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New Years Eve could be stressful! 🀭

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Good morning! Too early for this I suspect! But I could certainly use a drink (as you’ll see shortly).

What have you got planned for New Years Eve? I shall be chaperoning my 15y.o. daughter and seven of her friends at our holiday home 🏠  Six of them are girls and one is a boy - her boyfriend.

My daughter has worked out the sleeping arrangements, which includes her sleeping in the bedroom with two single beds with her boyfriend. I think that is not suitable for a guy she’s only be dating for a month or so now (they’ve only actually gone out about four times) but my wife thinks we should not say anything because “otherwise they’ll just sneak off somewhere else to be together - if we create a problem he just wont come here [our house].”

Strange, because I’ve only seen him once, And it was brief conversation. As in “It’s 11pm, you should probably go home now” after she’d snuck him up the stairs and into her bedroom for three hours last Sunday. That’s all that I said, in a calm manner, after I discovered him in her room. It was our first meeting and my daughter made no attempt to formally introduce us.

After the boy was gone my daughter came downstairs and told me off for embarrassing her and making her BF feel like shit. Apparently he’s scared of me and thinks I hate him now. WTF? I won’t bore you with the details, but it finished with my wife siding with my daughter and telling me (In front of my daughter) that I shouldn’t have spoken to him like that.

Whaaat? As I said, I spoke to him the same way I would have if she’d had a female friend in her room. It’s 11pm and it’s probably a good time to go home now.

So what do you think dear reader (especially the ladies) was I wrong? Should I lie down and accept that my daughter is an independent young woman now, and if she wants to entertain guys in her room I should STFU and just be pleased her school gave her some Sex Ed a year ago? (My wife certainly didn’t)

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Ayeshah for #FetishFriday πŸ”₯

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@ayeshahofficial for #FetishFriday πŸ”₯ looking so so hot in #latex #rubber. 
Find and follow her for more great pics like these. πŸ‘€ ©

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What's my wife reading now...

...instead of having sex with me?

As I mentioned in Tuesdays post TMI Tuesday: December 26, 2017 ~ Merry Christmas. ... there was no sex in the Nero house this Christmas. Which is actually not that unusual. And unless you see this bit struck out there was no sex last night either. (This post was written on Tuesday afternoon and is scheduled to post on Thursday morning)

No, I'm kidding - there was no sex last night either.

Apparently there was a sale on Amazon so my wife bought up a whole bunch of dirty books for her Kindle. She stayed up very late on Tuesday night, and I don't know how many titles she got through (she bought 12) but no sex ensued. Here's an excerpt from just one book, which you can buy here.

(Yes, she fantasizes about a strong powerful man taking control of her... make of that what you will)

excerpt 1
excerpt 2

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

So... how was your Christmas? πŸŽ„

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Mine was a bit lame actually.

My wife told me about a week before Xmas not to buy her anything, because she'd bought some stuff for herself because she knows what she likes. She then proceeded to wrap these gifts and place them under the tree - together with a label that said 'To: Mrs Nero - From: Mr Nero'. In her handwriting of course, so everyone would know who really bought the present.

I'd already bought her a bra and panties set from Calvin Klein, but I hid that and I'll give it to her on Valentines Day. I also got her a large expensive and smelly candle (3 wicks!) that she can use in the bath, and an essential oil burner that doubles as a vaporizer. It's very high tech (you have to plug it in) not that hippy shit you buy at the Farmers Market & Car Boot Sale.

I was also going to buy her a $600 watch from Swarovski but didn't because my wife has a habit of buying herself all manner of things around Christmas time, and she wouldn't tell me what she'd bought herself on my behalf so... #$%^ her! Seriously, when my wife goes Xmas shopping (for all her friends and family) she sees so much stuff she wants herself she just buys it. The ratio is probably 1:1 ie one gift for someone else, one gift for herself.

My wife has been like this for a few years now, ever since she sold her company for a lot of money.

She also did something else that's she's been doing in recent years too - despite me this year expressly telling her not to do it. That's right, in the middle of the Mall three or four weeks before Xmas, when we went as a family to shop/window shop I decided this year I would say it before anyone bought me anything, rather than opening my gifts on Xmas morning and sighing.

I told them (my wife and daughter) what size I was. My exact size(s).

Yup, my wife always buys me clothes for my birthday and Christmas but she always buys them a size too small. It's like she can't accept what size I am and hopes that if she buys me a smaller size I will be 'inspired' to get thinner. All it does is inspire me to eat the chocolate bars my daughter gives me each Xmas...

So this year I got... three pairs of underpants (a size too small), a belt, pair of pants, and a dress shirt (all too small AND in 'slim fit'), and two t-shirts that are actually a size too big on me.

It was so weird - and frustrating. It happens every year.  I asked her yesterday if she knew what 'Slim Fit' meant, before informing her that it was for slim people and that it didn't make 'Regular Fit' people (like me) look slimmer. It just made us look fatter. The 'Slim Fit' pants were so tight around the crotch it gave me whatever the male equivalent of 'camel toe' is.

So, all in all it was (for me) a mediocre Xmas.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

TMI Tuesday: December 26, 2017 ~ Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Enjoy the season...

1. Do you celebrate Christmas?

~ Despite being heathens, yes, we do celebrate Xmas. (I often spell it 'Xmas' to denote my atheism)

2. Tell us about your Christmas celebration.

~ We open our presents in the morning then set about getting ready for lunch with my extended family. This year (and it seems to be every year) it was at our house - for twelve people. Two days before Xmas my sister pushed it back from 12.30pm to 1pm. The day before Xmas my brother told me he was bringing 'a date'. On Xmas Day itself my brother and sister (and their respective families) both turned up at 2pm, meaning we didn't eat until 3pm. Meaning we were late to my wife's parents family dinner... but weren't hungry anyway. 

I told my wife next year someone else will have to host so we can leave when we need to.

3. What season is it where you live?

~ Holiday season. 

4. It’s the end of the year, what are you still trying to accomplish before the end of the year?

~ Still trying to get laid. And since I'm banging this out on the morning of the 26th I can confirm that thus far my wife has not required my Yuletide Log. The last time we did anything sexual was when the Xmas Party Blowjob happened. Overall I'm reasonably happy with what I've done this year, and I do have a project for 2018 to keep me busy.

5. Do you have any plans for New Year’s Eve?

~ Yes, we are heading to our vacation home in 3 days since (by my calculation) we have only stayed there for about 10 days since my wife bought it over 18 months ago. But since my daughter only wants to stay a week we are... only staying a week. My 15y.o. daughter only agreed to stay that long because we agreed to let 8 of her friends visit and have a NYE party there. 

Double Bonus: Some sex stories from Christmas Past... Replay: The Xmas Sex Story – Part 1 and Replay: The Xmas Sex Story - Part 3


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Merry Christmas from #neroblogshere πŸŽ„πŸŽ❤️

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I hope you enjoyed it in whichever way you celebrated it 😘
Yes! That’s me in the top right hand corner!
(No, it’s not 😁)

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Miss Beyla Hughes for #SinfulSunday for #SexyXmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ

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@missbeylahughes for #SinfulSunday for #SexyXmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ

You can see another pic of Miss Beyla Hughes in this outfit here

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Replay: The Xmas Sex Story - Part 3

Today's post is an excerpt from one originally posted on Jan 29, 2014. You can read the full story here.

I was enjoying her 'compliance' and wondering how far to push it. Was she feeling submissive? Did she want to be told what to do? My cock got even harder just contemplating where this could lead. So I gave her another 'command': I told her to kiss my neck. That was something we'd done before - she knows it makes me shiver and drives me wild. "Okay" she replied and moved…

I thought she was going for my neck but instead she turned and lent down to my cock, kissing it gently. "Mmmmmmm" I responded, realizing immediately that she had misheard my instruction. I decided not to correct her. She took my cock in her hand and swallowed it, taking my full length slowly into her mouth before withdrawing all the way back out. I'm 'average' size, which pleases my wife who likes to deep throat me. 

She repositioned herself between my legs and fondled my balls as she blew me. She was doing a great job but the idea of dominating her had taken hold so I gently placed my hands on her head and stopped her from pulling back too far. I wanted her to know I was in control so I wasn't letting my cock out of her mouth. She started slurping as she sucked harder and faster and I felt my balls stiffen.

I held her head more firmly now and began lifting my hips as I gently started to facefuck her. She didn't miss a beat so I ...


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Good morning! And kiss my ass! 😘

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Good morning! And kiss my ass! 😘
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Fetish Friday Xmas Edition

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@missbeylahughes for #FetishFriday for #FriskyFriday for #SexyXmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ

You can see another pic of Miss Beyla Hughes in this outfit here

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Stuck for a last minute Xmas gift for Nero?

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Stuck for a last minute Xmas gift for Nero? Head over to @honeybirdette and buy yourself something #sexy. Put it on and send me a selfie! πŸŽ„
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Trust me, no-one can see... Part 2

Note: this is a complete work of fiction, it never happened. 
You can find Part 1 here if you wish to read it first...

Tonight I wanted to howl at the moon while I fucked my wife on the darkened balcony of our hotel, and I didn't care who was watching. But my wife did. "You can't be serious?" she whispered, as I undid the drawstring on my board shorts and let them drop to the floor, my erection standing proudly in the cool night air. "Anyone could see us if they're looking this way," she continued "let's go inside"

"That didn't seem to bother you a few minutes ago, when you were getting yours" I said, "now drop down and suck my cock. Make it good 'n wet before I slide it into that tight bald pussy of yours...."

"But someone might see us!" she argued, redundantly. She was already stooping to her knees.

"Trust me, no-one can see..." I reassured her loudly, just as I spotted a shadowy figure emerge silently from the darkness of the neighboring apartment's balcony.

My wife was on her knees now, as I snuck a look sideways. The shadowy shape had shifted slightly, alerting me in my peripheral vision that they were there. Was it deliberate? If they'd remained still I might have not known they were there. But they hadn't remained still, they'd moved. Yet remained fixed where they were. Whoever it was hadn't moved hurriedly back into their apartment, as you'd expect from someone who had inadvertently caught us in flagrante delicto on our balcony.

But they hadn't stepped out of the shadows to reveal themselves either. They'd remained rooted in the same place, moving just enough to let us know they were there - watching. To let me know they were watching. My wife hadn't seen them and I hadn't told her - so what did that make me? A co-conspirator with whoever it was staring at us from their hotel balcony 15 feet away?

And who was it? I didn't even know if they were a man or a woman - their dark outline in the shadows gave nothing away. I say they but there was only one of them. I say they because I didn't know their gender.

But it had to be a man, right? Only a dude would stand there in the darkness, like a pervert, saying nothing. I bet he had his dick in his hand and was jacking it super slow - so we wouldn't hear the tell tale fap fap fap as he pumped his fat cock until he jizzed all over the terra-cotta tile. I pictured him in my mind, leering at us across the way, his purple head dripping with pre-cum...

"We can go inside if you've changed your mind" said my wife, snapping me back to reality.

"Huh? W-w-what?" I stammered, gazing down at her. She was sitting dutifully on her knees, with one hand on my cock, and staring up at me.

"You were rock hard, but now you're not" she said, confused. "I think maybe you don't really want to do it out here after all. That's okay, it's been a long day, we can go to bed and try again in the morning. In the bed"

"No babe, it's all good" I said, as I reached over and grabbed a seat cushion from one of the deck chairs. "I was just worried about you on your knees on these hard tiles. Put this under you..." and with that I dropped the cushion to the floor.

"Now get your mouth around my cock and make me hard again. You know I love your wet mouth around my hard dick, because you're the best fucking cock sucker in the world!" That latter was said a little louder, for the benefit of the watcher next door. Which is why I groaned loudly when my wife slipped my cock into her mouth and swallowed me all the way down, deep throating me until her face was buried in my neatly groomed pubic hair.

My dick swelled back to size almost immediately, forcing my wife to only take what was comfortable. She licked and slurped her tongue around the top half of my cock while she cupped and craddled my balls with her hands. She fingered my sac while she sucked my head, maintaining a strong suction yet keeping a firm but delicate touch on my testicles. They tingled as they danced in her hands.

She released my swollen cockhead with a pop and commenced jacking me off hard. Really hard! Her strokes were fast and furious, her hands a blur, and my cock head bounced on her lips as she pummeled me. Her lips and mouth were wet and open, ready to receive my jism when the eruption came. And I was ready to cum, it was such a wild scene.

But I also wasn't ready to cum so fast. I didn't want make it a marathon, but there was someone else watching and I felt we weren't giving them their moneys worth. Part of me acknowledged the voyeur could be a woman, and my vanity precluded me from cumming so soon. If someone's watching you then you always want to see them performing at your best, right?

So I grabbed my wife's head, bunching her hair in my hands for effect and started face fucking her - hard. I did it roughly because I didn't want to cum. I thrust in and out of her mouth so hard my cock was scraping both her teeth and her throat, which is not really my thing. I do enjoy my dick in her mouth, but I prefer it soft and wet, enveloping my member like a warm wet pussy.

Which was the opposite of what we, I, was doing now.

My balls were slapping on her chin and she was gagging on my fat cock as it filled her throat. She spluttered and was close to choking. I pulled out quickly and looked down at her. I was expecting a 'WTF?!' look but instead all I saw was a fire in her eyes I'd not seen before. A look that said "I'm yours, use me as you wish".  Damn, I'd unleashed her slutty side!

"Get up!" I instructed, as I helped her off her knees. "Turn around and hold on to the balustrade, I wanna fuck that tight little hole of yours..." The ambiguity was deliberate - I didn't want her or the neighbor to know which hole I planned to stick my throbbing cock into. My wife shot me a look that said "Do your best Mister, I can take whatever you think you can do to me." I shot her a look back too, one that replied "Challenge accepted". She got up, turned around, and assumed the position.

The red headed watcher watches...
What she didn't know was that it wasn't just her I was trying to please. It was also the hot red headed neighbor who by now had her fingers buried in her snatch and was fingering herself furiously as I set about fucking my wife.

No, 'the watcher' was still hidden in the shadows but I figured if I was going to perform I'd do better if I imagined the audience I was performing for. And in my mind she was a red headed babe leaning back nonchalantly against the wall and watching what we were doing.  A cute young red head with big 34E tits; which she played with with one hand while slowly stroking her clit with the other.

And watching - always watching.

My wife was leaning on the balcony so I grabbed her hips and pulled her back a little further. This forced her to grip the handrail with both hands, and let her boobs hang free. I wanted them swaying and bouncing while I fucked her, so whoever was watching would get a good view of her fulsome breasts as I pummeled her from behind.

We were now positioned sideways to the watcher, affording them a great view of all the action.

I moved up closely behind my wife and slapped my dick up from underneath, making a smacking sound as I whacked her pussy lips and clit a few times. She had shaved for the vacation and her soft smooth cunt felt great against my meaty cock.

I then grabbed my dick, steadied myself, and slowly pressed forward. She was very wet, almost dripping, and I lubricated my cock on her bare pussy lips as I sliced backwards and forwards across them a few times. My wife moaned as my bulbous head sawed across her swollen clit each time. I then straightened up, leaned back, and aimed myself at her wet hole. I pushed in slowly and again she moaned, groaning at every inch as she she received it.

"Oh yeah" I said loudly, "your pussy is so wet and yet so tight. It feels so good wrapped around my cock"

"Oh god, yes!" grunted my wife just as loudly, caught up in her pleasure. "Ram it in and fuck me, fuck me with that big fat fucking cock of yours!"

I can't resist dirty talk so I did exactly that. I gripped her hips firmly and started hammering in and out of her hard and fast. My wife was loving it and her knuckles were white as she held onto that handrail for all she was worth, pushing back hard on my cock with each thrust as I pounded into her good. Caught up in her own pleasure she squealed aloud as my balls slapped her pussy and bounced off her clit.

Lost in her own world she'd forgotten about the neighbors entirely by now and was wailing like a banshee:

"Omyfuckinggodthatfeelssogood" she babbled, "fuck me harder, bang the shit out of me with that big beautiful cock of yours. Mmmmmmm, I want it so bad - I want you to fuck my white ass like it's the last pussy you'll ever get..."

I took that as my cue and smacked her on the butt. We'd only been there a day but already the white outline of where her bikini bottoms had been was evident, contrasting sexily against her tan legs. It made a delicious '~thwack!~' so I delivered another blow to her other ass cheek.

"Oh god, yes!" she cried, "punish me, I'm a naughty girl, such a naughty dirty girl, I deserve it. My cunt wants it so bad. Use me. Make me your whore, spank me like the cock hungry big dick loving slut I am"


Where had this come from? What innerslut had I released in my wife? It was all I could handle, I was done. Her nasty talk had finished me off, I was ready to explode. Which didn't matter any more, since the red headed babe across the way had to know I was the best fucking lover on the planet by now...

"I'm gonna cum" I warned her, as I felt it boiling up from my balls.

"No, not yet" she implored "I want it on my face, I wanna feel all that hot spunk splattering across my  face and burning on my tits as you spray me with your cum! Brand me with your jizz!"

"Jesus...!" was all I could manage before I started to ejaculate. What I'd wanted to say was 'Jesus, that dirty talk isn't really helping if you want me to hold on', but it was too late. It all happened so fast - and it happened in slow motion...

My wife stepped forward, pulling herself free - twisting and dropping to her knees all at the same time. She landed askew on the cushion but thick ropes of cum were already spurting out and flying through the air. I caught her on the side of her face, getting a little in her hair. She grabbed my pulsing cock and turned her head to catch what was coming next. Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was out - ready to receive the rest of my load.

And it was quite a load. This was possibly the hottest sex of our married lives and I was squirting like a school boy. It just kept shooting out and firing across at her. She took two more spurts in and around the mouth before bending my purple cock down and pointing it at her heaving chest. She toggled it like a joystick, taking two more blasts - one on each tit.

"Yeah, that's it!" giggled my wife nastily, as the jism dripped down her chin. "Paint my beautiful white titties with your cum..." And with that she started rubbing my sticky cream all over her boobs, round and around. There was quite a lot and yet with her other hand she continued jacking my dick in a vain attempt to pump out more. It was a wasted effort, I was completely spent.

"Oh god, I'm such a whore for black cock... mnngmmmph" garbled my wife, as she smeared one sticky cum covered hand all the way down to her clit while simultaneously leaning forward to swallow my still dripping dick. As she frigged her magic button whilst trying to suck me dry I realized two things I hadn't thought of before. Firstly my wife had not fallen haphazardly sideways onto the cushion; she had landed deliberately - and in the perfect position to face our neighbor on the balcony next door.

Secondly -and more importantly- I realized that our neighbor watching from the shadows was not some red headed hottie with magnificent breasts - not in my wife's mind, at least!

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TMI Tuesday: December 19, 2017 ~ How random!

1. What was the name of the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?
~ Wow! I'm over 50 so this is really hard to remember. I do remember when I was 5 some girl chasing me around the classroom during break and trying to kiss me. I don't remember her name but she caught me!

2. Which parent do you identify with the most?
~ Neither, they're both dead. I guess physically mom and mentally my dad. My dad dies first and I was left to look after my mother, as my father had. It was only then that I fully appreciated all he'd done during his life for my mother. 

3. What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat?
~ Egg. They smell and taste awful. I've been spitting them out since I was old enough to swallow them. My mother would try to hide the egg in food, but I would spit that out too. 

4. Would you ever adopt a child?
~ At my age I doubt it, but you never know. My teenage daughter could get hooked on opioids and get herself knocked up and then I guess I'd have to step in...

5. When was the last time you played a board game? What game?
~ We went through a very brief phase a few years ago when my wife decided we should play board games so we could spend more time together as a family. It lasted about a month and my wife was worse than my daughter for needing to pick up her phone while playing. We played Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly.

Bonus: What makes you laugh more – dry humor or weird, goofy humor?
~ I'm told I have a dark sense of humor and I'd say that's true. I'll often say the thing that shouldn't be said, if it's funny. I'm also very dry (people say that too) and I can also be weird. Well, that's how my daughter describes me when I crack a joke in front of her friends. 

Double Bonus: you should read Trust me, no-one can see... (my attempt at erotic fiction) because tomorrow I publish Trust me, no-one can see... Part 2


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Monday, December 18, 2017

Xmas Party Blowjob

We arrived home from the Xmas party on Saturday at about 2am, Sunday morning.  It should have been a lot sooner considering we'd left the party at 11.30pm, but my wife bless her had in typical fashion suggested two other couples share our Uber so we could drop them off on the way. This pissed me off because I knew exactly what was going to happen, and it did.

Our route home was going to take us through the city, and as soon as we got there someone suggested we stop at a hip little cocktail bar for 'just one drink'. My wife thought that was a great idea of course, so we stopped. As if it hadn't been planned all along, even though I knew it had. If we had six paragraphs spare I'd tell you which of her friends was responsible (who I dislike because she's a needy damaged demanding Princess) but I know you want the sex bits so let's jump to that.

At 12.30am we'd all finished our round of drinks (you know, those 'cocktails' that are essentially a huge ice cube only slightly smaller than the glass itself, to which they pour over a shot of whiskey/gin/bourbon/vodka and then add a 'twist' of something and charge you double what they charge for a traditional drink) so I suggested we call it a night and get another Uber. They were all quite drunk so there was no point in staying and I was quite keen to go home and fuck my wife.

The latter part I kept to myself, but maybe I should have mentioned it because I was outvoted and another round was ordered. At 1.30am it really was time to go home. but not before I had to endure the others all asking each other what my wife was doing up at the bar, and 'was she paying?', and oh no we can't let her pay, we must all get up and pay our share and we will, except we won't, we'll just keep sitting here talking about how we mustn't let her pay - until she actually does. At which point we'll finally get up and say 'oh, you didn't pay for all of us did you?' and 'oh, you're so naughty paying for all of us, you didn't have to do that, I was just getting up to pay myself.'

That's one of the lesser joys of being rich. All your 'friends' just assume you can/will pick up the tab, and they'll sit on their wallets until you do. (Our real friends don't, the ones who knew us before my wife hit the jackpot - they always split the bill). My wife paid for the two Ubers too. One to the bar, and the other from the bar to our house - which involved various detours to drop off the other four of course. But I digress...

This BabyDoll negligee best approximates my wife's party dress.
Obviously it wasn't as see through as this, and it had a lower hemline.
By 2am we were finally home and I was in a squirly mood. I'd been wanting to have sex with her since five o'clock that afternoon. That was when my wife first put on the dress she had bought specifically for the party but now thought was see through. "You can see through both the dress and the slip underneath it, can't you?" she wailed, "I can't wear this!"

I looked at her and lied. "No, you can't see through it - it's fine. Yes, the dress is very sheer, but the slip stops anyone from seeing anything" I reassured her, even though the slip (sewn into the sheer cocktail dress) did in fact hide nothing. "You look very sexy, and besides, no-one will stare at your crotch because it would be too obvious they're perving."

That was a complete lie, I knew plenty of guys at the party who would not only stare but debate amongst themselves how much of my wife they could see.

Which didn't bother me in the slightest.

I'd already seen the dress when my wife first tried it on in the shop. I knew exactly how revealing it was, and I'd urged to her buy it over the other option specifically for that reason. Not that I told her that. What I did tell her was that it was very sheer, very short, but very very sexy. I said she should buy it and wear it now, while she still could, while she still had the body for it. And honestly, even though she's over fifty she did carry it off beautifully. There aren't many women her age who could.

So as I gazed at her in our bedroom and clearly saw the dark outline of her nipples underneath her dress, which was so sheer you couldn't wear a bra without ruining the line of the dress, I said nothing. And then there was the triangle of what may or not be her pussy below (honestly, you couldn't tell for sure - but your imagination did fill in the blanks) to which I also said nothing. Instead I told her she looked fantastic and you couldn't see anything. Besides it would be dark at the party and no-one would look, I assured her. She wasn't fully convinced so she swapped her 'nude' panties for a spaghetti thong, and decided that was better - not realizing that it meant her rear end was now clearly bare assed - and off we went. With a jacket under her arm 'just in case'.

And so it was that at 2am I was determined to get my wife to do what I had first thought of before we'd left the house that evening. I wanted her on her knees, in that outfit, and sucking my cock.

Luckily for me my wife had almost the same idea.

On the last leg of our Uber ride home, when we were alone in the back seat, my wife had sat close to me and placed her hand on my leg. Which I moved to my crotch, letting her know I was hard. This intrigued her greatly, because she started rubbing it and making it harder. I had an actual tentpole in my pants, it was sticking up and everything, and my wife made no attempt the 'straighten me out'.

In fact she tried to make it worse. She started gripping my cock and rubbing her hand up and down like she was giving me a hand job. Which she was, of sorts, I suppose. Then, as we got closer to our home, she leaned over and whispered into my ear "I'm gonna have to suck that when we get home" This just made my cock even harder again, and it was getting quite painful now, straining against the fabric of my pants.

And so it was that when we got home and went to our bedroom I sat on the small wooden step ladder in our walk-in wardrobe and told her to get down on her knees and suck my cock. "What?" she said, as if my instructions had not been clear. "Get down on your knees and suck my cock" I repeated, "you said you would and I've been looking forward to it all night - since even before we left for the party, if you must know."

To reiterate the point I stood up, dropped my pants, and sat down again. My stiff cock jutted out, erect and proud. She looked at it, then at me, and then dropped to her knees. Kneeling at my feet she attempted to lift the dress up and over her head but I told her 'Hell No!' and instructed her to leave it on. She didn't argue and instead simply lent forward and suckled my cock.

I say suckled because that's exactly how she did it. She was very gentle and almost reverent, like she was taking Holy Communion. My cock was already rock hard and very keen to fuck her mouth, but I resisted the urge. Gripping the seat of the step ladder I arched my back and spread my legs a little wider. She shuffled in closer and started sucking me harder and faster, fondlng my balls for good measure. It felt really good and I told her so,

It wasn't long before I really wanted to fuck her face, but instead I just gently placed my hands on the back of her head and let her bob up and down on my dick. It was almost as good - but not quite. As I sensed my lust rising beyond my control (meaning I wanted to grab her hair with both hands and really fuck her mouth) I stopped myself and told her I was ready to cum now.  "Where do you want me to cum?" I asked, gently "in your mouth, your pussy, or on your tits?"

Looking at it from this angle the hemline was definitely about
halfway between the bottom of her butt and the back of her knee.
Or maybe a little higher. It was short and flirty, but with no open back.
She didn't reply. Instead she stood up, lifted her dress up and off over her head, and then placed it neatly to one side. When she was done she lay down on the carpet, flat on the floor. Her legs spread slightly as her ankles touched the sides of the step ladder I was still sitting on.  I looked down at her as she lay splayed before me. Somehow, some where, she had lost her thong and was now flat on her back completely naked. Her hands were flopped by her side and she said softly "Come on my tits"

I'd never seen my wife so submissive but considering how drunk we both were I figured she had lain down just to stop the room from spinning. I was not similarly affected so I started wanking my cock in earnest, tugging it hard and fast because I was hot, horny, and desperate to cum. My wife remained flat on the floor but after staring at me jacking my cock she began rubbing her cunt and squeezing her tits. Her hands alternated between the two and the rotations became quite random. One minute she had her left hand on her pussy and the right on one of her boobs. Then she swapped over and stroked her wet slit with her right hand and grabbed her left nipple with her left hand. And then she had both hands on her pussy or both hands on her breasts.

She was moaning and squirming a little but I suspected although she was getting close she wasn't going to cum that way. She was too drunk. I hopped down off my step ladder and dove down between her legs. My tongue lashed her pussy and with a few quick strokes I could tell that she was very wet. Wet enough for my cock. I lay down and tried to enter her but she resisted, so I stopped. Without a word she rolled over, got up on all fours, and 'dog walked' around the corner.

I'll admit I was confused now and she seemed to be gone for ages, but it probably wasn't. She returned, still walking on all fours, with a tube of KY jelly. She may be drunk but she knew 'safety first!'

She lay back down in the exact position she'd left, squirted out a generous amount of KY, and then lubed up her pussy. She then squirted a little more onto her fingertips and held those up to me. I shuffled forward, between her legs, and she reached down and lubed up my cock. When she thought I had enough she stopped, and started fingering her clit and labia. She gave her pussy a good rubbing and then I remembered it was my turn.

Maybe I was a little alcohol impaired too.

I mounted her and started thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. Placing all the weight on my arms I rose up high and started moving so it was just my dick slicing in and out of her wet hole. The root of my cock rubbed against her clit. She was moaning her appreciation but for me the position was unsustainable. I dropped back down on my knees and lifted her legs up and around my forearms. I pumped my cock in and out her pussy and she flopped beneath my like a rag doll. She was completely passive but the panting and the vein pulsing on her neck gave her away. She was loving it.

I was enjoying it too but I was nowhere near coming, even though I desperately wanted to. Alcohol fatigue had kicked in, and even though I wasn't suffering from 'brewers droop' I just couldn't quite get there. "Let's go to bed" I said, having tired of the carpeted floor. The bed was indeed softer, and I lay my wife down on it. On her stomach. As soon as I pulled her legs apart my wife knew what was coming next. She reached down and started fingering her clit as I sidled up behind her.

Her ass looked magnificent, and even better when I placed my hand on one round butt cheek and pulled it up - exposing her sex to me. My other hand was on my cock, which I was now fisting. My wife reached back with one hand and pulled up the other cheek, revealing her asshole, as she continued to frig her clit. She looked so hot and wanton in the darkness and I regretted having turned the dimmer switch down so low. I wanted to see more of her.

My wife hadn't said a word, and she looked so passive lying there. If it wasn't for her busy fingers working her pussy faster and faster I might not have known she was into it. I broke the silence by telling her I was ready to cum now, and I pulled her butt cheek wider. She matched me with her hand,  grabbing the other butt cheek and pulling that one up too. Her whole ass was open wide to me now. "I'm gonna cum now" I grunted, "in your hole... your.dirty.hole..."

With the last comment I thrust forward, jamming my cock between her legs and came. I didn't push far enough to enter her, just enough to get my head in her warm ass crack. She arched her back and moaned as I flooded her with my seed, making a hot sticky mess back there as I filled her ass crack. I didn't thrust, I just pulsed, my ejaculate spurting forth of it's own accord. It felt good but the orgasm was fleeting, I was so tired. I rolled over and passed out.

When I woke up in the morning I found my wife in exactly the same spot as last night, my cum now dry between her ass cheeks. I knew she would be mad when she woke up so I crept out and snuck downstairs, ultimately passing out on the sofa again.

Damn those drinks with the giant ice cubes...!


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

A day late but #SoSS πŸ„ For Sinful Sunday

via Instagram

A day late but #SoSS πŸ„
Tumblr have a new feature that allows you to not see posts with a specific hashtag. πŸ‘
Now if the other social platforms could just follow suit we’d have an internet where people could post (say) #fetishwear pics without getting reported by people who don’t like #bdsm 😬 Simple and easy, no #censorship required! #neroblogshere

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Teacher Sex: Amber Turnage

I have a prurient interest in criminal cases involving female teachers and young students. I know these are sex crimes but a double standard does exist IMO. Societally we all know it's wrong for a male teacher to have sex with a younger female student (she was groomed/coerced) but when the genders are reversed there's a part of us that thinks "did the experience really damage him?" or "did she force him to do anything he didn't want to?"

Those are not questions we'd countenance with a female victim. As a male, sure, I would have loved to have been 'seduced' by an older women when I was a horny adolescent - in theory. The reality is that it would most likely have messed with my head ultimately, and probably fucked up my future sex life. 

What I found most fascinating about these cases is that very often the women are quite attractive and presumably quite capable of getting laid if they wanted sex. Underscoring that point is that often times these women are married. So it's not just sex they're after, they want power over these young boys. They want to be the one in control, 'teaching' these young teens, they want to 'deflower' them and 'be their first'. The motive is similar to most adult male predators too.

In this post we profile...

Amber Turnage, a 39-year-old teacher from Mississippi, has been arrested on six counts of sexual battery for having intercourse with and performing other sexual acts on a 17-year-old student.

Turnage, 39, a former biology teacher at Provine High School in Jackson, Mississippi, was arrested on May 18 after videos of her having intercourse with an unidentified 17-year-old student emerged. Amber Turnage was the alleged star of homemade sex movies that leaked online that showed her having intercourse and oral sex with the boy.

Turnage, who is married with children, allegedly carried on the relationship with the student from December 2016 until late April of this year. The last sexual encounter between the two occurred on April 27. Turnage’s assaults allegedly took place at a hotel, the boy’s home, his cousin’s house and in her car. It’s alleged one encounter took place in the school parking lot.

The teen’s lawyer, Warren Martin, said the affair was discovered after other students reported videos of Turnage and the 17-year-old was being shared across social media. “My client was entrapped by a sexual scam,” said Martin. “This teacher saw him, preyed upon him and when she realized he was close to revealing her criminality, she sought efforts to conceal it by offering my client cash payments.”

According to Martin, the teacher would tutor his client and then drop him off at his home in her car, where several of the sexual encounters occurred. He says several other instances happened on the campus of Provine, as well. Martin also said that the experience has caused his client to become “distraught”.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trust me, no-one can see...

Note: this is a complete work of fiction, it never happened. 
I wrote it for the Wicked Wednesday meme but missed the deadline...

On the one hand my wife is no sexual prude but on the other hand she can still be quite shy. Well, maybe not so much shy as... she has limits. Those limits were tested recently when we took a package 'all inclusive' vacation to Thailand. It was a cheap deal because the resort was new and construction delays meant they were opening in 'monsoon season'.

None of which mattered to us because we hadn't googled any of that and didn't know. All we wanted was hot sun and a cold pool. Which we got, in spades.

Our resort was 'only' 90 minutes from Bangkok but effectively miles away from anywhere since the heat was so intense you just wanted to lounge by the pool all day and do nothing. Nothing, except sip umbrella cocktails that were so cheap it was almost a crime not to drink them.  One has to remain hydrated in hot climates, remember!

Suffice to say as the sun started to go down after our first day we were both quite drunk and ready for bed. We were both feeling very relaxed, not just from the alcohol but from the $10 beach massages we had at twilight, before returning to our room. Not only did you get a full one hour whole body massage, you also got a cheap thrill when they ran their fingers all the way up your inner thigh and tickled your testicles as they rubbed your groin vigorously.

Well, I did. My wife insisted they didn't go that high with her, and asked if I'd tipped them extra.

"Perish the thought," I said "that would make them cheap prostitutes! Please don't sully the fine reputation of the renowned Thai Massage"

"Ha!" scoffed my wife, "I'm sure if you asked for the Bangkok Special they'd find someone who could accommodate you..."

"Don't get jealous" I said to my wife, as I wrapped my arms around her "you know the only touch I crave is yours"

My wife said nothing. We'd gravitated to the balcony by this stage and were staring out at the night sky. We were on the 24th floor and the view was spectacular. There was nothing around us, all you could see was the starry sky and the lights twinkling on the horizon - either fishing boats or another seaside town. The resort was effectively candle lit at night and looked very romantic.

I leaned down and kissed my wife softly on the neck. She shivered with delight and snuggled back into me. Suitably emboldened I bit her neck and brought my hands up to squeeze her breasts. Her tits felt full and heavy in my hands, still hot from the days sun. She moaned as I caressed her, reaching a hand back behind her to tousle my hair.

"Horny are you?" she asked rhetorically, as she pressed her butt back against my crotch. I was already firm but now I was hard. I said nothing as she proceeded to rub her bikinied butt cheeks against my cock. It was like she was giving me a vertical lap dance, her ass shimmied and shook against my crotch, turning my dick into concrete.

I reached down and placed my hand against her vulva, pulling her in even closer, and forcing my erection deep between the cleft of her butt cheeks. Her bikini bottoms were so flimsy she may as well have been naked - they were no match for my raging hard on.

My hand was hard on her cunt now, pulling her in tightly so I could work her clit through the camel toe my fingers had created as she ground her ass into my dick. I manhandled her roughly - one hand massaging her pussy as the other fondled her tit, brusquely toying with her stiffening nipple. She was hard now, just like me, and just as horny.

"Let's go in and you can fuck me on that bed with eight pillows" she whispered lustily into my ear as she twisted her whole body around to face me. Writhed and twisted, to be precise. 

"Why go inside, when we can do it right here on the balcony?" I replied, grabbing her butt cheeks with both hands and pulling her in tightly. With just a bit of added pelvic thrust to hammer my point home.

"Someone might see us!" my wife said, mortified "wouldn't you like to christen that big hotel bed with the Egyptian cotton sheets?"

"Firstly, this is Thailand and they have their own Royal standard linen here" I responded, as my hands slowly pulled her bikini bottoms down over her beautiful butt. "And secondly, I want to bend you over the balcony balustrade and make you see a few stars of my own as you enjoy that glorious moonlight view..."

"While I fuck you from behind" I continued, in case I wasn't clear.

"Someone might see us!" repeated my wife, as she turned around to look out from the balcony. The view of the moonlit waves as they crashed into the shore on the beach below was indeed spectacular, but nothing compared to the sight of my wife's bikini bottoms pulled down to just below her butt cheeks. Her exposed ass looked so sexy in the moonlight I just had to smack it - so I did.

"Stop it!" shrieked my wife, "someone might hear!" The latter was said as a whisper, as she realised it was she who would be the one to alert any neighbors as to what was happening on the balcony of Room 2407.

I dropped down to the deck and pulled her bikini bottoms down completely. With her ass at eye level I grabbed both of her hips and pressed my face forward. I playfully attempted to 'motorboat' her but quickly learned that only works on cleavage. My wife helpfully leaned down, bending herself right over the balcony so that her ass was pushed higher and I could see her pussy.

Lest I not get the hint, she spread her feet a little wider apart, giving me full access to her now glistening cunt. Not only was she wet, but I could smell her arousal strongly. Thailand is a land of many fragrances, but none as glorious as my wife's ripe pussy. I leaned in tongue first, slicing my way past her engorged labia and zeroing in on the clit.

Her back arched and she gasped, before pushing down on my face, signalling she wanted more. She reached back with one hand and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in deeper. This had the effect of pushing my nose right into her ass, which I'm sure was no accident, but it was the price I willingly paid to get my tongue into her wet slit so I could sup the nectar of the gods.

And sup I did. My tongue swirled around her pussy, lapping at her folds, as I drank her in. As my tongue darted all over her I was joined in my ministrations by her fingers, which she used to massage her clit as I licked her wet sloppy cunt. She was highly aroused and moaning softly as she brought herself closer to orgasm. I pulled my head back and ran my tongue down her wet slit and back up her asscrack.

That got her attention! She moaned loudly and kinda sank down a little, pushing her ass back into my mouth. My pointed tongue swirled around her puckered starfish, before darting into it's core. It tasted tart, a little bitter perhaps, not sweet like her pussy. I wet my tongue with my mouth and then ran my flattened tongue up and down her crack once more, before homing in on her sphincter which I poked and prodded.

She must have enjoyed the spontaneous rimjob (she'd done me before, but I've never reciprocated - until now) because she started groaning. "Oh god, oh god" she repeated, as she frigged her clit furiously. The orgasm was near, because she started slapping her cunt with her open hand, completely unabashed as the loud clapping sound reverberated in the crisp night air.

"Oh.god... I'm.come...ingggg!" she hissed through gritted teeth. I grabbed her hips tightly and drove my tongue deep into her ass as she climaxed, feeling her pulse and spasm as she did so. 'Gaaahh!" she cried out, gripping her cunt tightly and wresting the last ounce of pleasure from within her depths.

Where moments before she had been using the balcony balustrade as a brace to push against - while I rimmed her as she fingered herself - now it was a prop to hold herself up as she slumped down exhausted. I could feel her legs trembling as I stood up, and a better man would have picked her up and carried her to bed, but tonight I was not that man.

Tonight I wanted to howl at the moon while I fucked my wife on the balcony, and I didn't care who was watching.

But my wife did.

"You can't be serious?" she whispered, as I undid the drawstring on my board shorts and let them drop to the floor. "Anyone can see us if they're looking this way, let's go inside"

"That didn't seem to bother you a few minutes ago, when you were getting yours" I said, "now drop down and suck my cock. Make it good 'n wet before I slide it into that tight bald pussy of yours...."

"But someone might see us!" she argued, redundantly. She was already stooping to her knees.

"Trust me, no-one can see..." I reassured her loudly, just as I spotted a shadowy figure emerge silently from the darkness of the neighboring apartment's balcony.

continued in Part 2, coming soon...

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

TMI Tuesday: December 12, 2017 ~ Roll With It!

@CarrieLeChance ©
1. With whom would you like to take a bath?

~ I suspect a bubble bath with May More would be rather wonderful. She seems to know how to take care of her man just right. And he her, which means my tub time will be solo! Maybe in a parallel universe...

2. You are, on a motorcycle, riding hard down a country road, wind in your hair. Who is the hottie on the bike with you? Are you riding or driving?

~ I'm driving of course! Duh! And I'd by driving with Atiya, taking her to meet her man since she's stuck in a long distance relationship and doesn't see him often enough. Of course, in a parallel universe I'd be giving her a long hard ride...

@DollhousePhotographyUK © 
3. Come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me! Who is joining you for a sexy sea adventure?

~ I don't know if she gets seasick like me, but Sweetendirty has a pretty awesome bucket list so I know the journey would never be boring. Maybe we'd just leave the yacht tied up...

4. Baking naked – who is kneading your dough?

~ I've always had a thing for Rachael Ray, she could bake my bread any day she likes. I have a photo of her in rubber that she did a few years back for a magazine (Details?) but I can't find it now. When I do I'll publish it!

5. “I got your back.” Hands down who do you fully support, stick by no matter what, Who are you willing to help at all costs?

~ My daughter, of course. And my wife, unless she cheats on me. Both relationships are fraught however. One is a troubled teen and the other is a woman child.

@CarrieLeChance © subbing in for Rachael
Bonus: Belly button – inny or outty? Are you going to show us?

~ Inny. No, even though it looks good.

Double Bonus: Well, not so much a 'bonus' as a 'qualifier'. I saw this Tweet the other day and it gave me pause - enough to make a screenshot. 'Dangerous Lily' has what I'd label a 'sex blog' (and I label my own a sex blog too) but she says that doesn't give people license to make 'risque' and/or inappropriate comments.

I understand her feelings, but I wonder if we as sex bloggers can/should expect that we are going to receive some of this attention? It's hard to answer that question properly since I'm not privy to the actual behaviour Lily is having to deal with from the blogosphere (or Twitterverse?) and my answer would be colored by my gender privilege.

As a white male I just chuckle when dipshit men message me on Instagram to tell me what hot pics I post and how they'd love to fuck me. They clearly haven't read my IG profile where I state that I am a man, not a woman, and that I'm not interested in hooking up. I just shake my head and laugh at them.

Because I don't feel threatened.

I can imagine it's a lot different for women, having to endure an endless commentary from numbskulls telling you you're 'hawt' and to 'send nudes'. And if you've ever mentioned any 'kink' they can get very explicit about a number of unpleasant ways they'd like to fuck you.

So with Lily's tweet in mind I have to apologise in advance to any of the women I've linked to in today's blog post who may be offended. I don't know any of them personally, I haven't met any of them, and my comments are said in good humor (that is my intent) so I hope you'll accept them as such. 

But yes, there is a feminist argument that says I shouldn't have pulled them into my blog without getting their consent first. Women are not there to be our playthings...

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Monday, December 11, 2017

An early Xmas present.

This is the text exchange I had with my wife on Sunday afternoon. It happened because we hadn't had sex for a very long time and I was sick of it. So I started reading dirty stories online, on my iPhone, and masturbating while I did it. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, but I held off. It wasn't too much longer before it became apparent I couldn't 'edge' any longer so I had a decision to make...

Do I cum now, solo, or give her the opportunity to be involved? It was risky, but I decided to give her the option. My texts were quite direct, there was no time for flirting (I was ready to cum!) so we weren't 'sexting':

She didn't reply because she was rushing up the stairs. I'd heard her laugh first, when she read it, but she wasted no time in coming upstairs to see if I was serious.

I was.

She walked into the bedroom and there I was, naked on the bed and reading porn on my phone. Jacking my cock.

"Omigod!" she exclaimed, with a big grin on her face.

It was genuine, she was both stunned and excited to see me like that. She walked straight over to the bed and grabbed my balls, giving me a gentle squeeze.

With her other hand she took my cock from me and bent down, taking it in her mouth. She slurped quickly up and down, testing to see how hard I was.

I was rock hard.

I was ready to pop.

She started blowing me properly then, as I continued to read the dirty story on my phone. I wanted her to know I was angry with her (we'd fought the day before) and that she was there to service my needs. I expected her to react (negatively) to me reading porn while she sucked my cock, but she said nothing.

Which was good, because another fantasy I have is to have her blow me under the desk in our home office while I look at a porn video online. With the audio up.

I started moaning and I warned her I was about to cum.

She got up quickly, stripped off her dress in one movement, and then climbed back on the bed to straddle me. She mounted me backwards, in the reverse cowgirl position. I groaned as she sank slowly down on my cock - she felt so tight!

"I thought you were having your period?" I ventured.

"It finished yesterday" she replied, as she started bouncing on my dick.

"You're so tight" I said "do you want my legs in or out?"

My wife prefers me to stretch my legs outside of hers when she rides me reverse cowgirl, rather than straddling my legs as she was now. She didn't reply, but instead rose up and 'dismounted'. I thought she was changing position but ... well, I guess she was. She swung herself around and positioned herself between my legs and then bent down and started sucking my cock again.

This was amazing, because my wife was swallowing her own juices from my cock, something she's done only once before as I recall. And I recall it very well since I find it very debauched - and arousing! My wife was very wet when she climbed on top of me so she must have tasted good to herself.

My wife was bobbing up and down on my dick with her mouth, hard, and alternating with some hand work. And she was tonguing my balls. She licked her fingers, wetting them immensely, and started fingering around my balls and asshole. It felt really good, and she did it just right this time ie not invasive.

She was jerking me off in earnest now, one hand working the cock and the other my balls and asshole. Once again I was close to cumming. So close I had to put down my phone. She was like a demon possessed and keen to swallow me whole. I know I had started this all by asking if she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but now I had a different idea.

I pushed her off me and then jostled her into the doggy position, up on all fours, at the edge of the bed. I stood up behind her and pulled her hips back as I thrust forward. I sliced into her like a hot knife through butter, she was that wet. I pounded her good and hard and she grunted with every thrust. My cock was ready but I couldn't get the angle right for me. I was up on tip toes and I could feel the back of my legs cramping.

I pulled out and manhandled  her down the corner of the bed, pushing her down flat on her stomach so that she was spreadeagled with her legs straddling two sides of the corner. I pulled her buttcheeks apart and speared her pussy with my stiff fat prick. She loved it, she was wet AF. I started pounding her from above, holding her hips down on the bed, leaving her unable to move.

I started pulling all the way out and then pushing back all the way in, before once again withdrawing all the way out. I made my strokes slower and steadier now and she was loving it. I could feel her getting tighter so I started slicing in and out of her wet slit faster and faster...

Her asshole was winking at me, her little starfish screaming "come inside, it's warm and wonderful in here!"

So I pulled my dick out and repositioned it at her crinkled hole. My cock was still very wet from her juices so I figured it would be fine, but as soon I started pushing the head in (slowly!) my wife said "what are you doing?" She wasn't admonishing, she was just making me say it.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass"

"Okay, hang on a minute..." and then she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. She came back with some hand lotion, which she smeared liberally over the head and shaft of my penis, before reaching back to lube her own asscrack. Then she jumped back down on the bed and resumed her position. I would have preferred if she'd lubed her asshole up while she was lying down in front of me but given how far we've come (ie she's agreeing to anal now) I figured now was not the time to mention it.

I positioned the head of my cock at her asshole and slowly pushed forward. Real slow. There was no resistance and once I had the head in I waited a moment or three before pushing forward again. My wife had her hand underneath her and was frigging her clit furiously. I gripped her butt and started slowly thrusting in and out of my wife's arse. Like it was a pussy.

Soon I was pounding in and out of her like a sailor on shore leave, and my wife was starting to grunt. She was still fingering her clit madly underneath me so I reached forward and slipped my hand under her breast. Gripping one tit with one hand (it felt large and full, a side effect from her period) and gripping her opposite butt cheek with my other hand I started fucking her ass like it was a wet sloppy cunt.

I wouldn't say I was rough but I could feel myself getting quite savage - and slipping sideways as I dicked her asshole relentlessly! I pulled out to straighten up, at which point my wife quickly jumped up and rolled over. Repositioning herself on her back she pulled her knees up and spread her legs.

She reached down with both hands and started fingering her clit and her pussy lips. Her eyes were half lidded as she looked up at me lustily and spread her lips wide, showing me everything she had. Just like a centrefold.

"I squirted before" she said, with a sly smile on her face "now it's your turn, cum for me"

My mind was reeling. She'd squirted? Wow, this was only the second time that I knew of that she'd done that, and the last time was 5 years ago. While we were on vacation. Like we were now. Is that the secret to squirting - going on vacation, where you can relax and feel free to squirt on someone else's bed?

Wake up Nero! It's time to cum - you can analyze this later!!

I started jerking my cock as my wife fingered her clit and played with her pussy lips. She was doing it for herself, not a show for me, so I gave her one of my own. I pressed my balls hard up against her sopping wet pussyhole and jacked my dick hard. Her cunt felt really hot, and really good on my balls. I was ready to cum alright!

"I'm gonna cum now" I said.

I grabbed my wife's ankles and pulled her legs up higher. At the same time I dropped the head of my cock to her asshole and pushed forward gently. I held her ankles wide, in a 'V', as I pumped in out of her tight asshole. And came.

It was like an explosion in my brain. I dropped my hands, grabbed her hips and thighs, and fucked her hard in the ass - pumping her back passage full of my jism. I grunted, groaned, and moaned as it all came flooding out of me. And then watched as it all came flooding out of her again when I pulled out.

It was just like a porn movie - there was a torrent of white sticky cum dribbling out of her asshole and running all the way down her asscrack to a pool on the mattress. My wife was still fingering herself and was too caught up to notice... until she wasn't. She suddenly jumped up and raced to the bathroom.

She came back a minute or so later, with a warm wet flannel which she used to wrap around my dick. She had the same broad grin on her face that she'd had when she'd first raced up the stairs and into the bedroom after receiving my text. She looked like a woman who had been royally fucked and had enjoyed it thoroughly.

"When did you squirt?" I asked. I knew she'd been very wet during the sex but didn't know when she'd cum specifically.

"When you had me pushed face down on the corner of the bed and were fucking me hard" she grinned, like the cat who got the cream. And then she jumped up and ran back to the bathroom for a shower.

As I type this now I realise I still don't know which hole I was fucking when she squirted...


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