Wednesday, January 4, 2017

TMI Tuesday to the rescue!!

Yesterday's TMI Tuesday post may have taken a glum turn (despite saying in my answer to Q3 that I wanted to be more positive in 2017!) but it did spur me into action. Positive action. By which I mean sex! It went down like this:

After I'd finished drafting the post and had sent it to 'publish' I poured myself a big cup of Feeling Sorry For Myself. As I sipped it I contemplated what was wrong with my sex life [again]. My wife's period must be over by now, the last of the holiday house guests had left, and our daughter was locked in her room as if someone had said the Internet was being dismantled at midnight. My wife seemed in a very good mood (including with me) so there was no real reason we shouldn't be having sex - it had been two weeks!

The issue of her 2017 travel plans hung like a dark cloud, but I resolved to deal with that when I could bring myself to blog about it.

By the middle of the afternoon I was sleepy (having woken up early for no good reason) so I informed my wife I was going to take a nap. I had no sooner stripped off and climbed into bed than my daughter decided to leave her bedroom and argue loudly with her mother about not taking her to a mall (and giving her money to spend at the mall). Unable to sleep I decided to have a shower instead, and after that I decided to do something to help me sleep. I opened up Literotica and read one of the titles my wife had been reading...

It didn't do much for me, well, a little I suppose since my dick was hard... but my heart wasn't in it.

I decided that if I didn't want 2017 to be a repeat of 2016 I'd have to do things differently this year ie be more proactive about having more sex. So I called out to my wife downstairs, asking her if she could come upstairs and give me a hand with something. Obviously I couldn't be more explicit with our daughter in the house. When my wife came upstairs and saw me in bed she giggled, "oh, so that's what you wanted a hand with?"

She shucked off her pants, ditched her top, and climbed into bed with me.

We kissed and fondled eachother for a while, before she decided to crawl down between my legs and blow me. It felt really good and she did it quite slowly, then fast, then slow, slurping on my cock tightly then softly (see Mrs Jones' comments on technique here). I was ready to cum and she knew it (it had been two weeks!!) but I didn't want to give in that easily. But neither did she - my cock was long, stiff and hard as rock - ready to cum a gusher - which I knew she wanted in her mouth.

After our last sexual encounter (here) my wife had acknowledged the following day that I had cum a lot, and while she was blowing me, which she said I don't normally do. It was clear that she quite enjoyed it. Today she was trying for a repeat performance. I was happy to oblige but I had a few demands of my own... I pushed her off me and said "I want your pussy. In my mouth. I want to taste you." Gesturing with my finger I indicated I wanted her to flip around and sit on my face, which she did.

Grasping her butt with both hands I leaned up and inhaled deeply. She smelt great. Her scent indicated that she was ripe and ready so I wasted no time. My mouth devoured her immediately, my tongue finding her protruding clit and circling it. Her back arched, and she threw her head back, my cock popping out of her mouth as she moaned. I grabbed my stiff prick in one hand and started pumping it as she began grinding down on my face. My tongue settled into that little spot on her swollen clit (but to the side of) that she loves, and pressed up hard.

She moaned again, this time on the straining purple head of my cock as she recommenced her efforts to suck the hot cream out of my tight balls. I was ready to pop and so was she, judging by the rhythm of her swivelling hips on my face. Her tits were heavy and full and her stiff nipples grazed my stomach as she bobbed up and down on the head of my cock, my hand jacking the length below. Her wet slippery cunt pummelled my face as she bounced hard on top of me and I could take it no longer.

"-cumming!!" I gasped, in the brief moment her pussy was off my face.

This set her off too and she planted herself firmly down on my mouth, locking my tongue into that sweet spot on her clit. My cock erupted, squirting hot jism all over her breasts. There was plenty of it. Although I couldn't see, I realised her back was arched and her head thrown back when I reached up and grabbed her hair. Her body was rigid as she came hard, but then she suddenly dropped down and swallowed my cock again. She sucked down the remains of my orgasm before grabbing my balls, attempting to wring out the last remaining store of cum.

Finally done she jumped off me and grabbed a big wad of tissues, sharing some with me so we could clean ourselves up. Her tits were splattered and my cock and balls were covered in my sticky mess.

 All in all it was great start to 2017!!

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