Thursday, December 15, 2016

Complain and Ye Shall Receive...

The Gods must be watching over me? I didn't complain to my wife, but I have been bleating on this blog recently and ... lo, suddenly I am getting more sex. Whaaaat? It went down like this:

Last Saturday in the post Last Night I recounted how we had non-penetrative sex on Friday night due to my wife having cystitus. It was essentially a mutual masturbation session brought on by her reading dirty stories (not that she admits it) and me sitting naked in an armchair in front of her reading my own dirty stories (two can play at that game) and my arousal becoming obvious. This stirred something within her and... bingo! We both got off.

I was up late on Monday hammering out TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016 ~ Sex is life because I had other stuff to do and didn't get to it until after midnight. And then on Tuesday morning I was up at 7am to take my daughter to school, the dog to Doggy Daycare, and then back home again because we had contractors coming to work on the house. So by Tuesday afternoon I was really tired and decided to take a nap. The problem is that I am a very light sleeper and there was a lot of neighborhood noise so I doubted I would actually fall asleep.

The solution? Invite my wife to 'give me a hand' helping me 'get off' to sleep. She baulked at the suggestion, but when I pointed out our daughter wouldn't be home until 6pm and she really had nothing else to do... my wife suddenly smiled and said "okay, I'll join you for a nap!" Ask and ye shall receive indeed! I immediately stripped off (lest there be any confusion) and jumped into bed. She did likewise, albeit with a negligeé, despite having a hot body (me not so much). Women!

So we kissed and cuddled and my hands roamed her body and it wasn't long before we were back into what had worked so well last Friday:
She turned and pressed her back to me, at the same time pulling my left arm around her and placing my hand on her breast. Her right arm remained stretched behind her, massaging my balls with her hand. Her tit felt full and heavy in my left hand as I began massaging her gently, my right hand still jacking my dick. Her boobs felt good in my hand, and I played with them more slowly this time. Her nipple was hard and I gave it the softest of pinches
I was squeezing her breasts. She responded well to this - so much so that she got up, straddled my hips, and leaned forward so that I could fondle both her tits. I squeezed them with both hands, still gently but a little more vigorously (if that makes sense). My wife leaned in closer, so her boobs were in my face. That was my cue to get rougher still, so I grabbed them and started suckling on her stiff nipples. My tongue circled her areola as I swallowed her into my mouth. This drove her crazy and she grabbed the back of my head and pressed herself further into my face.

I bit her gently on one nipple as I squeezed the other breast and then alternated. She was writhing on top of me until she couldn't take it anymore and pulled away. Slamming me down on my back she slid herself up my chest and planted her cunt on my face. Her pussy was wet and she tasted delicious. I placed my hands on her buttcheeks and pulled her further into me so that I could drink her sweet nectar. Yes, I know that sounds cliché but it's true. She tastes great and I can't get enough of it.

She placed one hand on the back of my head and pulled me in tighter, holding me there, while grabbing my right hand and moving it from her butt to my crotch. "Jerk your cock for me" she said breathlessly, "I want you to cum - cum on my ass."  Given my age I thought the latter was probably a bit hopeful but I was willing to give it a go. I jacked my dick fast as she continued to grind against my face. I was pressed so hard into her I barely had room to move my tongue around her clit, but she seemed very happy nonetheless.

She released me from her headlock so she could fondle her own breasts, squeezing herself as I continued to eat her out. Her back was arched, her head thrown back, and her hips were thrusting forward in staccato movements as she fucked my face.

She came.

And she tasted even better.

I expected her to flop down once she'd orgasmed but she didn't. She was in a bit of a frenzy - jumping off me and flipping herself around again, as she did last Friday:
She swung around, crawled over, and positioned herself above my legs on all fours ... she backed up until my erect cock was pressed between her ass cheeks. Then she dropped down, placing her head on the mattress, which pulled her ass forward a bit and made room for a bit of hand play on her pussy. Which is exactly what she did next.
So my wife is slapping her pussy, then diddling her clitty, and at the same time rocking backwards and forwards so my cock is pressed against her asshole.
Now don't let the cut 'n paste fool you. This is not just a repeat of what happened last night Friday night... okay, it was - but I wasn't complaining. I decided to turn it up a notch by taking it a step further which meant articulating my desires. Communication! That's how you spice things up - by telling your partner what you actually want!!

So I told my wife to stick her finger in her ass and, er, finger herself. She'd been talking dirty since she'd 'assumed the position' while also pulling her butt cheeks apart as she played with her pussy and telling me where to shoot my seed. She had occasionally run a finger up and down her crease, which is why I decided to up the ante. I leaned forward and rimmed her asshole! Normally she pulls away when I try that but this time she didn't. Probably because this time I was lathering her starfish with saliva, lubing her up for what I wanted next:

"Stick your finger in your butt and fuck your dirty asshole for me" I told her. It wasn't an order, more of a command, but she complied. She was tentative at first, but got a little more adventurous as my dirty talk egged her on. I was up on my knees now, jacking my cock furiously, and that old familiar feeling was boiling up in my balls. "Not long now", I warned her, "I'm going to cum".

This pleased her and she told me to "fire away! fill up my asshole..." She had one finger in her ass and another in her slit when I did - exploding into her butt, splattering her asshole with hot sticky cum. "Yeah!" she said, pulling her finger out and smearing the sperm up and down her crease...

I only managed to nap for 10 minutes before the phone rang, but I wasn't complaining. I felt refreshed and invigorated by our afternoon romp! I'd left my wife grinning too, so that bodes well for the future, surely?

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