Thursday, February 9, 2017

MM - Tuesday Night Hand Relief

After typing up MM - A Cabin In The Woods ~ Part 2 on Tuesday night I was a little horny and keen for my wife to come home from her 6pm function, since I had a little surprise for her. When she didn't get home until 10.30pm I was quite pissed off and angry with her. She claimed she thought it was a cocktail event and didn't know they were serving dinner at 7pm so she was 'stuck' there.

It was a product launch for a high end company and they gave everyone a gift, which my wife passed on to me. She had to, since it was an ornate leather business card holder and I'd just given her one from Tiffanys for Xmas!  She babbled on about how great their card holder was, and then how much she loved the one I'd given her, and then about all the people she knew at the event, and how they'd all asked where I was and what I was up to.

'At home minding our child because my wife didn't want to use her +1' I muttered, silently in my head.

My wife had clearly drunk a lot of wine - she was in high spirits, and switched her attention to our daughter. Who did not appreciate the hugs and declarations of love and what a good kid she was. So that made two of us in an off mood and one of us in a very good mood. I decided to go upstairs and have a shower and then give my wife an angry fuck. Angry as in: you can do all the foreplay and then I'll fuck you when I'm ready to cum.

Well, not really. I'm not a complete asshole. I was still keen to get a taste of her shaved pussy. All those replies to that question about oral vs fingers/handjobs in this weeks TMI Tuesday had got me hankering for a little muff diving myself, and I knew I could make her cum at least once so I wasn't going to be a complete brute.

When I emerged from the shower, all fresh and so clean, my wife was exiting the toilet and telling me how something at the dinner did not agree with her. WTF? I dried my hair and sprayed a little cologne on my neck, and some on my pubes since I figured I'd still give it a shot. When I got to bed my wife was snuggled up with the lights out, but not for long. I whipped off the covers and moved down between her legs, lifting up her nightie as I went.

When I emerged from the shower I did not look like this...

"No, no," she protested "I'm not well, we can't."  I lifted myself up and nuzzled her neck, delivering a few soft kisses below her ear. "Mmmm, you do smell nice though..." she continued, clearly wrestling with her conscience. I delivered another kiss and flicked my tongue over neck. "I really wanted to check out that shaved pussy" I whispered into her ear, "I want to taste you"

"You can't!" she insisted, pushing me off her "it's bad - Johnny Cash bad!"

I flopped down beside her, my cock still standing erect despite the horrendous visual metaphor she'd just delivered. "Hmmmm, you really are horny, aren't you?" she said, as she sidled up close, "what can we do about that? I think you're going to have to have a little wank to relieve yourself... jerk it for me!"

I didn't know if she was excited at the idea of watching me masturbating (like last Sunday night) or just being lazy but I didn't care. We were heading out for a BNG conference on Thursday (today as you read this) and wouldn't be back til Sunday so I knew it was 50/50 whether we'd be having any sex before we got back so I wasn't going to risk it. I opted to go for the bird in the hand. 

"Mmmmmm" she purred, as I stroked my cock. "You're so hard - what made you hard? Were you really that keen on getting a taste of my pussy? I can't believe you wanted to go down on me that badly - and now you can't have me. Well, that's not fair - I guess you'll just have to wank that cock until all the cum comes out... all that hot jism flying out of your dick, spraying everywhere. Maybe you could cum on my tits? Yeah, a big sticky mess I could rub in all over my breasts... a healthy cream to keep my skin looking young and fresh, mmmm, that would be good for my boobs, wouldn't it?"

I noticed she wasn't lifting her top so I guessed we were in fantasy mode. She confirmed it with her next words:

"Or maybe my ass? Maybe you'd like to spray it all over my butt? Maybe I could lie down and pull my cheeks apart and you can fill my crack with your cum? Would you like that? Would you like to use my asshole as a target? Imagine me spreading myself wide, showing my dirty asshole to you, and you shooting directly at it... I bet you'd love that. 

You'd probably like to fuck me in the ass wouldn't you, you dirty boy? Yeah, look at you with that big stiff cock. I bet you'd be all like 'I'm just gonna cum on your ass' but then when it came to it you'd just shove that thing inside me 'Oh, I can't help myself' and then you'd be fucking me up the butt, riding my dirty asshole for all it was worth--"

I was ready to cum now, my hips and butt were off the bed as I rose up. My hand was a blur as I punished my cock, while my wife fondled my balls. She squeezed them...

"Ooh, you're ready to cum aren't you? Your balls are so so tight. I like that, I love your tight balls. So full of cum. All ready to erupt into my hand--"

I was ready to blow alright, but not over her hand. I really wanted to penetrate her, to fill her full of my seed, even though I knew I couldn't. But I knew the next best thing. Well, the next best thing to the next best thing, since she'd said she had a 'bad stomach'. I got up and moved between her legs. I placed her into the missionary position and shuffled up close. My balls were pressed against her spread pussy, and my fist (wrapped around my cock) was at her clit. 

I started jacking my cock, relishing the feeling of her hot pussy on my balls as my fist pummelled her clit. Sure, I was gentle at first but as I felt the heat from her cunt and the wetness spread all over my balls I began pounding in earnest. My knuckles were strumming her clit and her back arched as her eyes fixed on my cock.

"Oh yeah, that's good" she moaned, "cum on me, cum on my pussy!" She was writhing now, squirming beneath me. I could really feel her heat. "Mmmm, yeah, give me a fresh load, make a big hot sticky mess all over my little pussy. I want your jism on me..."

I was done. 

"Here I come" I managed, before doing exactly as she'd asked. I pressed my balls and the root of my cock hard into her and then erupted all over her with several animal-like thrusts. I even grunted. 

Spent, I rolled away and flopped down beside her. She grabbed some tissues and cleaned herself up, before grabbing more tissues to clean me up. Even in the darkness I could see she had a big smile on her face. What is it about women and their love of 'a full load' to demonstrate our desire for them? If our future sex life meant more hand jobs and less penetrative sex then I'm not sure how much of a show I can put on for her as I get older.

Still, I am getting more 'relief' so right now I'm not complaining. Maybe when her menopause is over (she hasn't admitted anything, even though I've asked, but how else do you explain it?) we'll be at it like rabbits again!


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