Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TMI Tuesday: October 17, 2017 ~

I am waiting for today's TMI questions. In the meantime:

This image was selected randomly, before the questions were even posted. I wonder if it's relevant?
I do enjoy a woman in corset though. Sadly I haven't seen any IRL since my early twenties (aside from Burlesque shows).
I guess corsets are just a phase most women go through ("I am a wanton Sex Goddess") unless they discover their kinky side... 

Okay, maybe there's no TMI Tuesday this week. But you still get a bonus. Here's a review of the We-vibe Verge that I talked about in yesterday's post:

Double Bonus: Did you read One night in ... Zurich? How about Sex & The Blue Pill? You could read One night in ... Amsterdam but all the sex happens in One Night In... Amsterdam (Part 2)! And despite the long intro there is indeed sex in yesterday's post Daddy's Home!!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Daddy's Home

Ha! Never in a million years would my wife call me 'Daddy'. I tried incorporating it once in some dirty talk during sex and she reacted very negatively. "Ugh, don't say that, you're not my father"she said, as the sexy mood was totally shattered. That was a few years back, and I've never said it since.

But I am home, after a four week vacation in Europe...

Which was a week longer than my wife, who came home after three weeks due to BNG commitments.  Originally we were both going for four weeks but she had to come back early so I decided to stay on as planned. Not that we'd really planned anything. Our vacation ended in Amsterdam (see One night in ... Amsterdam Part 2) so I figured I'd stay on a few days and avail myself of the legal sex workers since my wife wasn't (at that time) giving me any. That was my original plan, before we even left the house.

That plan was thwarted for two reasons: [1] after a slow start my wife got quite horny on vacation (see herehere and here) and [2] I was completely unable to shake off the persistent cough and cold I was suffering from. This (and the medication) created issues with my sexual performance so I was loathe to spend money on sex workers and then fail to get 'full value' out of it. Which was a shame, since I thought I'd explore a few fantasies. Another day perhaps?

Anyway, the point of this post is that I came home and was keen for Round 2 with The Verge sex toy since it had been a week since Round 1. My wife said I was sick and needed rest, not sex. That was Saturday, when I got home. On Sunday morning I had returned to my original idea. I was supposed to collect our daughter from her sleepover in half an hour (she'd just summoned me without warning, via text, you know how it is) but instead I jumped in the shower.

"Why are you having a shower?" asked my wife, who expects me to drop everything when my daughter texts us.

"Because I want to have sex with you, and try that vibrating cock ring thing again" I said, as I closed the shower door behind me.

"What?" said my wife incredulously.

"You heard me" I said, through a crack in the shower door "it's in the drawer with my underpants, go get it and get ready." And then I continued showering.

After I was dried off I wandered into the bedroom. My wife was in bed, sitting up, but holding the toy. I could tell by the way she was turning it in her hand that she was just as keen for round 2 as I was. Besides, she was naked, so that was a giveaway. I told her that we'd used it wrong the first time, and that I was supposed to thread my cock and balls through the hole, not just hang it over my cock and have the flat part sit on my balls. She asked me how I knew and I told her I watched an instructional video (see above).

We tried doing it 'the right way' but again there was no way my balls were going to fit inside the ring as well as my cock. So we put it on the way we'd used it last time and I asked my wife to blow me. Which she did, after we'd switched on the vibrator part. Once again, it felt really good. My wife alternated between jerking me off and blowing me, and was resistant to my efforts to have her sit on my face as she did so. Possibly because she hadn't showered? That didn't phase me!

Finally she swung around and I was able to eat her out as she did the same to me. Her pussy was wet and aroused; she tasted great. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and 'locked' her into position. She wriggled and squirmed as my tongue circled her labia repeatedly before homing in on her clit. She moaned and writhed and cried out as she came, at which point I released her from my iron grip. She collapsed on the bed beside me as my dick stood erect and the toy continued to vibrate.

I could see how it would work for solo play.

I asked my wife if she wanted me to finish or whether she wanted to climb on top. "Hell no" she said, and pulled herself up to get on top of me. She removed the ring and then put it back on, but this time with the curved triangle pointed up. She straddled me in the Cowgirl position, so that the curved part was now pressed against her pussy and clit. She started to rock back and forward, pulling the curved triangle into her, and did this for a while until she decided she preferred the Reverse Cowgirl position. She swiveled both herself and the toy around my cock, and resumed her movement.

It wasn't long before she was bouncing up and down on my cock, holding the toy to her clit, and moaning with pleasure. It felt good for me too, but most of the vibrations were being soaked up by her - the triangle was pointed up, not resting on my balls - so it wasn't as good (for me) as last time. Finally I pushed her up and held her there with one hand as I adjusted the speed of the vibe. I cranked it up a notch and then we were both in business - the cock ring vibrated strongly around my cock and ... vibrated even more strongly against my wife's clit.

She went nuts.

She was like a banshee, bouncing and moaning and thrusting and impaling herself on my dick for all she was worth. When she couldn't take it anymore she dropped down on the mattress and (like last time) started thrusting back and forward on my dick. On my vibrating cock. She was so aroused she was wet and slick and starting to cream all over my thick rod. I don't see that that often, so I knew she was ultra excited. I pulled out and crawled up behind her. She was almost in the doggy position already so I rearranged her slightly and then slid my cock back into her tight wet hole.

"Oh yes," she hissed "fuck me, fuck me hard"

I had no problem with that instruction so I grabbed her hips and immediately started thrusting. Hard.

In switching to the doggy position I'd rotated the toy, which meant the curved part was pressed against my balls. I pounded my wife repeatedly and enjoyed the sensation of my vibrating balls pressed her against her cunt. Then I decided to up the ante. I stopped thrusting, withdrew, took the ring off, turned it around, and then put it back on, but this time with the curved part pointing up. This meant that when I entered her again the curved part was rubbing against her pussy and clit. I was worried it might be a bit rough for her but she moaned as I slid back inside and she groaned as I started thrusting.

She was urging me on, to fuck her harder and faster, so I guess the combination of my dick in her pussy and the vibe on her clit must have been right. My thrusting intensified and suddenly out of nowhere she cried out "spank me, spank my ass!"  I can't recall the last time she asked for that but I complied nonetheless. I swatted her butt cheeks with my open hands and gave each a good thwack. I couldn't tell if she was cumming or just in the throes of some orgasmic tidal wave but she was moaning and groaning like she was in ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum" I warned her.

"Yes yes!" she hissed, as she thrust back harder against me "cum in me, cum in me now"

I paused momentarily to pull out and reposition the toy. Call me selfish but I put it back with the curved part pressed against my balls. I reentered my wife and started her pounding her pussy anew. I was banging her hard and then I felt it. The eruption in my balls as a weeks worth of jism exploded from within me and flooded deep inside her cunt. I gripped her hips and held her there as my orgasm continued. My cock pulsed and my balls ... well, that vibrator is worth every Euro I spent on it, let me tell you!

I pulled out and the ring stayed wedged between my wife's inner thighs. It was a weird thing to see since it held her pussy open, similar to those porn shots with a speculum. I don't find those images very erotic but seeing my wife like that it was. I could see inside her red and swollen pussy and she was absolutely filled with sperm. There was something quite hedonistic about it and the Caveman within me felt very satisfied.

As was my wife. She lay there, flat on her back, her hands outstretched, unable to move. All she could manage was "oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god..."

A few minutes later, when I was dressed and ready to go fetch our daughter I found her just as I'd left her. She hadn't moved and still wasn't talking. I kissed her good bye and all she said was 'gahhhh!'

Hopefully she remembers that feeling next time I suggest we have sex!


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Beyonce Dancing Sexy Just For You...

Beyonce dancing sexy just for you...

And since you're here, you might as well watch this one too. It's kinda chaotic...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

One Night In... Amsterdam (Part 2)

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As I mentioned on Monday we had one night in Amsterdam last Friday and all my plans went south [link]. The only thing I did manage to achieve was to buy a new Sex toy that afternoon. I’d planned to buy one for her (a dildo?) but she was not receptive and she turned the tables and convinced me to buy the Verge by We-vibe. It was a vibrating cock ring and she thought it would be something I could use when she was away. I bought it because looking at it I saw it could double as a vibe for her. 

We went out for drinks and dinner (and then more drinks) with a local guy from her BNG organisation, which went longer than I wanted - meaning we didn’t get back to our hotel room until after 1am. Which meant we’d have to be quick because my wife had a flight to catch at mid-day (my wife was going home a week early, leaving me to own my own devices for a week).

But my wife felt no such urgency. 

She spent half an hour checking her emails and Facebook page. When she started playing news clips on her iPad (something I’ve never seen or heard her do at home) I realised that she was in no hurry to go to bed. “How long are you going to be?” I asked. Looking at the clock she exclaimed “Oh, is that the time?” And rushed off to the bathroom. I thought she was having a shower but when she emerged 20 minutes later it was clear she hadn’t. She’d been sitting on the toilet on her iPad. 

I mention this only because I want you to know how obvious she was making it that she was not in the mood for sexy time. To cement the point she climbed into bed and started yawning heavily. She said it was late and kissed me goodnight. I asked her “aren’t we going to try out the toy?” and she replied “I thought we were going to try that when we got home, besides we need to charge it”. 

I immediately thought that I wouldn’t be seeing my wife again for a week and waiting that long would not do. Besides, they come fully charged don’t they? To prove the point I pulled it out of the box and switched it on. It started buzzing!

My wife looked at it in my hand with some apprehension. Which gave way to intrigue. “Why don’t you try it first?” I suggested, and I placed it ‘face down’ on her vulva. She took it from my hand and pressed the triangle device against her own ‘triangle’. It didn’t take long until her scepticism gave way to pleasure. The Verge followed the contour of her pussy and she pressed it hard against her vulva. And clenched her legs shut as she focussed all the vibrations against her clit and vulva.  

She gripped it by the ‘O’ part and was pushing so hard the curved point was pushing inside her labia. Soon her eyes were closed, her teeth were clenched, and the vein in her neck was pulsing. She came hard and I could tell it was an intense orgasm. 

But she wasn’t finished. 

She started again, this time with her knees spread wide.  I positioned myself between her legs and started jacking my dick. Her eyes alternated between staring at my cock and rolling back into her head. As she gritted her teeth again she told me urgently to “stick it in, stick your cock in”. I did as instructed and started stroking in and out. This set her off and she started moaning and groaning. 

I pressed down hard on her pubic bone and felt for myself the vibrating toy between us. It felt good. I told her as much and she replied “Yes, yes, just like that, keep fucking me, don’t stop...”

So I didn’t stop and she arched her back and came again. Just as hard as she had previously. When she was done I pulled out and sat back on my heels. She opened her eyes and placed the toy against my balls. “How does that feel?” she asked, through hooded eyes. “It feels great” I replied, honestly. 

She got up and pushed me onto my back. She threaded my cock thru the hole, with the triangle part hanging down against my balls, and then started jacking my cock. As you can see from the picture I found to illustrate this post, that was not the correct way to ‘use’ it - but for the life of me I don’t see how my cock and balls would fit in that hole. (The We-vibe website says you’re supposed to thread everything through before the cock is erect - whaaat?)

Anyway it felt really good, and I asked my wife to blow me while it was on.  So she did.  And that felt even better. It felt really good. As she bobbed up and down on my dick, slurping on my vibrating cock, I could tell I was going to cum soon. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or ride  me first. She choose the latter. 

She choose the latter as soon as the words were out of my mouth - releasing me from her mouth immediately and jumping up to straddle my cock. She mounted me in the reverse cowgirl position and groaned as she sank down on my pulsing penis. She started bouncing up and down on my cock which pressed the Verge against my balls with every downward thrust. 

This, combined with the feeling of her tight but wet cunt wrapped around my dick, felt really good. 

My wife’s pussy was tight because she’d already cum a few times and was now on her way to another. She was pressing the ring part against herself, and it wasn’t long before she was hunched forward and thrusting back against my cock. Her pussy was now wetter and looser and she was banging me hard. She had an energy I hadn’t seen before and she was going at me - backwards! - like a jackhammer. 

Do I need to mention how good it felt? It felt really good! 

Every time she bounced back on me she was pressing the toy harder against my balls, which by now were tingling all over, constantly, and ready to explode. I warned her I was about to cum and she kinda grunted “oh yeah, do it, cum now, cum in me...” and really began pounding me hard. Honestly, I don’t know where she got the energy for such a prolonged assault on my dick. 

Oh yeah, that’s right. My dick was turbocharged now, thanks to the Verge. As my wife kept grunting and urging me on I finally succumbed and shot my load deep inside her. As I flooded her with my seed she grabbed the device and pressed it against herself, twisting it around to press it against her clit. She came again too, gasping as another climax surged through her. 

My wife collapsed on the bed and crawled up next to me. 

“So how was it?” I asked, mindful that she had been so apathetic initially. “It was great” she said, “that’s a keeper”. 

I chuckled inside, because I knew she would love it if I could just ‘get her started*’. She proved just how much she loved it by trying to pack it in her suitcase the following morning. Previously she’s said she’s embarrassed to carry vibrators across international borders (fear of Customs officers opening her suitcase) but now she had no qualms! 

 * many therapists recommend that women with a low libido should try having sex even if they don’t really feel like it, since many women become ‘fired up’ once they start getting intimate/having sex. This advice only applies to that ‘meh’ feeling of course. If you find sex painful or unpleasant, or really don’t want to have it, then don’t. Having sex just for the sake of your partner only breeds resentment.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TMI Tuesday: October 10, 2017 ~ Fill In The Blanks

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It’s fill-in-blanks time. Have fun with this TMI Tuesday.

1. I am me because _____ .

~ ...I can’t be anyone else. Even though I should sometimes. I have what is commonly referred to as ‘Resting Bitch Face’ which means I need to smile more, even when I have nothing to smile about. But I can’t smile unless something makes me. My wife has ‘a natural smile’ which is why people are drawn to her. It’s a common human trait: we are drawn to people who smile and therefore look friendly and trustworthy. Similarly we feel negative about people who scowl or look angry.

2. _____ will never, ever do _____ .

~ Nero will never, ever do meth. I’ve done a few drugs but I know this stuff is bad. Highly addictive, like heroin.

In light of our visit to a sex shop in Amsterdam (see yesterday’s post) I can also say Nero will never, ever be pegged!

3. He was grabbing ice cubes and _____ .

~ ....rubbing them all over her body. Scraping her nipples first and then trailing down her taut stomach to her pussy. Her breasts felt energised but when he tried to push an ice cube into her hot cunt it hurt. She arched her back and thrust against him, trying to repel his entry. The frozen cube burned against her skin and she screamed in pain. This was the cruelest thing he’d done yet...

4. Ok, ok I’m really _____ .

~ ...all talk. If I was ever propositioned by a stranger I’d most likely talk my way out of it. Because I wouldn’t believe she was serious. Because I can’t believe any other woman would really want me. So by the time I’d ascertained that she really did want to fuck me I would have asked so many questions she would have changed her mind.

5. The charming _____ got in my _____ .

~ The charming Temptress got in my head. Did she really want me, or was it a ‘honey trap’ set up by my wife?

Bonus: Tell us about places where you’ve been happiest.

~ I’ve travelled to a lot of places, so I’m blessed in that way. I’m happy anywhere where it’s warm and sunny. Anywhere near the Med is fine by me. Or a beach in Central or South America.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, October 9, 2017

One night in ... Amsterdam

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As some of you have already noted, my wife has been in a more sexually receptive mood while we’ve been on vacation. So I was looking forward to our one night in Amsterdam together, since I’d planned a few things: namely a visit to a Sex shop to buy a new Sex toy (I was thinking of a black dildo since she only has vibrators and I’m sure she has a fantasy about black guys since she reads all that interracial porn on Literotica); and then a walk through the Red Light District after dinner, to see the infamous prostitutes displaying their wares in the ‘shop windows’. 

It turns out my wife had also made plans. She’s a member of BNG (‘Business Networking Group’)which is global and has a branch in Amsterdam. So one of their guys (it’s always a guy) had kindly invited us to meet for drinks at 5.30, followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant at 7pm, and then more drinks at a rooftop bar. 

Which meant I had to adjust my plans. 

Which means after a late lunch we were wandering down a lane that I knew had some sex shops in it.  Because 5 years earlier I’d been in Amsterdam, solo, and bought my wife a Fun Factory vibrator from there. A vibe that’s brought her a great deal of pleasure since, I might add.  

But the street lane had changed. It had gone more upmarket and now hosted major brands like H&M and Zara. I did manage to find one Sex shop, at the very end of the lane, and they too had moved upmarket. It was a very classy fit out, which was good because my wife doesn’t like sleazy Sex shops. 

So I said “let’s go in here, I want to buy you something” and she said “whaaaat?” but walked inside with me anyway. It was a big store but tastefully laid out. My wife walked in, moved around the table at the front of the store displaying sexy designer t-shirts, and then circled back towards the door.  

“C’mon!” I said, “we haven’t seen anything yet”

“We’ve already got enough toys” she said, “I don’t need any more, I’m fine”. 

“How do you know unless you look?” I said, leading her down the back of the store, away from the open front entrance since I guess (despite the odds) she was worried someone she might know might see her. In Amsterdam. 

My wife’s curiosity took over and soon she was perusing the shelves and marvelling at the wide array of pleasure devices on display. I showed her the dildos but she baulked at the thought. They ranged in size from 6” to 12” and I assured her she could choose whatever size she wanted. “Wouldn’t you like something a little different from me?” I suggested, “just for variety?”

Again my wife assured me she was fine the way things were, and repeated that she felt the three vibes we had were enough. I pointed out we never used the We-vibe anymore (because it doesn’t function that well) and besides, maybe she’d like to try a wand or a g-spot massager?  Like the ones on the shelf in front of us?

My wife said “No - but what about something for you?” and pointed at some strange object on the shelf to the left. It was the ‘Verge’ by We-vibe and was a vibrating cock ring. “Wouldn’t you like one of these, you could use it when you jerk off while I’m away?” she teased. I wasn’t sure if she meant ‘away on one of her business trips’ or ‘out for the day’ but either way the device looked intriguing. 

It vibrated and I could see how it would work for both of us.  

I was sold, almost. The price was 99€ ($120) but we were in the fancy part of town. I figured it would be cheaper if we crossed the canal to the Red Light district, where most of the Sex shops were. Besides, maybe more shops over that side would have more variety ie something to interest my wife? They didn’t. 

The area was packed with tourists like ourselves, mostly couples looking furtively at illicit items, together with single men (in small groups) who had arrived way too early for the prostitutes to come out. Those windows don’t open until after dark. 

Unfortunately the Sex shops on this side of town were mostly tacky joints aimed at the tourist crowd. They sold cheap knock offs of the famous brands, and any good brand were actually 20% more expensive than the other shop we’d just come from. I guess they made more profit on the cheap stuff so overpriced the good stuff on purpose. 

I think we looked in three or four shops full of cheap poorly made slutwear before deciding to head back to the other side. Besides, we had 30 minutes until we were meant to meet the Dutch guy for drinks and it was on our way. So we bought the item, and continued on to the old pub he’d given us directions to. 

Along the way my wife, on a whim, stopped in an expensive department store and bought a handbag for 1800€ ($2120). I’ll leave it to the pop psychologists out there to explain what that meant. Honestly, the whole trip she’d had plenty of opportunities to buy a hand bag (Rome, Florence, Milan) but always said she didn’t need any more (she bought expensive shoes instead, because a woman can never have enough of those) but now she buys one in Amsterdam. It’s hardly the fashion capital of Europe. 

Anyway this made us late to meet the guy (my wife had to claim her sales tax back, since we were tourists, which took ages) and we didn’t get there until 5.45pm. Which didn’t matter because dinner wasn’t at 7pm now, it was 8pm. Which meant I had a long night ahead of me. 

We drank lots of Heineken in really small glasses (why not just order a big glass?) and then made our way to dinner. It was a really cool restaurant, 20 floor’s up, and it revolved.  We got a 360 degree view of Amsterdam, which was great because there’s really more to it than the old buildings and canals most tourists only see as they’re dropped off in the city center. 

Our Dutch host had paid for the drinks at the bar so when he took a bathroom break after dessert my wife told me to go and pay for dinner. I did, but I was a little shocked at the price. 600€ ($700) for the three of us, which included one bottle of wine and a Jack & Coke for me. It was a set meal with a set price so the dude must have known when he booked it. Maybe that’s why he took off to the bathroom?

When he came back he suggested we go upstairs to the roof top bar for more (expensive) drinks, so we did. Given the price of the meal, which he knew I’d paid for, I was surprised when he suggested I get the first round. Maybe he thought he’d done his part by paying for all those beers at the beginning of the night? Maybe he was miffed because I hadn’t fought hard enough when I offered to pay half (he’d brought a friend for that part of the night) and he insisted on paying for it all?

Anyway, there was no second round because it was now 12.30am, it was our last night in Amsterdam, and I was keen to see the Red Light District. I was also keen to get back to the hotel room and try out that sex toy we’d bought. But by the time we got to ground level it was starting to rain lightly, which put paid to wandering the lanes of the Red Light District. So we said our goodbyes to our host and jumped in a cab and headed back to our hotel.  

What happened in the Hotel, with the Sex toy, I’ll leave for Wednesday (since tomorrow is TMI Tuesday)... 

[Spoiler alert: in searching for an image for this post I discovered we were using it wrong! Not that it mattered!! πŸ˜]

Sunday, October 8, 2017

SINFUL SUNDAY - Dutch Wedding photo goes viral! πŸ‘€

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Dutch Wedding photo goes viral! πŸ‘€

I am in The Netherlands right now and this photo has caused quite a kerfuffle. The wedding photographer says it is real, and the couple thought it would be a ‘fun pic’ πŸ”₯

#lovingwives #oral #oralpleasure #bj #bestblowjobsever 

PS - my use of the tag ‘slutwife’ for this post is not derogatory!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

One night in ... Zurich

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So we stopped for two nights (and one day) in Zurich, because my wife knows someone who lives there six months a year. Her husband is a wealthy private banker (Switzerland is notorious for private bank that hides rich people’s money - although he says it is almost impossible to hide wealth anymore, if the authorities want to find it) so it was a nice stop after leaving Milan in Italy.

Anyway the first night we went out to a bar and then dinner. Evidently I acquitted myself well because when we got back to our guest room my wife was in a horny mood. Which surprised me because she does not usually want to fuck in other peoples homes, where they might here. Maybe that was the point this time, since the other wife likes me a lot and always tells my wife what a great guy I am. Apparently we went to High School together, but I don’t remember because she is three years younger than me. 

Anyway... we got into bed (to go to sleep I thought) and my wife asked if I had a hard on, which is a question she never asks. Maybe she thought she saw something, maybe she thought I had taken the magic Viagra the night before and it was still working? Whatever she reached over and felt my dick. It was semi hard, and she gave it a tug. Then she started rubbing it, then she started jacking it. She was giving me a hand job.

I was hard, and asked her what she wanted: “Do you want sex or just mutual masturbation?”

“Let’s just play with ourselves” she said, releasing me and throwing back the covers. Then she repositioned herself, laying down on her back, spreading her legs, and pointing her pussy in my direction. I paused to see what she was going to do but she didn’t start touching herself - she appeared to be waiting. Waiting for me to go down on her. Okay, that’s not quite ‘playing with ourselves’ a.k.a. mutual masturbation but if she wanted oral I was happy to go down on her.

So I did.

I licked and lapped at her folds, running my tongue all over her labia before running it up and down her wet slit. And then I honed in on her clit. She writhed and arched her back and came and when she was done she got up and crawled between my legs. Taking my cock in her hand she rubbed it over her breasts and then went down on me. She sucked my cock for a while and it felt great but I wasn’t going to cum this way.

I pushed her onto her back and fucked her missionary style. She played with her clit and seemed to be getting close to another orgasm. I could see the vein pulsing in her neck again. Her teeth were gritted and she had that face she makes when she’s either cumming or about to cum.

I was feeling tremendously hot and was starting to sweat. I’d asked our hosts earlier if they had the central heating on, since their house was very warm (even though it is the Fall in Switzerland) but they insisted they didn’t. Hmmmm. Well, hot air rises and it had risen all the way to our guest room on the third floor of their grand home. It was like a sauna. (Yes, I’m overweight but even my wife later admitted it was very warm - we slept naked). 

I was perspiring heavily as I pounded my wife. Sweat was dripping off my brow and I had to catch because my wife does not find me dripping on her sexy. We continued at it for some time and I think my wife may have had another small orgasm, but I certainly wasn’t getting any closer. It felt close but finally I gave up and pulled out, falling back on the headboard. 

My wife continued rubbing herself but made no effort to finish either of us off. I’m being polite. I think she managed to squeeze out something before stopping. She was clutching her cunt with one hand and squeezing hard, with both legs clenched tightly around the hand, and the other hand squeezing her tit. 

That’s a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it?


[in my defence my failure to perform was due to: I was sick, highly medicated (my Swedish hosts had given me some mystery pills), it was late, I was fatigued, and I was very hot]

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sex & The Blue Pill

What I didn’t mention in great detail in ‘Kinky Sex In The Hotel Room ~ Part 2’ was that my wife seemed a little off-ish after the anal sex. I say ‘seemed’ because it might just be my catholic guilt getting in the way, but I got a sense her sexual rhythm got broken when she had to get up and find some lubrication. 

I know she was highly aroused up until that point (which is why she even accepted the idea of taking it up the ass) but by the time she’d rummaged around and found some oil the sexual euphoria had probably waned.

Or maybe it was me sticking my cock in her butt that brought her back to reality?

Either way, after I’d cum we stopped what we were doing and she went to the bathroom to cleanup and when she came back we went to sleep like nothing had happened. Still, as I said on Monday:

I didn’t feel too guilty. I think she got what she wanted, which was to be like Diana (Claudio Koll) in the movie. Adored and lusted after by men (with me representing all men) who were desperate to fuck her. And so she was, and she came, more than once. And she also ‘took it in the butt’ like Diana did

The point of all this is that the following night I was not expecting any more sex, and my wife did nothing to indicate it was on the cards either. After dinner out we returned to the hotel room and watched some more TV. I suggested watching the last 15 minutes of the movie ‘All Ladies Do it’ since we were leaving Italy the following day and maybe Netflix wouldn’t show it outside of Italy?

My wife told me to ‘go for it’ but continued doing other things. The final 15 minutes added little, other than to show Diana and her husband back together again, and having anal sex. When i get home I shall search the internet for an English language version, at which point I’ll probably discover its Grade A schlock. Already the magic seems gone a little. But it did lead to anal sex with my wife so I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for the Italian movie that made almost no sense!

So when I climbed into bed my wife (who was already in bed) said something like “Ready for bed now?” which I thought was an odd thing to say. She never says that so it triggered a random thought in my head: is she asking me if I’m ready to sleep, or ready for more sex? Out of nowhere I replied “We’ll have to wait 20 minutes, for the Blue Pill to take effect”

“You took the Viagra?” she asked, without any tone.

“Yes” I said, lying. I hadn’t taken any, but I was interested to see how she reacted.

“So you think you need it?” she continued.

“No, but I told you I had some and I wanted to try it. Lots of gay men say it really enhances the sex, and those guys would know.”

“And your Doctor gave them to you?” she asked, checking that my answer was consistent with the last time we discussed this.

“Yes, it was a free sample pack of four” I said “I guess they want all men over 50 to try it, even if they don’t need it”

“Uh huh” said my wife, as she turned back to her iPad.

That was good enough for me and so I snuck off to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and surreptitiously took a Viagra pill. I was looking forward to seeing what it would do, but also a little concerned, given I had a virus and was not well. I was sneezing and coughing terribly. The last thing I needed was for something crazy to happen.

Fifteen minutes later my wife asked me if I was ‘feeling anything yet?’ And I told her I wasn’t. At which point I remembered something about how it enhances erections, it doesn’t make them. You still need foreplay/to be aroused. You don’t just get instantly hard. My wife was still on Facebook so there was no foreplay coming from that direction. I started reading a story on Literotica on my iPad, and it wasn’t long before I had an erection. It wasn’t a throbbing hard on but it was big. 

After another five minutes my wife asked again if anything was ‘happening’ and I said ‘yeah, I think so’. She immediately threw back the covers to see my stiff cock in my hand. That seemed to be enough for her because she climbed between my legs and started blowing me, straightway. She was trying to see if it felt different in her mouth - I presume - was I harder or just the same?

“How does it feel?” she asked, beating me to the question.

“It feels really good, I love the way you suck my cock, you’re so good at it”

She started bobbing up and down on it harder and faster - I wondered if she wanted me to cum that way? She came up for air and then started jacking me off, again it was hard and fast. Then she started rubbing my stiff cock all over her tits, raking her nipples with my knob. Her nipples were as hard as my dick - clearly she had once again gone from zero to a hundred in sixty seconds. 

To be honest my erection didn’t feel any different from usual (and I’m rock hard again as I type this) but I wasn’t going to mention it to my wife. Maybe it was The Placebo Effect but she felt she had a new toy and if she wanted to play with it I wasn’t going to argue. She was jerking me off, sucking my cock, rubbing her stiff nipples over my big hairy balls... it felt great!

I asked her if she wanted me to cum this way or to fuck me first, so she released me and then straddled me in the reverse cowgirl position. She rode me hard and fast, fingering her own clit and squeezing one breast as she did so. When she dropped her head down to the mattress I was able to slap her ass a few times. She was still jack hammering backwards like a twerking machine (not that she twerks!) and was clearly in the zone again, like the night before.

She started slapping her cunt and then kind of collapsed, so I took that as my cue to get up and pound her hard. I pulled her up on all fours, placed three pillows in front of her, and told her to climb aboard. She jumped on top of the pillows and presented her ass to me. I wiggled forward, grabbed her hips, and edged inside. 

She felt tight, and I wasn’t sure if it was because she had just cum or my dick was bigger thanks to the little blue pill. I suspect it was the former, since it really didn’t feel any different for me, but I played it up anyway. “You feel so tight and wet on my fat cock” I whispered, as I commenced a slow and steady thrusting.

“Oh yes, that feels good” she gasped in reply.

I gripped her hips tighter and quickened my pace. My cock felt hard and strong as I pounded her, and she started grunting. I knew she was close to cumming (again?) and I figured now would be a good time to do the same. I kept going, and going, like the Energizer Bunny, but... I wasn’t cumming.

I pulled out and slapped her butt as I did so. She rolled onto her back and I continued fucking her in the missionary position. Her head was hunched forward as she watched my cock slide in and out of her wet hole. She had one hand trying to wrench her own tit off and the other on her clit, trying to push it back into her vagina.

Like I said, she was in the zone.

I kept pumping in and out of her pussy but there was no sense I was about to cum. Was it the Blue Pill or just that I was weak from the virus (we’d been fucking for twenty minutes by now, I was starting to feel fatigued) - or that I’m an old man unable to function two nights in a row? The latter was a horrible thought - wasn’t that what Viagra was supposed to ‘fix’?

Whatever, I pulled out again but this time sat back against the headboard. Without missing a beat my wife continued fingering herself, and put on quite a show. It was not for my benefit, she was just determined to get off. I rose up on my knees and started jacking my cock. My wife’s eyes were half closed but she reached up and grabbed my balls. I shimmied closer and bounced them on her cunt as I pumped my dick.

She was writhing around, grabbing my cock, squeezing her own boobs, playing with her vulva and then telling me to come on her. I could see the vein pulsing in her neck, the vein that always pulses when she climaxes. She grabbed my balls again at precisely the right time and I pumped four ropes of cum all over the remnants of her shaven pussy (bald three weeks ago). That was a new one for me, and the jism made quite an interesting fan pattern across her belly. 

I grabbed some tissues and we cleaned ourselves up. It had been quite an interesting fuck but possibly not the ‘Viagra Experience’ she or I had imagined. 

Update: in looking for an image for this post I see I should have brought the instruction with me and not just the pills: “As a general rule, Viagra is thought to start working in most people from around 30 minutes after taking the drug. It is important to understand that taking Viagra tablets alone will not cause an erection.” Oops, we should have waited another 10 minutes!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy hump day - it’s Wicked Wednesday !

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Happy hump day - it’s Wicked Wednesday !
πŸ“Έ: find and follow the original @starfucked_model 

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TMI Tuesday - October 3, 2017 ~ It’s Complicated!

1. How do you gauge the success of your romantic relationships?

~ I only have one. Regular readers will know I tend to gauge the success of the relationship by the amount of sex I’m having, which I know is not the best barometer, but...

2. How often do you prefer to talk about sex with your lover?
~ We don’t talk much about sex. I try but she always shuts it down by saying “that was great” and “I don’t like to analyse sex afterwards”

3. During sex, what is your top priority?
~ To pleasure my wife, hopefully to the point of climax. I figure if she enjoys it she’ll do it more!

4. What advice would you like to give your partner to be a better lover? Are you afraid to give that advice?
~ More foreplay for me too please! I’m getting older so I don’t spring into action like a teenager anymore. And yes, I’d be afraid to say that. My wife would hear that as I don’t find her hot enough to get aroused by.

5. While in the moment of having sex, what is the best way you like to receive feedback from a lover that they are enjoying or are not enjoying sex
a. moans and groans
b. tell me in dirty talk
c. give me direction or be explicit
d. just fuck, tell me later if it was good for you
~ Everything except D. I definitely need feedback, and the more explicit the better. Otherwise I tend to worry I’m doing something you don’t like.

Bonus: Are you an idiot? Why or why not?
~ Of course I’m an idiot! Because I get too fixated on whether I’m having sex or not.And whether it’s any good!

Double bonus: I’m on vacation and after a slow start we are now managing to find time to be intimate! See here, here and here.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kinky Sex in a Hotel Room ~ Part 2

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This is a continuation (obviously) of yesterday’s post about what happened as we watched the Italian sex comedy ‘All Ladies Do it’ on the hotel TV, via Netflix. Neither of us spoke Italian so the film made no sense, and it looked quite cheesy to us, despite it’s positive IMDB reviews. But it had lot’s of nudity and sex, and the female lead (Claudia Koll) was attractive (aside from her giggles) so we watched it for an hour, at which point... 

....my wife got up, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and then came back to the bed where I was sitting (she’d previously been watching the movie from the sofa at the foot of the bed) and proceeded to climb over me to get to her side of the bed. Which wasn’t necessary because it was a large hotel room and she could have walked around to her side of the bed easily. 

So I took the hint.

As she crawled over me I lifted her camisole and slapped her butt playfully. And then I playfully stuck my finger between her ass cheeks, as many men had done to Diana in the movie. My wife giggled (real, not fake) and squirmed and continued crawling over to her side of the bed. It was a huge bed, much bigger than our SuperKing at home, so my wife was able to lie down on her back and spread her legs in my direction easily.

Again I took the hint, and so I burrowed myself down between her legs and started kissing and licking her pussy. 

Her back arched immediately and suddenly it was all on. We were a mass of writhing limbs as I ate her out and roamed her body with my hands. At one stage she pulled my hands back to her breasts and had me squeeze her roughly, encouraging me to tweak her hard stiff nipples as my tongue probed her clit. Yes, she was clearly taking her cues from the movie but she was also highly aroused and seemed to have gone from zero to a hundred in sixty seconds.

As I lapped at her clit she cried out suddenly and pulled my head hard into her cunt. She was cumming.

When she was done she released me and pulled me up. Reaching for my cock she guided me inside her. I noted momentarily that she clearly had given no thought as to giving me any foreplay, she was clearly ready to go herself and assumed I was too. Which I was. I started some slow steady strokes as she squeezed her own tits and slowly shook her head from side to side. 

She was in the zone.

She bent her head down and started to finger her own clit. She moved my t-shirt out of the way so she could watch my fat cock slice in and out of her. I paused briefly to pull it off, her own camisole long gone by now. When I resumed fucking her it was with more intensity and I gave her a good pounding.

I know it was good because she was moaning and shaking her head from side to side, with her eyes tightly closed. Her teeth were gritted and she was slapping her cunt with an open hand now as I pistoned in and out of her hot wet cunt. She seemed to be cumming again, and a random thought came out of nowhere, I swear.

Now would be a good time to fuck her in the ass, Nero. She’s clearly in the zone, and she’s cumming again or close to it, so there will never be a better time than now...

Listening to my inner voice I pulled my dick out of her pussy and started to reposition it, aiming it at her starfish.

“Are you going to fuck my asshole?” asked my wife. It was a question, not dirty talk.

“Yes” I responded.

“Do you have any lube?” she enquired.

“No” I replied, “but you seem pretty wet already”

“Hang on a minute...” instructed my wife, as she extricated herself and went to the bathroom. 

I heard her rummaging around for something and she came back with a little spray pump bottle of something. It was oil she often applies to herself as part of her beauty regime. She sprayed some on my dick and rubbed it all over my cock head. Then she squirted some more on her hand and reached back behind herself to lube up her asshole.

That seems to check the box marked ‘Positive Consent’ right?

She then crawled back onto the bed and resumed the position she was in before she got up. She was ready to be fucked in the ass now, just like Diana in the movie.

I aimed my cock at her crinkled starfish and pushed forward gently. I slid in relatively easily, and stayed there a moment before slowly sliding back out and then back in. My wife was rubbing her clit vigorously as I slowly quickened my pace and began thrusting regularly. My wife had her legs pulled back, with her knees each side of her tits, and I was holding her thighs for support as I thrust inside her tight ass.

My wife reached around her own upraised legs and using both hands she pulled her ass cheeks further apart, allowing me deeper entry. I was fucking in and out of her as she released one hand and returned it to her clit. Her face was contorted and I wasn’t sure if she was grimacing or about to cum again. She was panting hard, and grunting, which is what she usually does when she’s being fucked royally, so I took that as a good sign.

“I’m going to cum” I warned her.

“Yessss” she hissed, just as I did.

“I’m cumming” I grunted, “in your ass”

That latter was redundant, but I was fishing for a response. If she talked dirty back then I knew she’d enjoyed it, and maybe we’d do it again. Instead she said nothing but crossed her legs as I pulled out, and continued to frig her clit. She was close to an orgasm - maybe if I’d held off a bit longer and we’d climaxed together it could have been better for her?

As it stands I didn’t feel too guilty. I think she got what she wanted, which was to be like Diana (Claudio Koll) in the movie. Adored and lusted after by men (with me representing all men) who were desperate to fuck her. And so she was, and she came, more than once. And she also ‘took it in the butt’ like Diana did. 

I think next time we try anal I’ll be more prepared: proper lube and vibrators on hand. And once I’m ‘in’ I’m going to just ‘sit’ there a while and let her start moving first. Maybe if she’s more in control it will be better for her?

Unless, of course, she just want’s to be ‘taken’ and fucked up the ass like some dirty slutwife?



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TMI Tuesday: October 17, 2017 ~