Friday, February 10, 2017

My wife and This Guy, texting again

Here's the latest update on the communication via Facebook Messenger between my wife and This Guy and her April visit to Europe for a BNG conference. My wife's words are in blue, his in gray. I still think something may be going on.

Last October she 'accidentally' booked herself for three extra days in London, sending me and our daughter home early. Back then she talked about using the extra time to visit 'a friend with cancer' in Barcelona (to explain why she didn't change her flight back to match ours), but it never happened. Highly suspicious.

I knew that she had also talked to him back then about seeing him in [his city]. I suspect she's they've had this idea for a long time but she chickened out. Looks like it's finally gonna happen?

[*Her message starts with 'Hey Guys' because she also cc'ed the BNG secretary who makes the travel arrangements. This might explain why their words are so restrained - they don't want the secretary knowing what's up. Or they could be like that because nothing is going on and it's just two BNG pals looking forward to catching up.]

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