Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TMI Tuesday: January 24, 2017 ~ Ask Yourself...

whether you earn a little or a lot, you've got learn how to
manage your money wisely, 
because a fool and their money are soon parted! 
1. At work, what sets you apart from others?
~ I am in the privileged position of not needing to work (even though I'm nowhere near retirement age) so I don't. This causes great upset at social events when people invariably ask "and what do you do?" to which I reply "nothing".  And when I explain that my wife sold her business for millions so we don't need to work, they invariably say "but you must do something?" to which I say "no, I don't"

2. When it comes to sex appeal, what sets you apart from others?
~ Women seem to like my smile, since it is seen so rarely. Also, when I'm talking with a woman I spend most of my time listening and looking directly at them (as I flirt) which they seem to respond to.

3. What are the big imbalances in your life?
~ My weight. I'm overweight (but not obese).

4. What is it that your family and close friends cannot do that only you can do?
~ Manage money, be frugal. We live in a consumer society and everyone loves to spend!

5. Are you flexible enough?
~ I go down as well as up, but I'm no contortionist! I'm also a very lateral thinker and can problem solve by looking at a situation from many angles. Somehow I can't seem to solve my own problems, hence this blog.

Bonus: What was the best news you received in 2016?
~ On the whole I've had a great year, but nothing stands out as especially good news. There was that brief moment in time (June) when my wife came back from a 'Workshop/Retreat' with a bunch of guys from her BNG (Business Networking Group) all fired up about giving me more sex (because the guys had impressed upon her how important sex was for married men. That led to her agreement to commit to sex twice a week - but that only lasted a month before she fell back into old habits. As I said last week, the last time I had sex was Tuesday, January 3rd and Wednesday, January 4th [see links].

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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