Thursday, January 26, 2017

69 Is Fine ~ Part 2 (Final)

[Continued from Part 1] 

I told my wife to get up and sit on my face, because I wanted to taste her pussy. She scrambled up eagerly and slung her leg over my head, before squatting down on my face. We were in the 69 position. She grabbed my stiff prong with one hand and my balls with the other and then dropped down and started gobbling on my cock.
Yes, gobbling on my cock.

'Cock hungry slut' is not a term I'd ever use to describe my wife, but she was doing a good imitation of one now. I briefly wondered if she considered this her penance for leaving me with blue balls for so long - she was working so hard to make me cum - but I cast it from my mind as I focussed on the sight before me. My wife's beautiful cunt was inches from my face, and it smelled great. I grabbed both butt cheeks firmly and spread her wider, inhaling her scent deeply.

Her aroma was intoxicating.

My tongue danced like a feather around her pussy lips as I gripped her butt tightly, locking her into position as I continued to sniff her cunt all over. She groaned when my tongue finally found her clit (I knew where it was, I was just teasing her) and I began fucking her orally with long flat strokes. She tried pushing back onto me but I held her firmly in a steely grip. I held her ass tightly so it was my tongue fucking her, not her fucking my face. It drove her wild. My tongue darted around her wet pussy before settling back on her swollen clit. On it and around it, making her moan like a cat in heat.

She'd pretty much stopped sucking my cock now, unable to focus on anything but the building climax I could tell was coming soon. Her back arched suddenly and I knew this was it. Again she was trying to push back on my face and again I was pushing back just as hard with my hands to stop her. And all the while my tongue worked her clit relentlessly. Until she came, at which point I buried my face in her sopping cunt and swallowed her pussy juice. It has a delicious tang when she cums - you can actually taste the difference.

She rolled off me and flopped down beside me, groaning. "Oh my god" she repeated slowly, "Oh my god". She clutched her stomach lightly and continued "Your tongue, oh my god, your tongue..."

She just lay there for a minute or two, repeating herself, and praising my oral skills. She does this every time, as if she'd forgotten, as if it's a new revelation. It always puzzles me that she doesn't realise she could have these orgasms as often as she wants. But I digress..

"What about you?" she asked, as she finally pulled herself together and emerged from her orgasmic coma "what do you want?"

"I dunno" I replied as I continued to jack my cock. I'd been pumping it since she'd rolled off me, like a pornstar waiting his turn at a gang bang. Even to me I could feel my cock was longer, fatter, and stiffer than usual. Absence makes the heart fonder, and the dick harder. I knew there was a big load coming, and I didn't want to waste it.

"I can't decide if I want to cum on your face, on your ass, or..." those images literally flashed through my mind as I spoke, including an image of me cumming in her ass, which I didn't articulate "or... maybe on your pussy. I quite enjoyed that last time when I splattered your pussy with cum". The mental image of that time when I came outside her pussy and splattered it all over with a gallon of cum was seared into my brain. It was so hot.

My wife misunderstood what I was referring to and took my words to mean I wanted to come in her pussy. She got up and straddled me cowgirl style, sliding her wet folds up and down my hard cock. She stroked her clit with my meat for a while, before lifting up and impaling herself on me. She started to ride me, bouncing up and down to a steady gallop, as I closed my eyes and laid back. As her pace quickened I felt her lean forward, a sure sign she was ready to cum again.

I reached around and grabbed her butt hard with one hand, and reached up with the other to grab her tit. I held it firmly, squeezing it and her stiff nipple at the same time. I twisted her breast and nipple ever so slightly, and slapped her butt at the same time. She started riding me harder, so I did it again, harder. She moaned. I squeezed her tit hard and attempted to press it back into her body, gripping her butt cheek just as firmly. And then smacking it.

Her eyes and teeth were clenched shut and her chin jutted out as she leaned in hard in that final race to the finish line. She was cumming again.

Or maybe not.

She stopped suddenly, sat up, and then hopped off me. Swivelling herself around she returned to my dick in the reverse cowgirl position. Now facing away from me she resumed her canter on my cock with a lighter bounce as she played with her clit and my balls. Again she stooped over, leaning down as she frigged her clit while I shafted her from behind. As I thrust my cock up and in I spied her asshole and the earlier image of me fucking her there again filled my head. My mind went thru the logistics of achieving that but computer says no. She was clearly very horny and close to another orgasm so to stop and change to a position I could her ass from (nevermind the quick negotiation to have her agree to an ass fuck) would have killed the moment.

So instead I wet my thumb and rolled it over her asshole, before moving to her perineum. I've read that women like that (having their perineum stimulated) but my wife has never said yea or nea. On the downstroke I dropped my thumb down and on the upstroke I slipped my thumb and cock up together. I wondered how she would like a little 'extra' girth and she loved it.

Not really. After a few strokes she reached back to swat away my hand so I pulled my thumb out and abandoned that idea. Instead I gripped her hips and started thrusting up harder as she bounced faster and frigged herself. The thumb hadn't phased her (it's good to try new things, right?) and she was right back in the zone. I could tell she was about to cum, and she did, just as I thought it.

Again she rolled over and slumped on the bed beside me. "Your turn," she offered up "just fuck me and cum in me." I attempted to pull her up onto all fours so I could fuck her from behind, doggy style but she was dead weight. She was completely shagged, as the British say. Like a dog that won't go 'walkies' she rolled onto her back and lay there with her legs and arms splayed out. Her whole body was saying 'just fuck me'.

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. If I couldn't fuck her doggy style I would do it this way - standing up and plunging down. I spread her legs wide and entered her tight wet pussy. I slid in easily and immediately started pounding her. Almost as quickly my wife was back in the zone: she grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled her legs back, allowing me deeper access. Her face was flushed and the vein started popping in her neck.

"Fuck me" she said, urging me on. "Just fuck me, use my hole, fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck my hole, my dirty hole, oh my dirty hole, fuck me good, cum in me, cum in my dirty hole..."

I've tagged this post with 'dirty talk' but it wasn't dirty talk. Okay, sure, it was dirty talk but she wasn't talking dirty to get me off. She was literally in the zone again and just wanted me to fuck her good and fill her dirty hole with cum. She kept repeating it and I could see it in her face. Her eyes were shut, her teeth clenched, and she was hissing these words out again and again as she headed for a third orgasm. Her face, neck, and shoulders were deeply flushed and her vein was throbbing.

Maybe she was talking dirty to get me off but it didn't matter, I was ready. I pounded her relentlessly until I couldn't escape the inevitable: my balls closed up as tight as the fists holding me above her and I exploded into her cunt. "I'm cumming" I said redundantly, as I flooded her pussy with my hot jism. Her back arched and her mouth opened as she grabbed my butt and pulled me in deeper. She could have just been cheering me on but I think she came too as she cried out "yes! yes!! yes!!!"

All in all it was a tremendous fuck, and we both fell asleep afterwards almost immediately. I woke up at midnight, wide awake, which gave me time to write this up. The memory was so hot I had to write it in two parts so I could stop and jerk off. Honestly, for the life of me I can't understand why my wife is so reluctant to have sex with me more often. After episodes like this one you'd surely want more, right?

My wife is inscrutable.

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