Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Blues

My wife bought lube yesterday while at the supermarket. I saw it in the grocery bag when she came home (along with the tampons she'd bought our daughter). I thought maybe that meant we were in for some action last night, but no, nothing happened. Despite us going out for a nice dinner with her parents last night. But no, when she got home she went straight back on her computer and booked a double room in [European city] for when she visits This Guy in April. (She doesn't know I know, of course).

The thing is, we fly to Mexico for two weeks on Saturday. One week for a BNG conference and another week for 'a vacation'. The vacation will be with a bunch of BNG people (did I mention it has cult-like qualities?) so it will really just be an extension of the conference, but without the 'Morning Speaker' and 'Afternoon Speaker', ie just a lot of excuses for excessive drinking and showing off.

Oh well, what's the worst that can happen? That I have to look at Latina hotties like this lounging by the pool all day? Sign me up!

The other thing is, my wife's BNG BFF is also travelling with us. This is the woman my wife had that Tijuana escapade with (courtesy of This Guy) and was party to The night my wife went off at me (scroll down to the last 3 paragraphs for that bit). So I suspect I've been 'invited' because my wife needs/expects a sober companion to keep her and her BFF from running completely amok. By which I mean they will run amok anyway but I will be there to ensure they get back to bed at the end of it.

Now when I was first told that her BFF was joining us I assumed she would be staying with us too (ie a two bedroom apartment/hotel room) which I knew would cramp any chance of sex with my wife while we were away. But I was wrong and although the BFF would be travelling with us (for safety, her being a single woman) she would have her own hotel room. So "Yay!" I thought, maybe we would get some romantic time for ourselves after all.

Then it was back to "Boo!" yesterday when I saw an email from another of her BNG buddies. He was cancelling his attendance but because he'd bought a special deal on a 6 star hotel there would be no refund. So he was offering it to my wife free of charge if she wanted it. My wife asked about her BFF and he said there was another bed in the sofa, so my wife said "Yay! We'll take it!"**. And then he mentioned the room cost $3,000 for the week... and knowing my wife as I do she'll be giving him most of that (if not all of that) because she doesn't want to be seen as a cheapskate, she wants to be seen as a high roller.

The crazy thing is, if the situation was the other way around my wife would be giving away the room, and refusing any payment. I've seen her do similar a dozen times.

Anyway, that means the BFF won't be in her own room but in ours - the exact same physical space as us. So there will definitely be no intimacy! If this were a different type of sex blog you might say "Cheer up Nero, maybe you'll all come home drunk one night and one thing will lead to another and you'll end up in a 3way?" But it's not that type of sex blog so I know that shit aint happening. Not in a million years.

But maybe I'm wrong, maybe... no, let's not waste any time on fantasies. What I'm really interested in pondering is whether my wife and I will have any sex before the week is out. Did she buy that lube to use in Mexico or did she buy it now to 'give me one' before we go, so I won't get all grumpy while we're away? It might be fun to run a sweepstake readers: will it happen tonight (Monday)? or Wednesday (scheduled sex night, even though that has completely fallen by the wayside) or Friday night (last chance before we fly out on Saturday)?


Even though my wife said "Yay! We'll take it!" to her BNG buddy she was saying to me "[X] has offered us his room for free, but it's a block from where the conference is so we'll just stay in the one I booked." I have no idea why she's done this. I wonder how she'll explain it a week from now?

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