Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wednesday's Scheduled Sex came early

If I'd had enough time I would have pulled yesterday's post The lure of Kindleporn and replaced it with this one, but I didn't and since it was already written and queued I let it post as scheduled. Which gave me all of Wednesday to type up this post.

I actually wrote The lure of Kindleporn on Tuesday night after dinner, since my wife had retired to bed early for -you guessed it- more Kindleporn. So while I finished the post on an (IMO) uplifting note -the promise of sex on Wednesday night- I was still a bit annoyed. Annoyed that my wife lies to me about her erotica jones and annoyed that maybe she uses it as some sort of crutch in order to have any form of intimacy with me. 'Oh god my husband wants me to give him a handjob, I better get myself primed up on grubby non consensual sex stories so I can do it'

My wife is a big fan of the non consent genre in Erotica
- but the men are often not as attractive as this.
If that sounds paranoid then look at the stories my wife reads: horrible men doing horrible things to women against their will. Not hunky bad boys who you'd choose to have sex with anyway, but sleazy depraved old men you'd normally run a mile from. But you can't run, in the stories she reads, because the men have you trapped - either physically or via blackmail - and you have no choice but to do as they please. And on Saturday my wife's sleazy old man was telling her he wanted a 'happy ending' massage - so a dose of mid-afternoon Kindleporn was required...?

So I was annoyed with her on Tuesday night when I finished writing yesterday's post, and then that anger turned to cynicism. Sure, she'd said we'd have sex on Wednesday night but based on past history that meant nothing. 'What are the odds that on Wednesday she'll beg off and make some excuse to postpone it to the weekend?' I thought to myself. She's done it before and even that doesn't guarantee any joy at the weekend either.

It was now midnight and I could tell she was still up in our bedroom, reading her iPad, reading her Kindleporn. This annoyed me further. I had foregone plenty of opportunities to masturbate since Saturday (as I mentioned here, when my wife has her period I get very horny - I think it's the pheromones) but there she was... up in her room... reading her iPad with one hand... the other nestled between her splayed legs...

I found myself striding up the stairs, but doing it quietly, determined to catch her in the act. Then I would yell at her and tell her I was on to her. That she was a big fat liar. Well, not fat, because...

When I walked into the bedroom she looked straight up at me and smiled. "Coming to bed?" she asked, as if pleased to see me. It was not the reaction I'd expected and it threw me a little. Did she want sex? Had those hours of reading primed her for action? I decided to strike while the iron was hot - why wait until tomorrow night? I looked at the bedside clock - it was 12.05am - technically Wednesday now, not Tuesday.

"It's Wednesday!" I said, pulling back the covers and exposing her naked legs - making my intentions clear.

"No, no, NO!!" she protested, as I prised her legs apart by the ankles and feigned diving for her pussy. "Yes, yes, It's Wednesday" I replied, in a throaty voice, as I continued trying to get my head to her muff. She giggled and squirmed and tried to fight me off, but I was too strong. She laughed as I stuck my tongue out and jabbed her wet slit, before surrendering and letting me move closer. She was wet alright! Who knows what she had been reading.

As soon as my face was planted between her thighs she grabbed the back of my head and started grinding against me. Hard. There was no desire (on her part) for any foreplay, as soon as my tongue grazed her clit she pulled me in tight and started grinding against my face. She was pressing herself against me hard, thrusting roughly as I held on for dear life. Did she want it rough or was she trying to punish me for forcing myself on her?

I got the feeling I wasn't forcing myself on her - more likely I had come upstairs at the right time.

She pumped herself against me as she grunted and moaned (quietly, our daughter was asleep next door) through gritted teeth - I think she came because she was very wet. She released me suddenly and turned around to 'assume the position' - head down and ass up! I took her cue and climbed up behind her and slid my stiff cock into her wet cunt. As usual there was no foreplay for me, other than a cursory rubbing of my cock up and down her wet slit before she fed herself my meat.

Kinda like this but with her head down on the mattress and
my right leg up on the foot so I'm kinda drilling down into her ass
We have a very soft mattress (her choice, of course) which actually makes the doggy position difficult for me in our bed - so unless I can prop her up on some pillows I have to take her with my left knee down on the bed and my right knee upright. I'm actually much taller than my wife so it shouldn't be this difficult, but with such a soft mattress I do sink down a few inches - which equals us out. But rather than break the mood by stacking two pillows I just grabbed her by her left shoulder and pushed her down further into the bed. Gripping her right hip for support with my other hand I commenced pounding her pussy...

She loved it.

It took only a few strokes before she was babbling and talking dirty: telling me to use her, use her holes, just use her. I was hers to use, she said, just fuck her hard and good. 'Fill my hole' she begged, 'fuck me good, yeah - use me, use my holes'. Normally I'd start talking dirty back but I was too busy keeping her in position as I pounded her repeatedly. Her natural inclination was to push back against me and I was just as determined to keep her face down in the mattress. This wasn't quite a hate fuck, but I was annoyed with her, remember.

It was a good deep fuck and with her moans and dirty talk it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I told her as much and she started slapping her cunt from below, racing me to the finish line. Her dirty words were more gutteral now, and even though I guessed they'd come from the pages of whatever erotica she'd been reading I could tell it was heartfelt and she was about to cum again herself.

Normally at this point I'd grab her by both hips and start thrusting hard, shooting my cum right up her pussy in one final violent thrust. But not this time. I maintained my position, which meant forcing her to maintain hers. She still had her face mashed into the mattress - unable to move as I held her down by her shoulder and keeping her ass locked in position as my other hand gripped her hip. I didn't even release her as I came, I just thrust forward deeper and harder, grunting as I flooded her with my cum.

Instinctively she grabbed my balls, mashing them into her pussy, extending my orgasm, before releasing them and gripping her pussy, wringing out the last drop of her own climax as she squeezed her clit a final time. It was only then, when I was done, that I released her. "You're gonna need some tissues," I said, as I rolled away "a lot of them".

Later, as we turned out the lights and snuggled down to sleep I warned her...

"We're still on for Wednesday night, right?"


  1. "annoyed that maybe she uses it as some sort of crutch in order to have any form of intimacy with me."

    I don't think you should see it as a crutch - the biggest erogenous zone is the mind - shes just stimulating it a little, doesn't mean shes not looking forward to the main event - sounds like you both had a fine time!

    1. Yes, we did!
      But it gets a little dispiriting when it so often seems to be a prerequisite for sex. Much like a woman might feel bad if her man only fucks her after he's watched 6 hours of porn first, or comes home drunk. Or both.


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