Friday, December 16, 2016

Complain and Ye Shall Receive... Part 2

After yesterday's post I had no idea there would be a Part 2 - but there was! It went down like this:

As I explained in Complain and Ye Shall Receive... I went for a nap on Tuesday afternoon and convinced my wife to join me. Sex ensued. It was great. But because we'd had sex on Tuesday I assumed that was our scheduled midweek intimacy, meaning I wouldn't be getting any on Wednesday night, our usual midweek sex night. And I was right. Almost.

At 11pm I was watching TV while my wife read a book. It was an actual book, some racey chick lit, so she had presumably devoured all her Kindleporn and couldn't afford any more titles that week. Anyway, I was very tired (unusual for me at that hour) and I said I was going to bed. Imagine my surprise when my wife said 'Okay', shut her book, and followed me up stairs. Were we going to keep our Wednesday schedule after all? Surely not?

Not, it turned out.

My wife got changed for bed but then grabbed her book, gave me a kiss, and told me she wanted to finish her book so was going back downstairs. She gave me a kiss as she left and I settled in to sleep.

But of course I couldn't sleep because not 5 minutes later my daughter came downstairs and started rattling around in the kitchen trying to make herself a late night snack. And then when she was finished she called out to her mother, asking where the Christmas wrapping paper was because she wanted to wrap her gifts. And so my wife called out and answered from the lounge, and then my daughter yelled out "Don't come in here, you can't look" and so on...

The two were making a heck of a lot of noise for that time of night and 20 minutes later I gave up on my attempts to sleep. I picked up my iPad and did a search of some of those titles on Literotica that I'd discovered my wife was reading (see A brief look at my wife's Kindleporn collection). I started with some 'Taboo' (aka !ncest) since I wasn't in the mood for BBC and Nonconsent (aka rape) which were her preferred genres. The Taboo story didn't really grab me either, so I gave up on her catalogue and found one of my own. Anal, of course.

I wasn't super excited but I was aroused, and I was slowly jacking my cock as I read. Because my mind was on the stories I was reading I wasn't really paying attention to getting off, until about 20 minutes later when I realized my dick was really fat and engorged - and seemed longer than usual. I said "Wow?!" to myself at that point - which was about one second before my wife walked in!

"!" she said incredulously, unable to believe what she was seeing. Rather than try to cover what I was doing I simply stopped and replied "I couldn't sleep".

She crawled up next to me on the bed, grinning broadly, and admonished me in a whisper "ooh, you dirty boy - reading dirty stories were you? playing with your cock, huh?"  All of which was patently obvious, so I carried on reading and stroking my dick. She placed her hand tentatively on my thigh, hesitated, and then leaned forward and started licking the tip of my tumescent prick. Then she swallowed the head and started swirling her tongue around the tip. Given that one of my fantasies has always been to have my wife suck me off while I was watching porn I took my shot:

"Get in between my legs and blow me" I commanded, as I continued to wank my dick. She seemed eager to do it, jumping quickly between my legs, so maybe it was a fantasy of her own? I wished I'd actually mentioned this fantasy sooner - out loud! My wife was happily slurping away on my cock as I continued to read the story, fondling my balls for good measure. It felt good and we continued for a few minutes, but once again I realized I wasn't going to cum lying on my back. I put the iPad aside and got up on my knees, before resting back on my haunches.

My wife scooted down lower and swallowed me whole, deep throating me and playing with my balls. And fingering my ass. She alternated between jerking my cock really fast and then bobbing up and down on my prick really fast, always sucking hard to keep up the pressure. Then I felt it - she'd hit the sweet spot. "Don't move!" I said, as I placed my hands on the side of the head and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. I wasn't holding her roughly, just firmly, keeping her in that position as I climbed my final peak.

The best sex advice I ever got when younger was "if she tells you 'don't move' then don't move! - just keep doing what you're doing". This applies to oral or fucking. Often guys hit her sweet spot, she says "oh, YEAH!" and then the guy foolishly decides to start pounding that pussy harder, faster, or in a different direction. DON'T! If she wants it harder or faster she'll tell you, so if she says 'oh, YEAH' just keep doing what you were doing. Ditto for oral - don't suddenly thrust your tongue up her wet cunt if she said 'oh, YEAH!' while you were circling her clit.

And it was the same for me - I held her steady in that sweet spot and thrust in and out of her warm wet mouth.

And then I filled it with my hot cum, flooding her mouth with my spunk. I pumped her mouth a few times as she held my balls and squeezed the last few spurts out of me. It felt marvelous. When I'd finished I withdrew and she paused momentarily. "It's okay," I said "you can run to the bathroom now."  My wife never swallows, and I don't care either way. But this time she paused. And then gulped. She swallowed it all down and then looked up at me grinning. "No problem" was all she said, proudly.

'Wow, that's new' I thought to myself - I wonder what fantasy was running through her head when she decided to do that? 'Maybe next time she'll swallow and then open her mouth after, like the pornstars do?' I wondered. It certainly was a new twist to our non-penetrative sexual repertoire and I wasn't complaining. Maybe next time I can explore further my fantasy of watching porn while my wife 'services' me?

Damn, I'm hard again just thinking about it... if this is Wednesday who knows what will happen on the weekend given this current lucky streak?
Complain and Ye Shall Receive - Part One

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  1. After all that, I'm kind of curious about the fantasy that was playing through her head too. Yay for getting a good blowjob! :)

    1. heh heh - I am ALWAYS curious about what is running thru my wife's head!


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