Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My wife and This Guy, texting again ~ Part 2

My wife and This Guy have been continuing to plan for their reunion in {European city}. I won't go into all the background details again but check out the This Guy tags below and My wife and This Guy, texting again ~ Part 1. His words are in gray, and hers in blue.

Do you think:

  1. They're planning to get it on
  2. They're not 'planning' to get it on per se but you don't have to be a television scriptwriter to see where this is headed.
  3. There is nothing to worry about, they're just a couple of BNG pals looking forward to catching up.
  4. Anyone from BNG is going to tip me off if things get borderline (because others I know are going)? Or does what happen on conference stay on conference?**

I have this metaphor I use about infidelity. People often say they never planned to cheat on their partner: "it just happened". Sometimes they will blame it on alcohol: "we were drunk, it just happened." These excuses always remind me of a bunch of high spirited teenage girls around a pool. No-one plans to jump in the pool with their clothes on but somehow it always happens.

One minute you're standing by the edge of the pool (possibly talking loudly to your BFF about how "OMG Becky, we are standing so close to the pool! Careful, or we might fall in!!" and then the next minute some boy is pushing you in and you're all wet. All wet and your t-shirt/blouse is clinging to your skin and everyone can pretty much see your boobs, including that cute boy you were hoping would notice you. Oh no, how did that happen?!

"It just happened" of course, not your fault.

I've told my wife once "If you stand that close to the edge of the pool don't be surprised if you fall in and get wet. If you want to stay dry then don't stand by the edge of the pool." I made this comment because my wife was going through a phase where she was partying very hard (without me, but with her BNG buddies) and coming home quite drunk.

My wife then replied "You get so paranoid, I don't like it. If you keep thinking I'm having an affair then one day I might as well have one, since you think I'm having one anyway."

I still don't believe that was the right way to respond to my concerns.

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