Monday, January 2, 2017

"Oooh, you are a dirty dirty boy" she laughed...


While you're enjoying the Holiday Season... so am I !! Which means it will be difficult for me to keep up the blogging this week. Which means you'll see a lot of Instagram picture posts, or re-runs (of my old posts) - like this one from 2014:

[Excerpt:] I stretched my arm around her and reached for her breast, cupping it firmly as I began fisting my dick in long steady strokes. I saw her lick her lips so I told her to lick my nipples, which was completely out of left field since it's not something we usually do. But she did it. She started with one and then crossed over to the other, then back again, and seemed to be enjoying herself.

I was enjoying her 'compliance' and wondering how far to push it. Was she feeling submissive? Did she want to be told what to do? My cock got even harder just contemplating where this could lead. So I gave her another 'command': I told her to kiss my neck. That was something we'd done before - she knows it makes me shiver and drives me wild. 
"Okay" she replied and moved…

I thought she was going for my neck but instead she turned and lent down to my cock, kissing it gently. "Mmmmmmm" I responded, realizing immediately that she had misheard my instruction. I decided not to correct her. She took my cock in her hand and swallowed it, taking my full length slowly into her mouth before withdrawing all the way back out. I'm 'average' size, which pleases my wife who likes to deep throat me.

She repositioned herself between my legs and fondled my balls as she blew me. She was doing a great job but the idea of dominating her had taken hold so I gently placed my hands on her head and stopped her from pulling back too far. I wanted her to know I was in control so I wasn't letting my cock out of her mouth. She started slurping as she sucked harder and faster and I felt my balls stiffen.

I held her head more firmly now and began lifting my hips as I gently started to facefuck her. She didn't miss a beat so I held her head still and really began thrusting into her. I felt ready to cum and maybe she knew it too, because she was gripping onto my butt and pulling me deeper into her as I fucked her mouth...

This is just an excerpt. You can read the whole story here.

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