Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Lure of Kindleporn

In Massage & Hand Relief on Monday I mentioned how my wife seemed to be back on the Kindleporn last week but that it wasn't translating into any increase in libido. Well, not with me at least. On Saturday evening she gave me a massage and a handjob (and few other things, read the link!) while our daughter was out. Very nice for me but obviously no 'relief' for her. She insisted she didn't want any reciprocity and suggested I go to sleep and enjoy a post-coital nap.

My wife doesn't want me to massage her...
because I'm not as good as the pros who she sees at least once a month
I could tell she really just wanted to get back to her dirty stories, so I went downstairs and watched some TV.

When I came back to bed three hours later she was still up, reading her iPad in bed. Again she snapped her iPad closed, turned out the light and told me it was sleepy time. This time I just gave her a kiss and rolled over. I was well satisfied from earlier, and if she'd gotten off while reading her stories there seemed no point in me trying to compete now - I was tired!

I woke up early and went down to the office to draft Monday's post about the massage and happy ending. I faffed around online for a few hours and by midday I was surprised to observe that no-one else was up. At that very moment my daughter texted me to ask if I would pick her up (aha! I'd forgotten she'd gone on a sleepover) so I went up to the bedroom to tell my wife where I was going. I crept up so I could sneak up on her and sure enough, there she was: in bed with her knees up, legs slightly splayed, reading her iPad. It was obvious she'd been up a while because she had an empty cup of tea beside her - she must have snuck down to make it! It looked like another clearcut case of Kindleporn!! to me.

I leant down and gave her a kiss and told her I was going to fetch out daughter and on the way home I would be stopping to look at a few new cars so I would be at least an hour or two. I gave her hip a gentle squeeze (quietly observing that her nightie was already pushed up to almost her hips) and told her that I really enjoyed the massage last night, but felt bad that she hadn't 'got hers'. I kissed her again and suggested she should read her dirty stories and maybe find her own satisfaction while I was out with our daughter? Maybe she could run herself a bath?

Once again she denied she was reading dirty stories, and insisted it was just chick lit - not clit lit!!!

Whatever. I shrugged and left as she said "I don't know where you get these silly ideas from..."

Later that afternoon (as she remained in her bedroom reading her iPad) I discovered from her browser history she was lying through her teeth when she said she hadn't been buying dirty stories for her Kindle... This screengrab was from Saturday - the day before!!

And then on Tuesday I discovered these. She'd clearly churned through Saturday's purchases and needed more porn to sustain her erotica binge... which was clearly still going strong!

I know from similar posts that the reaction from female readers is often "So what? What's the problem? Lots of women get off on reading erotica, it's just fantasy stuff" and I agree. The only problem I have is that she continuously denies it and pretends she isn't into it. I know we all need our own private place, even within a marriage, but on this I feel completely shut out. Excluded.

The good news is that we talked on Saturday night about resuming our 'scheduled sex' (it's like having Date Night, but with a guaranteed score at the end!) and she promised I'd get lucky on Wednesday. That's tonight, so we shall see! Maybe I'll have something to write about tomorrow?  

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