Monday, February 6, 2017

MM - A Cabin In The Woods

So our friends invited us to join them at their cabin in the woods, by the lake, and we said yes. We drove up there Friday afternoon and arrived in time for a late dinner and lots of wine.  After chatting until midnight we decided to call it a night and headed to our room. I was keen to have sex since we hadn't done it since that Wednesday the week before. It was pretty awesome (you have to read Part 2 for that bit) so, as always (after we have great sex) I'm left confused and wondering why we aren't doing it again. If one night of great sex is good then surely a second night of great sex is even better?

But no, we didn't have sex on Friday or Saturday night, and we didn't have sex on Sunday night to make up for missing it on Friday or Saturday. When we didn't have sex on Wednesday night (or 'scheduled sex' night - hit the tag below before an explanation of that if you don't already know) I was really getting antsy. WTF was wrong? I know it (Wednesday) was good so why are we stopping?

So we climb into bed and the room is pretty warm so I take off all my clothes and my wife is just wearing an over size V-neck T-shirt and she rolls over and presses her butt up against my thigh and I'm wondering what she means by that but I can't figure out if it means anything so I decide to do nothing and then I decide I have to do something so I move my hand and kind of clap her thigh and then she moves a bit and rolls over onto her stomach so I have free access to her ass so I grab one of her buttcheeks with my left hand and start jerking my cock with my right.

My wife is tipsy but tired so I figure that's all I'm getting tonight.

I'm squeezing her buttcheeks hard (I know she likes that) and jacking my already rock hard cock (it does that when I haven't cum in over a week) and it feels pretty damn good to get some relief, even if it is from my own damn hand. I throw off the covers from my side of the bed and relax into it, lying back with my legs spread and my balls bouncing as my hand moves swiftly up and down my dick.

My wife suddenly decides she wants a piece of the action and without warning sits up, spins around and takes over hand duties. She's jerking my cock really fast and cupping my balls at the same time. Then she stops suddenly and starts running her fingernails up and down my prick, which is standing tall. Using only her thumb and forefinger she then resumes the handjob - it's a new technique but it feels good. 

It feels good but I'm really horney and well past the point of teasing and foreplay. I want to cum!

"Wank my cock you dirty girl" I whisper to her, since our friends are in the next room. "I want to cum really bad"

"Cum on my hand" she whispers back, "I want you to cum all over my hand." 

She returns to jerking me off with her whole hand gripped tightly around my long erect cock, and cranks up the pace. It occurs to me that I can't cum on her hand because that would be messy and there is no way to clean it up. We're in a 'guest room' and our usual stash of tissues is not handy. I have a vision of my wife running around trying to wipe it off somewhere and making a mad dash to the bathroom and then waking one of our friends, or smearing cum somewhere in the darkness and it being discovered the next morning.

It sounds neurotic when I type it now, but at the time it seemed a realistic problem. 

I decided I didn't want to cum in her hand that night, even though I know it's on her unarticulated sexual bucket list. She's never said it but I know she wants to jack me off and erupt a bucketload of hot jism over hand. (And yes, I know she just said "Cum on my hand" but that's different!) I could have cum on her hand but I didn't want any drama and it made more sense that I came in her mouth instead, and that she swallowed it. Then there'd be no mess to create a problem.

"I think you should get down there and swallow my dick, you dirty little cock sucker" I said, "and while you're down there you can swing your leg over and sit on my face so I can taste that juicy pussy of yours while you suck my cock..."

"We have to be quiet" she said, before bending down and taking my cock in her soft wet mouth.

Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock as she jerked me up and down beneath. I waited for her leg to move over as she straddled my face but nothing happened. There was no movement, she was rooted beside my hip, and sucking on my cock like it was a lollipop. I reached over and placed my hand between her legs and tried to pull her over but she wasn't budging. There would be no pussy-licking for me! Was she having her period?

I started jacking my cock myself now, as my wife sucked my cock head into her mouth and fondled my balls. She tried to finger my ass but I wasn't in the mood for that so I lifted my butt off the ground and thrust my dick deeper into her mouth - not only did this feel good but it also made my butt cheeks clench, blocking her assplay. As she did gobbled on my cock I wet my thumb in my mouth and then pushed into her pussy from behind. 

It went in easily, she was already wet, and I started thrusting my thumb in and out of her vagina like it was a cock. She was working my cock and balls with her mouth and one hand, and the other hand I could feel beneath us. She was diddling her clit with her free hand as I fucked her pussy from behind with my thumb. When I felt one hand on my balls and another on my cock I knew her clit was free, so I left my thumb in her wet cunt and slipped my fingers forward to play with her clit.

As I did so I noticed something I hadn't noticed before - stubble! Well, not exactly stubble since it was longer than that. What had she done? Had she had another brazilian but then not got around to having sex with me until the regrowth had started? (She's done that once before, and it's @#$%ing annoying). Had she shaved her pussy (which I'd suggested once in lieu of having to wax) and if so, when had she done it?

To be honest it threw me for a loop. which I guess is no surprise to regular readers.

"Have you shaved your pussy?" I asked her.

"Yes" she replied, between mouthfuls.

"When did you do that?" I asked again.

"Yesterday" she replied, between mouthfuls.

"When were you going to tell me?" I continued, "were you going to tell me?"

"Stop over thinking it" she said, before deep throating my cock.

Stop overthinking it? What sort of reply was that? What shouldn't I be overthinking? What had she been up to? I knew she had been Skyping This Guy on Thursday - WTF was going on?

I was well and truly thrown for a loop now. My dick was rock hard, I was desperate to cum, but nothing was working. My wife gave up on me and stood up on her knees beside me. She had one hand on her tit and the other on her pussy, frigging her clit. Clutching her boobs tightly she licked her fingers to make them wetter and then really went to town in that slit.

"Cum on me" she said, "come on..."

I guess I was supposed to put on a show for her now, since she was putting one on for me, so I took over hand duties and started pumping my cock. Her own hands were both hard at work on her own tits and pussy, and she went quiet. The dirty talk stopped and in the dim light I couldn't really tell if she was watching me jack my cock or already lost in her own world as she chased her own orgasm. I suspect it was the latter because she went still (whilst still clutching herself) and then suddenly dropped down and lay on the bed.

I was on my own now, it seemed.

I struggled on since I was long overdue an orgasm (it had been ten days!) but I was not in a good headspace. WTF was going on with her secretly shaved pussy? Why hadn't she let me go down on her? Why had she not let me look at her when she was in the shower earlier (oh, yeah, I left that bit out of the beginning of the story)? And WTF was going on with THAT GUY!!!

Honestly, my cock was as hard as concrete. It was long and stiff. My balls were tight. But I was not going to cum. I wanted to cum, it felt like I was ready to cum, but I knew I wasn't going to cum. Even if I jacked off harder and faster, it wasn't going to happen. WTF?!

"I think you're over thinking it" she said again, and again I thought 'WTF do you mean by that?'

But I didn't say it. Instead I gave up and rolled over and away from her, pulling the covers over me as I did so.

"We'll try again tomorrow night" she offered, "when you're not so tired".

Within minutes my wife was sound asleep, while I was not so lucky. I tossed and turned all night and had the worst sleep in a long time. I was not a happy camper!


We did try again the following night and [spoiler!] that went a lot better. So good I have Part 2 for you tomorrow. (Actually, it will be on Wednesday since tomorrow is TMI Tuesday). It was kind of odd really, but my wife was happy...

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  1. So yeah, there was a lot of thinking going on there, but since I do that much thinking too, it made sense. Glad the second try went better.

    1. Thanks, here's the second part:


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