Thursday, January 5, 2017

My wife's bedtime reading...

This chapter is written from her perspective, the excerpt below is from his...
My wife left the room for only a moment, but she forgot to close her iPad and it was enough time for me to snap this pic (above). My wife had left the room only seconds before I'd entered and if she'd seen me she wouldn't have left it open. I have tried many times to get her to open up about her secret porn library (Kindle or Literotica) but each time she shuts me down, even denying that they are anything more than 'romance novels' or 'chick lit'.

As you can see they aren't even 'Clit Lit' - they're something much steamier, and often with quite dark themes. I've tried to get her to open up about her fantasies or what turns her on (with a view to incorporating them into our sex life) but she rebuffs me completely. Imagine if a guy watched a lot of schoolgirl porn and when his wife offered to dress up as a high school cheerleader in a short skirt and pig-tails he said "No, thanks - I'm not into that"?

Anyway, a quick Google search of Beg Me: Sold to My Dad's Boss revealed a few hits, including the book cover (below) and this excerpt/sample of the book. In fact it looks like you can read the whole thing, which I haven't done yet.

  “But it’s priceless,” she gasped. “That emerald is worth so much, I can’t just …” her voice trailed off.

“Put it in your pussy?” I growled, finishing her sentence. “Believe me, you can. And believe me, you’re going to,” I said with finality.

Because I wanted to see Lindy draped in jewels, items that I’d given her, marking her as mine. And to have each and every one christened in her pussy first? That was the cherry on top.

So with trembling, obedient hands, the girl did as told. She took the emerald pendant, rubbing it between her fingers, feeling the hard facets. It was gorgeous, a deep, sparkling green, huge at about ten carats. I’m no cheap bastard, and I certainly wasn’t holding back when it came to my best girl.

“It’s big, isn’t it?” I grinned at her. “It’ll feel good in your cunt.”

The girl gasped at my nasty words, her eyes going wide with shock, but also with desire. Because oh yeah, she wanted it. Lindy is perfect for me, and the nasty words turned her on. So sitting back on the bed, the brunette spread those creamy white thighs, opening herself to me, and leaned back slightly so that her honey hole winked a bit, pink and gleaming in the low lights.

And oh fuck, the insertion. I growled as I watched, it was so fucking dirty, so fucking incredible, watching those swollen, wet pussy lips suck the giant green gem in, watching them close over the sparkling facets, her pink flesh enclose the emerald until it could no longer be seen. I almost came right then, my dick so hard that I was sure I was going to unload right there on the floor of my bedroom, let loose with a spray of cream, hit everything and anything in sight.

“Push it in deep,” I commanded, my eyes never leaving that curvy form as I fisted my pole, the shaft slick with pre-cum. “Deep, baby, deep.”

With a mewling cry, the girl leaned back more, tossing her hair and closing her eyes as her fingers inserted the gem up into her pussy, sliding up that internal channel, her hole creaming as I watched, juices spilling until her thighs were positively coated, a sweet trickle running down her crack. And the brunette was so sensuous, pushing the gem all the way in until only an inch of the golden chain still showed, a bit of metal dangling out between her lips.

And I was so fucking turned on, fisting myself, my hand a vise around my fat cock, that I was about to burst. But I wanted this to be about her, and not me. So I ignored the insistent pulsing in my balls, the ache in my cock, and pinched my dickhead, forcing myself into line. Down boy, I commanded. Down, this is about her.

And striding over to the beautiful girl, I positioned myself between her legs. Lindy’s eyes flew open for a moment, languid, almost dazed, the sensuousness of the situation overwhelming, her breasts soft and huge, yet capped with stiff pink tips, her thighs spread while her pussy pulsed.

“Put it in me, Chris?” she murmured, writhing a bit, begging for my touch. “Please?” she asked.

But I had something much dirtier in mind.

“Oh yeah, little girl,” I rasped. “But first, I’m gonna do this.”

And grasping that bit of gold chain in my finger, I began to pull. Oh fuck yeah, I began to pull the ten carat emerald out of her pussy, letting the precious stone drag against her internal channel, stimulating her like a giant ben wa ball exiting her tight cavern. And at the same time, my other hand played with her clit, rubbing the sensitive nub in circles, up and down, stimulating it, feeling it grow bigger and harder beneath my hand, pulsing with her heartbeat as I stimulated her vag.

“Oh god!” she gasped breathily, looking down between her legs, eyes wide at the dirty sight, both my hands working her. “Oh god!”

“Yeah,” I grunted, still dragging that chain out slowly, letting her pussy feel every inch of the emerald as it made its descent down her internal canal. “Jewelry’s so much better once it’s been in your cunt, isn’t that right?”

And the little girl creamed then, creamed hard as I popped the emerald out.

Fuuck!” she shrieked. “Oh god, oh god!”

And with one last yank, I got the green giant out, the stone exiting with a satisfying wet sucking sound, spattering me with her juice. And sure enough, Lindy’s pussy went wild then, clamping and spasming at the sensation, shivers running through her entire form as I continued to stimulate her clit, pinching it, giving her a good rub all over, the cream gushing from her hole now, covering my hand with that sweet, tangy goodness.

And fuck, but my dick. I’m not sure how this happened because this has never happened before, not even when I was a gangly adolescent with raging hormones. Because I came then, with no physical stimulation. Oh sure, my hands were on her body, I was touching those sweet curves all over, but she wasn’t touching any part of me. My dick was there one second, hanging in the air, and the next it was spurting wildly, like it’d been in her hand, her mouth, or her pussy...                                      

© Cassandra Dee

If you want to read more, purchase the book here.

UPDATE: The sequel: Dirty Stories = Dirty Sex

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