Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trump has nothing left.

since this is a sex blog not a political blog, here's another pic of Melania Trump (on right)

UPDATE: I scheduled this post (originally just the image below) after the 'Access Hollywood' tape was leaked. Trump was revealed to be a self entitled pig who thought it was okay to kiss or grope women ("grab 'em by the pussy!") when he felt like it. For a week it looked like he had zero chance of becoming President, but then... Hillary got kneecapped by some bogus FBI investigation into her connection to Anthony Weiner's sexting. That 'investigation' makes no sense (other than to smear Hillary Clinton) but it means the Presidential race is once again wiiiide open.
And if you think I'm trying to smear Trump by posting a 1996 photo of his wife, I'm not. I just want you to think about how she's posing and ask you if you think there might be a whole lot more (but 'worse'*) out there, with a whole lot of photographers just waiting for her to become the First lady so they can get the ultimate pay day.
*I'm reluctant to say 'worse' because I think she looks fantastic and I love erotic photography so I'd be a hypocrite to say I didn't want to see more of her.

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  1. The very real prospect of Trump actually winning the election terrifies me, but the truth is, I was terrified when he was far behind Clinton. Because the unfortunate fact is that whatever happens, even if he is defeated in a humiliating landslide and commits suicide in lieu of a concession speech, Americans (and technically the entire world) still have to deal with the legions of ignorant racists Trump has emboldened.

  2. American politics has been corrupted by campaign donors (mostly the uber rich and corporations) who get what they want because every politician knows they cant get elected without a truckload of cash. US elections are now determined by whoever has the most money, which is a damn shame.


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