Thursday, January 26, 2017

69 Is Fine

So my wife has been gone for a week on her overseas business trip and I'm climbing the walls because we didn't have sex before she left - in fact we haven't had sex since January 4th. So when she returned on Monday morning you couldn't really blame me for jumping on her as soon as I got her home from the airport, could you?

Except that's not what happened.

Stop looking at the jiggling boobs and focus on the hair!
My wife got her hair cut like this (but not so cropped at the sides) and it's quite sexy...

She arrived home to a family situation that had to be resolved so that's what we did. I suppose I could have been a caveman and jumped her bones first and then told her about it, but that wouldn't have been nice. Especially since I knew she'd been hungover the day before due to a long night in a whiskey bar the night before the night before she flew home. (Thanks to Facebook nothing is secret anymore, friends will always post shit about you)

So we didn't have sex on Monday night because she was very 'tired', and we didn't have sex on Tuesday because she got back on another plane and flew out of state for another client visit. So when she flew back Wednesday morning I let her Uber home because, well, I'm not actually her personal Uber driver, despite the jokes she makes when people ask what I do.

I suppose I could have been a caveman and jumped her bones at lunchtime but again I wasn't feeling it. She had a hair appointment at 1pm and 'drinks' marked in her calendar for 6pm so I figured I should play it smart and bide my time. Better to let 'drinks' do the foreplay for me, I figured. And I was right. At 3pm (when I picked her up from the hair salon - turns out I am her personal uber driver after all) she informed me that 'we' had been invited to an inner city bar at 6pm, so I was coming too.

It was her usual crowd, the gang from BNG, and it turned out they had put a tab on the bar so drinks were free. So I grabbed a few drinks and mingled with some people I knew who were not a part of BNG (it was a big bar), and it wasn't a bad night. Don't get me wrong, I also mingled with the BNG people too, but having seen them all at Xmas and New Years there wasn't much new to talk about. The bar had three bowling lanes, so I played a few 1-on-1 games (because that's how BNG'ers play) and smashed everyone, which thrilled my wife because BNG'ers are highly competitive people.

As she gleefully told everyone "he hasn't bowled for years" I knew I was going to get lucky.  And I did.

We got home about 9pm and by 9.30pm I was lying naked on our bed waiting for my wife to join me. When she saw me she said "Oh!" and then giggled. She asked rhetorically if there was something I wanted? "Yes" I replied, without specifying what it was. But I knew what I wanted...

She leaned over and started kissing the top of my throbbing cock. It stiffened further in her hand, turning to concrete (need I remind you how long it's been?) to which she commented: "mmmm, it's so hard!" Moving around she positioned herself between my legs and started blowing me. Literally. She was blowing softly on my cock, before finally swallowing me whole - deep throating me in one fell swoop. She started slurping on my dick and I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew my load into her mouth... so I pulled her off me.

This wasn't what I wanted. Not yet.

"Rub your hair all over my balls" I instructed. She looked at me, confused. "Your hair looks so pretty, I want to feel it on my balls. Rub your hair all over my cock and balls..."  I wouldn't call her submissive, but she was compliant. She dipped her head and started stroking my balls and inner thighs with her new hair do. It felt good and I started stroking my cock as she did. It wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls and I knew I was again close to cumming. An image of me grabbing her by the hair, pulling her head up, and blasting her face with a bucket of cum filled my head.

[As I type this now my cock is so hard I've freed myself and I'm jerking off just re-living last night's sexscapade all over again]

I guess in hindsight I should have just done it (splattered her face with a gallon of cum), but I didn't. Instead I told my wife to get up and sit on my face, because I wanted to taste her pussy...

continued in Part 2, posted at 6pm tonight

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