Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MM - A Cabin In The Woods ~ Part 2 (Final)

I promised you the sequel to Monday's MM - A Cabin In The Woods so here it is:

I kind fucked her this way, sideways...

We'd come up to join our friends at their cabin by the lake on Friday night, and after lots of wine had disastrous sex. Well, it wasn't good for me but I have no idea what my wife managed to get out of it (see Part 1) - if she came she wasn't letting on. Maybe in deference to me, since although I was rock hard I could not ejaculate. My head was not in the game, because of This Guy.

"I think you're over thinking it. We'll try again tomorrow night" she offered, "when you're not so tired."

That didn't fill me with much cheer and given that Saturday was a very full day I wasn't expecting much when we climbed into bed after midnight on Saturday. The day had been spent hiking around the lake, picnicking, canoeing, having a late lunch at some homestyle restaurant, drinking lots of alcohol across the day, returning to the cabin to continue drinking, having another couple join us, who stayed for a Pot Luck dinner (ie whatever was left on the refrigerator that could be used to create some form of meal), and then more drinking.

And talking. We talked all day and all night. About shit. 

And then the whiskey came out. Which meant a lot more talking shit.

At about 12.30am I managed to convince my wife it was time for bed. As soon as I dragged her off the others did likewise, so perhaps they all had their plans too. Actually I had no plan at all (my wife had given zero indication during the long day that she had any intention of 'trying again') I just didn't want to listen to drunk people talk shit any more.

As soon as my wife climbed into bed she started yawning. And then she yawned again, and then she yawned some more. It became so farcical I actually said "You don't need to yawn anymore, I'm not a rapist." That shut her up. And left me lying there, alone, wondering what had become of my so called life. As morose as I was, I was still a man - a man who had drunk a lot of whiskey. And that had put me in an ornery mood. Ornery and horny. 

Go figure!

I started counting down all the days since we'd last had sex, and all the days when we could have had sex but didn't. That added up to a lot of missed opportunities. I started imaging the sex we could have had (but didn't) and that of course led to a big throbbing erection. A big throbbing erection that had to be dealt to I decided - it was only fair - since who knew when we'd be having actual sex again? 

So like before I flipped open the covers and started jacking my cock. Like yesterday it was long and rock hard, but unlike yesterday my wife showed no interest. She lay there in the dark, either asleep or pretending to be asleep. Freed from the burden of having to worry about her or her needs I pumped my cock with wild abandon and it wasn't long before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. I was ready to cum.

I slowed the pace a bit, reducing myself to long steady strokes, as I contemplated my next move.

and then I fucked her this way
"Fuck it!" I thought, and got up on the bed - throwing the covers off my wife's ass and thigh as I did so. She was lying on her side and her butt was fully exposed in the moonlight. I shimmied up behind her, lifted her ass cheek and slipped my cock inside. She was tight but wet and I slid in firmly but easily. I pondered to myself why/how she was so wet, but elected to worry about it later since last night had been a bust due to me thinking too much. 

I held her hip as she lay sideways and fucked her from behind, pushing myself in long, hard and deep. It felt damn good. My strokes were long and steady and my balls slapped against one buttcheek as I held the other up higher so I could pound her deeper. It was an angle that must have been unusual for her but if it felt good or bad she said nothing. She remained silent as I slowly picked up the pace and started fucking her harder and faster. I could feel I was ready to cum.

I pulled out and grabbed her hips and manhandled her up and into the doggy position. She didn't say a word but she complied, and brought her knees into the perfect position for my cock to pierce her pussy. With her head down and ass up I slid in effortlessly and immediately started pounding her wet slit. Her cunt was indeed wet, and folded tightly around my cock like a glove. A glove that was determined to milk me dry. 

Gripping both hips firmly I fucked her firmly, my balls bouncing up and slapping her clit with each stroke.

"I'm going to cum" I grunted. "I'm cumming. Now"

And I did, on cue. 

She got a good blast, since it had been a while, and I kept pumping until I was done. 

"There's some tissues in my purse" she said, her first words since we'd come to bed. She reached over and fished them out of the purse on her nightstand - they were tiny little squares, really only good for blowing your nose on, but they did the job. When I was finished I slapped her ass and rolled over and went to sleep. Not another word was spoken.


The next day I got a chance to ask her privately about what had happened, and if she was okay.

"Yeah, it was good" she said, grinning.
"So I didn't do any damage? You seemed pretty wet..."
"Yeah, I was"
"Why was that? Who or what were you thinking of?" I enquired.
"I was listening to you, imagining what you were doing"
"I was jerking my cock"
"I know, I was picturing it in my head as I listened"

I've no doubt that in her mind in that darkened bedroom I'd lost a few pounds and my dick was longer and fatter but I wasn't going to press it. I was just grateful to get some relief. And back inside my wife when we fucked. Judging by the smile on her face I think my wife enjoyed it too - I don't know if she came but she sure got a full load from me to make up for it.

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