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OPP: Confessions of an Adulteress ~ Part Five

I've become a fan of this blog by a married woman calling herself Luna Moon, detailing her adventures as a serial cheater. She really is a hot slut. I can say that because that's how she describes herself - as you'll discover below.  Here's a few more key excerpts from Luna Moon's blog that caught my attention. My responses are in italic.

In one of the linked stories Luna is ordered by her lover to
turn up in a short skirt, no panties, and a butt plug in her ass!
Since I haven't quoted that part you'll have to find which
link it is for yourself!
Friday, September 30, 2011 ~ The Naked Pic in the Recycle Bin

I consider myself a conscientious cheater. I've made a few blunders, but generally I am adept at covering my tracks as well as covering my ass. I am able to think quickly on my feet when necessary and that has saved me on several occasions. I am also able to retain my composure when faced with a scathing accusation. For example, "Are you seeing someone?"

[Luna Moon goes on to tell the story of how husband Dave found a nude photo of her in the trash bin on their shared computer. She wriggles out of it like a pro (see here)]

Lesson learned: Always always empty the recycle bin. I thought of worse things he could have found in there. Shudder.

Some computer precautions I take:

  • Always employ IE "InPrivate" so searches, history, etc., aren't saved.
  • Save all naked pics to a flash drive. I hide my flash drive in the pocket of a work binder (I work from home).
  • Delete the "recent" files from any programs.
  • Never, EVER, try to hide a file or image on the laptop. There is too great a chance of it being stumbled upon.
  • Copy and paste carefully.
  • Having a separate, password-protected account on my own laptop would definitely raise suspicions, so I don't do it.
  • Use cryptic words to describe a pic. That is, I often use dates rather than "LunaSuckingCock."
  • Most importantly, I always keep an innocuous browser session (preferably an interesting news item) up behind the InPrivate session to allow a quick change of view, if necessary.
  • Never...EVER...leave anything racy on a computer unattended. Not even for a moment. Not even when you know you're home alone.
Luna Moon is an accomplished cheater. She really is quite impressive with her bare faced lies to husband when he finds the nude photo she had sent her lover. I said in a previous post about Luna Moon that most affairs are eventually discovered but in Luna's case I think she can get away with for as long as she wants to. I blog while I'm at home but I always close my browser/computer when I leave the room. I don't want my wife walking in and seeing what I'm up to. I suppose I should clear my history too, because that's kind of a giveaway if she ever looked. Another mistake I have made is hiding files within folders with folders within folders on my lap top - to the point I can't find them again later. Somewhere on my lap top is an abundance of porn...!


Saturday, October 1, 2011 ~ Dirty Nothings

Mmmm. For the past fifteen months, Friday has been my favorite day of the week. And not just for the obvious reason! Friday is when Drake and I meet for lunch and sex (not necessarily in that order).

This Friday, however, was a little more intense. We met at the Village near the place we call the River. The River is where we screw around in the back of his SUV when we don't get a room. 

"Get on your back."

I lay down on my back and he pulled my pants off.

It wasn't long before he was inside me, his beautiful blue eyes burning into me.

"You are so fucking hot. I've never wanted someone as much as I've wanted you. You are the best fuck I've ever had. I own you. I love the fact that whenever I want to fuck you, I can call you and you'll be there. I will always own you. You will always be mine no matter what!"

Although his words were coarse, I have never found them offensive. I enjoy rough, hard, dirty sex where I completely submit to him. I know he cares about me and I don't need him whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  [more]

I chose this excerpt because I didn't want to get too analytical - I wanted to remind you of how hot Luna Moon is. Oh to be able to just tell my wife to bend over so I can fuck her (trust me, I've tried that approach - she doesn't respond well). It's funny how women fantasize about being 'taken, without warning' and yet when you actually try it they blanch. 
I think I look good for my age (I'm in my early 40's). And I've been told I look good. I take care of myself. I try to eat well, exercise, and keep my stress level down. I don't wear Mom jeans... [more

She was about 43 when she wrote this, so she's about 48 now. That makes her not much younger than my wife - who also looks good, exercizes, and enjoys meeting new people! I'm sure they'd get along famously!!
I'm going to stop these excerpts from Luna Moon because it starts to get real and I should let her tell her own story herself. The next post (about her husband) will be the last in the series. I've found her deeply fascinating (and I've only read her first year thus far) and I'm sure you will too. Click the links for more from her.


OPP = Other People's Posts

OPP: Confessions of an Adulteress ~ Part Six (Final)

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