Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Positive thoughts

Yesterday I finished my post with:
The last time I had sex was Tuesday, January 3rd and Wednesday, January 4th [see links]. My wife leaves tomorrow morning for 8 days on 'business'. Does that mean I might get some tonight to tide me over or will I be left 'to my own devices'? I guess we'll all know by tomorrow morning...
Well, today I can report... nothing happened.

Which is what I expected, but since I'm trying to be more positive in 2017 I didn't want to mention it. My wife wants me to be more positive this year and kindly sent me this private message via Facebook on January 10: "Maybe something we can work on?" together with a link to this video (you can read a text version here).

My first thought was "WTF???!!" of course but my second thought was "that's rubbish, the kid fell because the tree branch snapped, not because the other kid's father was thinking positively. But that just reconfirms my wife's belief that I always think the worst. A side effect of having met some very sketchy people and seeing some sketchy things in my lifetime I guess, but I am trying to be more focussed on the good things in life.

Anyway, this video link was sent to me at about the same time we had her BFF staying with us earlier this month. One morning at breakfast (brunch really, given the time) my wife said out loud "Okay, that's it, I don't want to hear another complaint from you for another hour. You've already said three negative things this morning and that's it - not another word out of you!" She said all of this in front of her friend.

What was the awful thing I had said, you're probably wondering?

I had asked, in a normal tone, who was responsible for leaving their grubby fingerprints all over the top of one of the doorways in our house. It was a legitimate question given my wife is short and I know I didn't put those big dirty fingerprints all over the white door jamb and surrounding wall space. My brain couldn't fathom how those marks got there, or why they got there, hence my question - a reasonable question IMO. The other negative comment I had made was that I thought it was going to rain that day, and the third negative comment was that I had replied "not well" when asked if I had slept alright. FFS! Am I meant to lie when asked a direct question?

Apparently yes, since two hours later my wife sent me that video. Maybe she was annoyed I'd said it was going to rain (thereby jinxing her positive thoughts for sunshine), but the 'last straw' was the question about fingerprints. But they were more than 'fingerprints' they were 'big black marks' and they were at the top of the door, so how did they get there?

Anyway, I will try to be more positive this year, which is why I'm going to ignore all that Kindle Porn my wife bought (and read) at the very same time we had sex two days in a row (which is unusual). I'm sure the two are unrelated and it was me my wife was fucking, not some imaginary lover from one of her dirty books...!

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