Tuesday, December 20, 2016

TMI Tuesday: December 20, 2016 ~ Life and Being

1. Why do you live where you live? 
~ We live in the million dollar 'dream home' my wife built when she came into money. Two years after it was finished my wife said she wanted to sell it and buy an apartment in the city. I asked her "what about our daughter?" and she said she could go to Boarding School. I nixed that so the plan is to do it in 3 years time, when our daughter turns 18. At that point our daughter gets thrown out on her own, according to my wife, because "I left home at 18 and it did me a world of good". Choosing to leave and being thrown out are two different things in my book. So... to answer your question: I live where my wife chooses to live. It might be a different story in 3 years - she's bought an expensive vacation home in a place where she (as she tells everyone) plans to retire, but she didn't think to ask me if that's where I wanted to spend my retirement. It's not.

2. Do you want to have your sins forgiven?
~ I'm an atheist so this question doesn't apply, but in a less literal sense: yes, I hope people will forgive me if they think I've done them wrong. I just wish they'd tell me at the time so I could address the issue/problem then. I'm often amazed to catch up with people I haven't seen for years/decades who tell me some story about my wicked past and how I was asshole ("but you seem so nice now"). Turns out what they're talking about never happened and was just myth or vicious gossip. 

3. Do you believe in heaven and hell?
~ No, I'm an atheist. But it will be fun finding out when I'm dead!

4. After life, where do you think you will end up?
~ My corpse will rot in the ground like every other thing that dies. Except I'll probably be cremated so I'll be ash. If there is an afterlife I'd like to think I'll go to Heaven - a really cool hip one, which is a mix of non-stop adventure and sex orgies parties. And if I don't make it to Heaven I'll be demanding to see the Supervisor, because there must have been a mistake - I don't think I've done anything bad enough to merit not letting me in!

5. If you have children, would they say you are the favorite parent? Why do you think this?
~ No, because I say "No" all the time. My wife always says 'Yes", so she is our daughter's favorite. Our almost-15 y.o. just got a stainless steel bolt through her upper ear last week, because Mommy said "Yes." (Yes, I said "No")

6. Has anything ever happened to you that was dramatic, personal or spectacular enough to cause you to be believe in a God?
~ Watching both parents slowly die of cancer (separately) in excruciating pain reminds me that there is no God. You might believe otherwise, that's okay.Just don't insist that I follow "God's Law"

Bonus: What is something you consider to be a great personal success? Why was it so significant?
~ Stopping my daughter from being sent to Boarding School. I don't believe that would be good for her at all. I know many people who went to boarding schools and loved it, but IMO it was/is the wrong time to be 'sending her away'. Our daughter developed an eating disorder this year, and I was able to spot it and nip it in the bud. I'm not sure that would have been spotted at boarding school.

Double Bonus: I had sex (of sorts) two nights in a row last week - but then none in the weekend! My wife is totally unpredictable: Complain and Ye Shall Receive... and Complain and Ye Shall Receive... Part 2


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