Thursday, January 12, 2017

"A wicked thought came over me…"

Here's a re-run of one of my old posts - this one from 2013:

[Excerpt:] she pulled me over to the bed and made me eat her out. After she came she tried to straddle me but I protested and demanded my own oral pleasure, which she duly performed. She gives great head (even though I never cum that way) and as she felt me getting close she climbed up and straddled me, as she'd tried to earlier. 
She rode me cowgirl style for a while, grinding herself deep down onto my cock, as I held her hips firmly. She squeezed her breasts and then her clit but didn't cum, instead jumping off me and assuming the doggy position. With her head down and her ass up I again grabbed her hips and started thrusting, hard. As I pummelled her doggy style she reached back and held her cheeks open for me so I could get in deeper. I was enjoying myself immensely and debating what to do with beautiful round butt in front of me. 
Let's be honest, I was staring at her asshole, and thinking dirty thoughts....

This is just an excerpt. You can read the whole story here

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