needs some serious campaign finance reform, since elections are decided now largely by who has the most money.

Bonus: Select all that you agree with, select as many or as few as you like.
a. U.S. Presidential campaign lasts way too long
~ Yes, especially when you add in the Primaries as well.
b. U.S. candidates for President waste a lot of money
~ OMFG yes!! When you hit the billion dollar mark you know it's gone crazy. (See links in Q10 for why)
c. 2016 U.S. Presidential Race is a steaming pile of poo!
~ Ha! Yes, but it didn't always use to be that way. The 2016 Presidential Election has been all about who can get the best soundbite, dump on the other candidate the most, and receive the most coverage on TV. The reporters don't question the candidates enough and just accept the BS spun out by them as gospel. Or at the very least they're left unchallenged by any real media scrutiny.

Double Bonus: Here's what we got up to on the weekend: Last Chance (Sunday) Saloon


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. 7. I'm so glad you turned around and realized it is important to vote despite the shitty presidential electoral system. You have grown wiser with age :-)

    10. Nero, Nero, Nero. This is the bane of my existence-- that fact that business is put before the well-being of individual citizens. And that is exactly what happens in this country time and time again. A well functioning society--a society is supposed to function for the good of its members. Businesses always function for dollars no matter the harm or devastation to citizens--individuals in the society. It is sick! Amen to all that you said.

    b. Prez. elections and cities forking over dollars to get and host the Olymics always pissed me off. I think, that money could overhaul and fix our education system.

    c. Reporters? Hmm, they do not exist. Hosts of the shit show is what they've become.

    Thanks for you thoughts and insights on this and all TMI Tuesdays.


    1. Journalism died when 'News' became a method of attracting consumers they could sell advertising to. :(

      There are numerous studies pointing out that Stadiums are not viable entities - which is why they (billionaire NFL/NBA team owners) always get the city to pay for them. And pay they do, year after year after year! This is funny John Oliver clip explains it best: https://goo.gl/3M509R

      And ditto for hosting the Olympics. They always make a huge loss and the host city and country is always left with a bunch of 'white elephant' stadiums (stadia!) that they keep paying off for decades. Even London was left with a dud but expensive stadium after their Olympics: https://goo.gl/r5fiq0

      It's all still just bread and circuses, and the current US election exemplifies that.

    2. Ha! Thanks for clips


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