Monday, December 5, 2016

Massage & Hand Relief

We hadn't had sex since November 20, but it seemed like even longer - probably because it went so badly. Actually, it went well for her (see here) but I was suffering from major headaches searing through my temple and into brain. So by last weekend I was climbing the walls again, commiserating with myself that 'it had been weeks!' when it had only really been ten days. Which is about ten months in man years.

What was exacerbating was that there had been plenty of opportunity for us to do it - we had been to various social functions (wine! and all her friends telling her what a great guy I was, unlike their cheating spouses!) and also on a few date nights with just ourselves (dinners, movies) but by the time we got home she yawned and wanted to go to bed. To sleep. That was deeply frustrating since I knew her period was due and that was meant to make her horny, right? It normally does.

who doesn't love a massage with oil?
And then of course I'd find her still up an hour or three later, reading her iPad in bed, which meant she was reading Literotica or Kindleporn. But instead of being horny she would snap her iPad shut and then switch out the light and tell me it was sleepy time. I would tease her that I knew she was horny because she was reading her dirty stories, but she would deny it and say she was just reading chick lit (not to be confused with clit lit) and I should go to sleep

So I was slightly miffed to discover on Saturday morning tampon wrappers in her trash basket in the ensuite. That meant I wasn't crazy and it explained why I was climbing the walls - I always get extra horny when she's having her period. (Must be the pheromones). On Saturday afternoon we dropped our daughter at a sleepover and went to an early movie (6pm). After that, on the way home, my wife asked what I wanted to do next. I suggested we go back to our house and I could lie down on her yoga mat and she could give me a massage with oil, and then some hand relief because we hadn't had sex in 3 weeks and I was going mental.

"Sure, okay" she said.

So we had a bite to eat and raced home. Because I was driving.

By the time we got home my wife had got 'practical' and decided a towel on the bed with me on top would be fine, so that's what we did. It removed the 'fantasy' element but I was grateful for what I could get (or was about to get) so I didn't complain. My wife squirted some baby oil on her hands and then massaged my back and shoulders for a few minutes. It felt really really good, but not being a professional she did not know she needed to 'top up' on the baby oil, and her hands started to drag across my skin. To my shame my mind wandered to the professional massages I'd received in my time - including some that were 'world's-oldest' professional!

The latter came to the fore when she started massaging my butt and tried stroking my balls at the same time. Instead of enjoying it for what it was (and I was enjoying it) my mind wandered to the way the pro's did it (not to be confused with professional masseuses who do 'straight' massage i.e. no 'extras', no 'happy endings'). They would massage the back of your legs but run their fingers right up to (but not quite touching!) your balls, building the excitement of whether they were going to go there or not.

who doesn't love a happy ending?
Sometimes they would go so far up the cheeks of your butt their fingers would tickle the hair on your balls and the anticipation would drive you nuts (no pun intended): are they going to touch my balls? Which was crazy, because everyone in the room knew you were there for 'the extras'. She was just teasing you to let you know what she might just do if you answered her final question correctly - "well, time is almost up - is there anything else I can do for you? any other areas you want me to work on?"

But back to my wife... she was massaging my butt and trying to do something with my balls so I had to raise my ass so she could massage them properly. She likes my balls, but by lifting myself up a little I opened myself up to the main attraction. She ignored my tight balls and reached further to stroke my stiff cock. So I lifted myself right up, putting myself in the prone position (head down, ass up) and she had her way with my butt, balls and cock. She gave them all a good going over and I wondered if I would cum this way. It didn't take her long to start fingering my asshole either...

It felt good but I was worried she was going to stick her finger right in (ow!) so I dropped down and rolled over onto my back. She started rubbing my cock with her slick hands, cupping and massaging my balls at the same time. It felt wonderful, and felt even better when she pulled my foreskin back and started licking and sucking my cockhead. I was moaning and writhing in front of her, as she intensified her efforts on all fronts.

She was kneeling between my spread legs as she did all this, when suddenly she lifted my thighs and pushed my legs back. I knew what was coming next: her tongue on my asshole! Her tongue swirled around my balls before settling into the crevice of my ass as she rimmed me hard. With both her hands on my thighs propping me up for access, my throbbing cock was bouncing free and feeling left out. I grabbed it and started jacking furiously as waves of exquisite pleasure rolled over my ass and balls.

Moaning and groaning I told her what a dirty girl she was, what a nasty tongue she had, and how good everything she was doing felt to me. I warned her that it wouldn't be long before I came and she responded by goading me into making a big dirty mess in front of her. With her head down between my legs tonguing my cock, balls and ass I warned her that I was about to cum all over face - I was going to splatter her with my sperm, all.over.her.face.

"Yeah baby, do it..." was all she got out before I did precisely that.

There was some on her face but the bulk of it flooded all over my chest, lying in a big hand-sized pool above my belly button. This pleased her greatly - it was her reward/validation for doing such a good job on me. An affirmation that she was a sex goddess. She was beaming as she ran to get some tissues and clean me up.

I don't know why some women see the size of your ejaculate as a measure of your sexual pleasure but they do. Personally it's the length and intensity of the orgasm that counts for me, but what do I know? Either way this had been a very pleasurable 30 minutes with my wife!  Later we talked about our sexual frequency again and how the scheduled sex arrangement seemed to have fallen by the wayside. I told her that we didn't have to always have sexual intercourse to be intimate and that what we had just done counted as far as I was concerned. She said we'd definitely be doing it on Wednesday night, when her period would be over.

Alrighty then...


  1. Another fantastic and exciting adventure.

    Fully appreciate your frustrations, but man, when it happens, there is many a guy who would love to have your experiences just once in their life!!!

    Excellent work, keep it up. xx

  2. Am I being too greedy? Some days I wonder if I am, other days I think not. I just want a 'normal' sexual relationship with my wife ie one where I'm not jumping through various hoops or wondering if the moon is full and pigs are flying. It should be easier, shouldn't it? Why do i have to wait until she's hopped up on alcohol or Kindleporn in order to get some? I'm not that unattractive, I promise.


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