Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to have sex with a stripper

How to have sex with a stripper? It's not easy but it can be done.

Firstly, let me get some disclaimers our of the way: whether you can have sex with a stripper depends entirely on [a] the stripper, and [b] the area you're in. Some strippers are purely strippers and that is their passion - they love dancing for money, they love the attention, and it's all they need. You can't have sex with these strippers, because they're not prostitutes. Some strippers however will provide sexual services, so these are the ones I'm going to talk about. Location is also important because in some areas sexual services ie 'extras' are a BIG no-no and the stripper will be fired if she does them. And you might get bounced, very heavily, out the door by security.

BEWARE! Some strippers earn so much in tips just by
dancing that they have no interest in doing 'extras'
Secondly, let me assure you that most strippers are not prostitutes and many of them will be upset and say I'm doing a disservice by writing this post. My key point is that while most strippers are not prostitutes some of them are, to a certain degree. (If you blow a guy, or give him a handjob, or let him jack off in front of you, in a private room, for money... then in my book you're a prostitute. Just because you din't fuck him doesn't mean you're not). The most important point is to know if the stripper in front of you is a sex worker or not, and you should be able to tell by the type of establishment you're in.

Once you've decided the stripper you like is available for some extra curricular services then the next most important part is gaining her attention. This mean plying her with money so you get the invite to a private room ... where private things might happen!

Unless you keep stuffing bills into her g-strings a stripper will leave for the next guy who does have bills. If you have bills she will (depending on the club/local laws) allow you to place the bills between her breasts with your teeth (which she takes by squeezing her tits together to grasp the note - so you get your face in her boobs) or she might even even open her thong a little so you can see her pussy when you drop a few big bills 'into the slot' (but for godssake don't try and actually poke the money into her pussy - just drop it into her g-string)!

Having got her attention by showering her with money she may well turn up after she comes off stage and offer you a lap dance. Sometimes these are done where you're sitting, and sometimes they're done in a private room/booth either backstage or in a private area of the club. If you are taken to a private area you may find you have a number of options, again depending on the club or the local laws. You need to know these options before you get yourself into trouble/thrown out, so it pays to ask first. I suggest you play the dumb tourist and just ask politely. Especially if you're asking for something that the club has posted a sign saying is not allowed.
  1. In some places you can't touch the strippers/lapdancers, in others you can.
  2. In some places you can't even touch the private lap dancer, in others you can.
  3. In some places the lap dancer will touch you (over your clothes), in others she won't.
  4. In some places the lap dancer will offer to jack you off, or better yet, blow you.
  5. In some places the lap dancer will offer to fuck you (usually in another even more private room, especially for that purpose).
The last two are clearly sexual services and you need to be very careful (and circumspect) about how you handle it. Especially if paying for sexual services is illegal in the state/country you are in. If you're in a foreign country be even more careful because it could be a scam. Either 'security' or the police burst in and either way you will have to pay big to avoid arrest.

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