Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Because I need some fantasy in my life...

via Instagram

I'm feeling a bit unloved today so I went to Instagram to soothe my sorry self.

I had to sit through a long liquid lunch today with my wife and her BFF from out of state, who is visiting (and staying with us). That wasn't bad (her friend is great) but it was bit galling having to bite my lip as my wife regaled her friend with gossip. Namely about two of my wife's male friends from her BNG (Business Networking Group) who have left their wives because they weren't getting any sex.

"One of them hadn't had sex with his wife since their second child was born" said my wife, "and that was FIVE years ago!! The other one said his wife said she wasn't interested two years ago and they stopped too. Can you imagine that?"

Yes, I can imagine that, thank you very much, but I shall keep my mouth shut.

"[He] said he just wanted some intimacy with his wife and would be happy with sex once a month, if that meant they could stay together, but she wasn't willing"

Hmmm, I thought to myself, there have been plenty of 'lean times' when we were down to once a month, if that. And it was fucking hard, on me at least. (No pun intended)

So I had to sit silently as the women polished off a bottle of wine and talked about people who did not have good sex lives. Other people of course, since my wife was making out we are at it like rabbits.

I hate it when she does that.


PS ~ I've never been with a woman who looks remotely like Lisa Lipps in my life. Not really my type, but she might be fun for a night. I imagine she'd take good care of me.

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