Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016 ~ Sex is life


Sex is life. Yes, you heard that right here at TMI Tuesday blog. 

1. Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped? 
~ I know I did during 'the High School Years' but that was too long ago to remember the specifics. All very petty and/or pathetic I'm sure. I've no doubt some girls failed the test, but hey, we were teens. Oh yeah, and then there was that time my Varsity GF slept with one of my best friends from High School when she visited LA and I'd given her his deets in case she needed a friend in the city. That was unplanned and unexpected so not really a test. But she still failed. Twice. She accidentally fucked him twice somehow. (Yes, yes - he failed too, I know!)

2. Select the answer that best fits your experience. I have dated:
a. all the wrong people
b. romantic companions that were mostly a good fit for me.
c. people that were perfect fits – loves at first sight

d. not all that much, I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships
~ A mix of B & C obviously. Some of them were 'just' Lust At First Sight.

Scandinavian Humor - I don't get it either, but it made me laugh!
3. Online dating: What is your success rate? What do you consider success? 
~ I was married before online dating started so I've been spared all that.  Although this once happened. And by once I mean twice. Or... well, there was also this
[the links in this question answer the 'success' parts]

4. What sexual thing do you do most often that you could commit to doing everyday? 
~ Eating pussy. Seriously, I really do love it. I know women roll their eyes now when men say that, but I feel like I could do it for hours. Never had the chance sadly.

5. What are your thoughts on love and lust? 
~ Two different things and dangerous if you don't recognize that. I wonder how many marriages or long term relationships have died because those involved didn't know it was just lust, not love, that they were initially feeling? I have lusted after a few women in my time, it's fantastic at the time.

Bonus: Are you searching for love or are you searching for attention?
~ Being married I'm not sure how to answer this. I guess I'm wanting attention/recognition from my wife, since I feel a little subsumed/taken for granted by her in recent years.

Double Bonus: I got some sexy time last Friday and also last Tuesday. Nero be happy about that.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Having just been divorced, online dating was fortunately something I didn't engage in for long before I found someone (you aren't missing anything, trust me). I love your love of oral sex, and almost everyone fails the high school testing.

    1. Yeah, the High School stuff was just what everyone did. The Varsity stuff was quite painful at the time, but I got over it. He didn't - he was so embarrassed he avoided me for over ten years, despite us having mutual friends who would often get together!


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