Saturday, February 25, 2017

Desperation leads to Sad Sex

So the last time we had sex was February 10 (here) and I've slowly been climbing up the walls ever since. We didn't have sex on Valentine's Day, nor on the days or weekends following and this sent me into a tailspin. I tried desperately to fathom why my wife was rebuffing my attempts at intimacy and it wasn't helped by the discovery of plans she was making to see This Guy in Europe in April.

Added to that was our pending trip to Mexico (we leave today) and the memory of the last time she went: This Guy had ordered up a limo and taken my wife from the BNG conference in LA for a wild night in Tijuana. Her BNG BFF was with her that night, and it was a night they earned themselves the nickname 'the BNG Party Girls'. I don't know specifically what they did, but I do know they ended up in Biker Bar that had strippers in the front and a brothel at the back. The mind boggles.

So this time the BNG conference is actually in Mexico and this time I get to go. This Guy won't be there but my wife's BNG BFF is travelling with us and I'm well aware that the pressure is on for us to relive that wild night two years ago. It's all her BFF talks about. This Guy has even mentioned it in his private emails to my wife.

So this past week in particular has been hard and I've had next to no sleep. Everytime I went to bed I was confronted with the fact that my wife was right next to me physically and yet so far away sexually. She clearly didn't want to make love to me (or me to her) and was instead planning her European meet with This Guy in April (under the auspice's of yet another BNG conference - how many does she need to go to, really?)

And so it was that at 5am on Friday morning I was still tossing and turning in my bed. I'd been arguing with myself about whether to masturbate since I hadn't had any sexual release since this and I didn't know what mood I'd be in in Mexico if I didn't. I'd been holding off in the vain hope that my wife would respond - but she hadn't. Maybe she had something planned for Friday night, since I know we'd be partying in Mexico with her BNG buddies as soon as we got there. Besides, her BFF was travelling with us and staying with us too, so we weren't going to be fucking on our shared room.

So... somehow I ended up standing beside my wife on her side of the bed staring at her. She had the covers off and was half naked. She had been snoring lightly moments earlier but now she wasn't.

"Can't sleep?" she murmured in the darkness.

I said nothing.

"What do you want?" she asked softly, half yawning.

I dropped my boxers to the floor, again without a word in answer. She reached out and grabbed my stiff prick, fondling it slowly, feeling it's length, rubbing her thumb over the head. Satisfied I was rock hard she started stroking me faster.

"Horny are you?" she said, rhetorically. I stepped closer and leaned down to to squeeze her breast and cup her pussy simultaneously.

"It's been so long," I grunted "I'm ready to burst".

Now it was she who was quiet.

I wet my fingers and started working her pussy with my hand. She started jacking me faster, whilst squirming beneath me. Her cunt was wet so I leaned down to lick her clit. My tongue pushed and probed but I couldn't find it. How could she be wet but not aroused? This just added to the confusion swirling in my head.

I'm not sure how but now I was between her legs, her back arched as I pushed forward and entered her. She moaned and squirmed beneath me as I started fucking her. Her arms were splayed out by her sides and her head tossed from side to side, but slowly. She wasn't thrashing. She was moaning. She was dialing up the vibrator speed, making it amp up harder. The vibrator. yes, at some point we had got the vibrator out.

Now she was starting to thrash around, gritting her teeth as the orgasm approached. My cock was lubed, I remembered that. I pulled my cock out and aimed at her asshole. She was clearly in throes of passion, about to cum, so this would be the best time to fuck her ass. I was all lubed up and ready to cum. It would be quick and painless.

"What are you doing?" she asked, "why are you doing that?"


That was not good. Now was not the right time. I changed back, reinserting my rock hard cock into her pussy. We'd hardly skipped a beat and she her back arched again as I slid in.

"I'm ready to cum" I said, holding her thighs tightly as my dick slid in slowly, balls deep. Once all the way in I held her there, without moving. She was fingering herself furiously and using the vibe at the same time. I was just remaining motionless - I knew if I moved I'd cum.

I came anyway.

I felt the orgasm but not the ejaculation. I was so detached from what was happening - I could feel the orgasm but not the ejaculation. I knew I should move, make some thrusts so my balls would slap her ass, but I didn't. I just held her there and came. Was any sperm coming out or was I just feeling a soft dull pleasure? I had no way of knowing.

"I'm cumming" I said, but I was really on the downward slope already. I still hadn't moved a muscle and yet my wife hadn't noticed. She had been moving for the both of us, I guess. She stopped too and reached over to the nightstand to grab the tissues.

I pulled out and used the tissues to catch the mess. There was a lot of mess. Clearly there was sperm coming out when I came, and lots of it. Lots of it. I kissed her and rolled over and went to sleep. It was 5.30am.  I woke up again at 8.30, feeling like shit. She was fine and getting ready for her first  meeting.

I apologised and told her I felt really bad for 'disturbing' her like that. I said I didn't like doing it that way, but I couldn't help myself - it had been so long since we'd last had sex and my baser instincts took over. I said that I felt like a rapist.

She said that she quite enjoyed it. From her tone I could tell what she meant was that secretly she really enjoyed it. She said she didn't have a problem being woken up like that early in the morning, and then squeezed my butt and headed out for her first meeting.

You're probably thinking this is good news for me, but it's not.

I am absolutely not a morning person. I cannot function in any way before 10am. The only reason I managed to on Friday morning was because I'd actually been up all night.

This sux.

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