Saturday, December 10, 2016

Last Night

Let's see if I can whack this out by lunchtime, since it happened last night...

In Thursday's post Wednesday's Scheduled Sex came early I recounted how I had sex with my wife on Tuesday night, ahead of the expected Wednesday liaison. I finished with the hopeful words that I fully planned to have sex with her again on Wednesday night, since she was on a Kindleporn binge so she would probably be as horny again on Wednesday night as she was on Tuesday. (That I switched gears a little on Tuesday night probably didn't hurt either).

Honestly, we've been married 20+ years and I never imagined
my wife would discuss our sex life with her friends. #naive
There was no sex on Wednesday night because on Wednesday evening my wife was complaining that she felt she had another bout of cystitus coming on. She didn't say it, but like previous bouts, the inference is that it was because I fucked her roughly, with a dirty dick, when she wasn't lubricated enough, while she was finishing her period. If that seems like a grab bag of reasons it's because Dr Google doesn't really spell out what causes cystitus.

In my own defense I will say that she seemed very wet and my dick was clean. Maybe it's time to steer clear of sex during her period?

So anyway, no sex on Wednesday or Thursday night but on Friday night my wife came home from 'a board dinner' quite tipsy and quite horny. I could tell she was horny because she joined me on the sofa watching TV - as in she sat next to me, not at the opposite end of our very long designer couch. Then she was stretched out on the floor below me, ostensibly playing with the dog, but really writhing around showing me her tits and legs. I asked her how she was feeling and suggested we go to bed.

She said she still wasn't well but we should still go to bed since it was late. I suggested we didn't have to have penetrative sex (yes, I did just jump straight to that!) and she smiled and said "I don't think so" as she left the room. To me that was a completely ambiguous statement. Was she saying we weren't going to have sex, or agreeing that we shouldn't have penetrative sex? I finished the rest of the program and then went upstairs to bed 20 minutes later. She was in bed, reading Kindleporn.

I stripped off my clothes, grabbed my iPad, sat naked in the armchair on her side of the bedroom, and started reading Literotica.

As I was reading a particular juicy section my dick got hard, and as the story progressed it got even harder. I was just about to start jacking my dick (as I read) when I heard my wife laugh.

"What?" I said, looking up.

"look at you" she responded, "are you reading something dirty?"

"yeah - so what?" I shrugged.

"I'm not" she said defensively. "I'm just reading a book".

"well good for you" I finished, going back to my dirty story.

My wife closed her iPad, turned out the light, and snuggled down. I took that as my cue to ditch my iPad and get into bed. The covers were open and my raging hard on was on display. She shuffled over and reached for my balls (she likes that) and started playing with them. I took that as my cue to start jacking off and she gazed at my throbbing cock as I pumped slowly. Her fingernails scraped softly over my hairy sack as I started wanking faster.

Changing positions, she turned and pressed her back to me, at the same time pulling my left arm around her and placing my hand on her breast. Her right arm remained stretched behind her, massaging my balls with her hand. Her tit felt full and heavy in my left hand as I began massaging her gently, my right hand still jacking my dick. Her boobs felt good in my hand, and I played with them more slowly this time. Her nipple was hard and I gave it the softest of pinches.

Her fingers on my balls felt fantastic and my cock was ready to blow. I had some small dry orgasms but didn't cum, and I knew why. Lying flat on my back jerking my cock was not how I masturbated and the position felt unnatural. I contemplated getting up and cumming all over her ass but we were so damn cosy it seemed rude to get up. Besides, her breast felt good in my hands as did her hand on my balls. But... but... but I wanted to cum!

As if she read my mind my wife let go of my balls and got up. She swung around, crawled over, and positioned her self above my legs on all fours. For a moment I thought she was getting into the reverse cowgirl position, which confused me since I figured with her cystitus we wouldn't be having sex, but she didn't mount me. Instead she backed up until my erect cock was pressed between her ass cheeks. Then she dropped down, placing her head on the mattress, which pulled her ass forward a bit and made room for a bit of hand play on her pussy. Which is exactly what she did next.

So my wife is slapping her pussy, then diddling her clitty, and at the same time rocking backwards and forwards so my cock is pressed against her asshole. I'm jacking my purple cock up and down furiously - and thoroughly confused. No more so than when she reaches back and pulls her ass cheek wide open with her free hand, showing me her crinkled starfish. Does she want me to stick it in there? It's sooooo tempting!

But I've been fooled before, and it's a mistake not worth repeating.

"What do you want?" I ask, hoping she'll finally say 'I want you to fuck me in the ass'

"I want to feel you cum" she gasps, clearly on her way to her own orgasm. But her answer is too vague.

"I'm ready babe, where do you want it?" I reply, hoping she'll say 'in my asshole, slide your cock in there and fuck me daddy, I wanna feel that hot sticky mess all up inside my back door'

"In my asscrack" she blurts out, as she moans and continues working her clit and pussy. "Fire it all over my ass, and in my asscrack..."

With the ambiguity gone I get up on my knees and place myself behind her, in the doggy position. I'm not going to fuck her of course, but I'm pounding my meat hard and my fist is smashing into her pussy, my knuckles grazing her clit. It drives her wild and her moans become continuous. Again she reaches back to spread her ass cheeks so I wet my thumb and run it up and down her brown crease. Now slightly slick I push my stiff prick up and down her crevice, telling her I'm going to explode and fill her ashole with my cum.

"Yeah do it" she hisses, "cum for me, shoot that hot stuff all over my ass, fire it into my asscrack..."

At which point I do explode, firing several jets of hot sperm all over her asshole and butt.

"Yes, yes!" grunts my wife, playing catch up by slapping her cunt hard and cumming too "ungh, yesssss!"

Not a bad fuck, I think to myself as we're drifting off in post coital bliss. I often tell my wife we don't always need to have penetrative sex to have sex, and this was the perfect example. Half a loaf is better than none, in my book. My wife on the other hand is a perfectionist and always wants to 'do it right'. But some days nights you've just got to take as it comes.

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  1. Like that very much - you may know from my blog that to me sex is sexual activity, its not just intercourse.
    "small dry orgasms" - not sure what they are do you actually cum?
    May xx

  2. Yeah, it's a weird one. I've read about them a few years ago (so I'm not a freak - ha!) but of course I can't find that link now. They're a bit like a small or mini-orgasm for women I'd guess. Your cock twitches, your whole body shudders, and you convulse a little. It feels better than it sounds, trust me! It's like a small orgasm without the ejaculation. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen.

  3. Sometimes the best sex isn't penetrative at all. :)

    1. Damn straight!
      And you're gonna love tomorrow's post because it details another episode that happened last night which was exactly that.
      (Why am I getting lucky on Tuesday's now all of a sudden??)


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