Friday, January 6, 2017

Dirty Stories = Dirty Sex

Actually it wasn't dirty, but Dirty Stories did lead to Sex. Hot Sex. It went down like this:

It was about 7pm Wednesday night and I'd just finished drafting yesterday's post My wife's bedtime reading... when I realised my wife hadn't come down to make dinner, which she usually starts preparing about 6pm. It occurred to me that I hadn't seen her since mid afternoon and the penny dropped: she'd been reading her dirty stories for four hours!

Using this website I found an excerpt of the last book I knew she'd read so I could see what she'd been up to. Despite being annoyed (at her secret library) I also got aroused myself by the words. I was just finishing up adding that text excerpt into yesterday's post (originally it was just the two photos and my rant) when my wife climbed up beside me on the sofa. I had been so engrossed in finishing the draft I hadn't even heard her come downstairs!

"I suppose you want dinner?" she asked, as she stretched out beside me.

I quickly switched windows and then closed my laptop.

"Actually, I was just coming upstairs to see you about that" I replied

"hungry are you?"

"I am" I said, putting my arm around her "but I'm hungry for your pussy. I was coming upstairs because all I really want is to eat you out..."

"Really?" she said, raising an eyebrow. Her hand reached out and squeezed my cock, which was rock hard. The hardness surprised her: "Hmmmm, what have you been reading?"

"Nothing" I lied, the irony of which was not lost on me. I had just finished drafting a post about how my wife denies she reads porn, and here I was doing the same. I excused myself on the basis that I couldn't really reveal I'd been reading her porn. Then she'd know I'd snooped. If I'd been a bit sharper I would have realised that her comment 'what have you been reading?' was an admission that she too had been reading something naughty. But I didn't pick up on that, until now.

"What I was planning was..." I continued, as I unzipped my fly (since her hand had remained on my cock), "was to come upstairs, lift up up your skirt..." my wife took the bait, snaking her hand inside my fly and squeezing my throbbing dick "then I'd spread your legs, and start slowly licking you inbetween..."

"What about my panties?" asked my wife, possibly not understanding the rudimentals of dirty talk with her practicality.

"Oh, in my mind you weren't wearing any panties" I explained, "you were completely naked under that skirt, ready to give free access to anyone who should be bold enough to get in under there..." her hand started softly jerking my cock, still in my pants "which is how I found you - wet and waiting..." her hand was tugging harder and faster now, her crotch pressed into my hip "my mouth can't get enough of your juicy pussy, I'm drinking you up as I eat you out, my tongue is swirling all over your clit as I drink in your scent..."

My wife attempted to fish out out my cock so she could perform a proper hand job or maybe oral - I figured this was a good time to adjourn to the bedroom. "Let's go upstairs to the bedroom" I said, "I wouldn't want our daughter to walk in". The thrill of getting caught always adds an element of danger and excitement, but not when it's your teenage daughter! (And it's not fair on her either)

We ran upstairs and my wife immediately removed her skirt and panties and laid herself on the centre of the bed and spread her legs. She wasn't wasting any time! "Is this where you want me?" she asked redundantly. "Yes!" I replied, dropping down between her legs just as quickly. I lifted her legs back and began burrowing down at her cleft, my wife moaning as my wet tongue worked it's way up and down her wet slit.

"Hang on" she paused after a minute, "I need pillows"

She placed two pillows under her ass as I stripped off as well. With her sopping cunt now presented on a pillowy platter I resumed my meal. I inhaled her aroma and sighed appreciatively, before diving in again. She was unusually vocal - moaning and groaning, and telling me "yes, just there" and "yes, yessss, that's it!!" and other things, as she held one hand on my head and guided me this way and that. I can only presume the other hand was on her tit because when she came she brought both hands down hard on my the back of my head, pushing my face still further into her soaking pussy.

When done she released me, her hands flopping at her sides - but I wasn't done. I pulled my head back but gave her the lightest of touches with my tongue. I gave her feathery kisses around the outside of her pussy, licking her lips but avoiding her clit. Her soft moans resumed and soon she was swivelling her hips to push her clit back in my face. Taking her cue I placed my tongue in her sweet spot, gently at first but applying more pressure as she gave me more signals. "Oh yes, yessss, that's it!!" she cried out, as she came again.

I climbed out from between her legs and repositioned myself above her. With one palm either side of her shoulders I guess you could say I was in the 'press up' position, ready to drop down and give her twenty. She looked down between our two bodies, staring at my stiff prick and her ripe cunt. "Oh yeah" she said throatily "fuck me. Fuck me!" I dropped down, spearing her easily with my thick cock. It felt hard and her pussy felt tight as I sliced my way through her.

I was grunting as I pumped my dick in and out of her hot box, and she was doing the same. Through gritted teeth she spurred me on: "god yes, fuck me, fuck my hole with that dirty cock, stick it in me, I want you to cum, cum inside me, oh yesss, that's so good..." She had pulled her top up to her neck as she talked, her other hand freeing her breasts from her bra, before grabbing one tit roughly. I could see both nipples were fat and hard as she gripped herself on top while I pounded her mercilessly below.

She continued kneading her breasts as my body dropped down on top her, and I could feel her pointed nipples scraping into my chest. I was on top of her, covering her body with mine, but I continued to bear the weight of my own body with my arms still stretched beside her. I'm no sexual athlete but somehow I was finding a reserve we hadn't seen in a while and she was enjoying it greatly. My butt was moving up and down like a jack rabbit, hammering her pussy relentlessly, and at an angle that had my stiff cock sawing up and down against her swollen clit.

"Oh, god, yess, that feels so good, come on baby, cum inside me"

Buoyed by her words I again lifted myself up off her, again in the press-up position. With my hands astride her shoulders and my feet on tip toes the only connection between us was my cock in her cunt. My wife tilted her head down and stared at me sawing in and out of her. "Omigod that's so hot! Yeah, fuck me, c'mon, fuck my hole, this hole's for you baby, fill it up, cum inside me..." The whole time her eyes were fixated on the sight of my dick moving in and out of her, and her words were hissed out through gritted teeth. I could see the vein in her neck was throbbing and I knew she was close to cumming.

I was close myself, ready to pop in fact. She reached down and grabbed my cock as it scissored in and out. She was trying to create more friction but I don't actually like that so I pulled back, away from her fingers. What happened next happened very quickly, in seconds, almost in slow motion...

With my cock free from her grasp her fingers moved instantly to her clit. Her free hand reached up and twisted her tit. Her chin was down, wedged against her chest as she stared at my thick fat stiff prick - purple and ready to explode. The vein in her neck looked like it was about to do the same. Without looking up, talking only to my cock, she said "oh god yesss, cum on my clit, cum on my clitty. Come all over my hot twat, paint me* all over..."

I took a micro-second to acknowledge that yes, I've never heard her talk like that but no, now is not the time to discuss it with myself. I grabbed my cock and pumped it hard with my hand as she continued to implore me to cum on her pussy. It took only a few seconds and it happened so fast I had no time to slam forward and finish inside her, which was my intention. My balls erupted without warning and hot jets of cum spurted out and fired directly into her clit. My wife's back arched as she took the direct shot, and the ones that followed, and I'm pretty sure she came again.

"Yes yes that's it cum on my clit cum on my cunt cum all over me..." she babbled, still squeezing one boob as she writhed below me.

It took the latter to mean all over her pussy, and I did just that. Honestly this all happened so quickly and yet my brain still had time to process how fucking hot this all was, and how fucking unusual it was for me to have so much cum. I really had 'painted' her - first her clit and then her slit. Her pussy lips and pubic hair were covered in the stuff. Gobs of jism were everywhere, and seeping down her ass crack.

It was probably the hottest sight I'd seen and I wanted to take a picture. I'm kicking myself now for not asking because she was on such a sexual high I think now I could have got one if I'd only asked. She absolutely loved it and was mightily proud of how many bedside Kleenex she needed to clean herself up. Clearly I'd ticked off another fantasy from her Dirty Little Porn Library. Better yet, that idea didn't even bother me - all I cared was that we had a fucking hot fuck.

Maybe 2017 will be a better year afterall, if I can keep my focus positive?


* that verb 'paint' pops up quite a lot in erotic fiction, but this was the first time I'd heard it from my wife. It's more often used by the man ('I painted her tits with my jism as I came all over her luscious breasts') and less so by women, as in the way my wife used it. If my wife is seriously into getting painted ie covered in cum (and I suspect she does like the idea of lots of cum ie it's proof of just how hot she is) my only trepidation is that as I get older I won't be producing the 'thick ropes of cum' so prevalent in erotic fiction. Luckily on this occasion it wasn't an issue!

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