Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Eve...

It's Christmas Eve and I imagine that like me most of you will be too busy to read sex blogs tomorrow, and possibly today as well, so I will queue this post on Thanksgiving...

Every year I post some 'Sexy Xmas' images, but given my audience skews female I'm not sure if anyone aside from myself enjoys them? Ha! As I mentioned on Tuesday, I'm actually an atheist so it might seem hypocritical to be celebrating Christmas - which is a christian festival. Yes, it is, which is why I always call it Xmas. It makes me feel less hypocritical (silly, I know).

Anyway, I'm going off on a ridiculous tangent here so let's get back to the pictures (if you like them click the 'Sexy Xmas' tag at the bottom for more). And to all my readers (whatever religion you are [or not]) I wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

~ Nero

If you have any cyber mistletoe you wanna send my way then fire away, and I will cyber kiss you right back - 'down there'!! 
Just imagine I look like this guy:

or imagine this guy, if you really want to be naughty for Santa!

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