Thursday, February 23, 2017

Surplus to requirements

I've just scheduled two posts for March that relate to Japan. I had to upload a few images to illustrate them but this one was surplus to requirements (since it didn't fit the theme).

The Japanese love anime and Japanese men love their anime porn especially. It generally features young women (girls really) and it can be very deviant* - very young girls, tentacles, and rape are common and popular themes. This is generally credited for both the low birth rate (the Japanese don't have much sex apparently) and the small number of rapes in the country. But given the culture of Japan (predominantly male dominated, and very open/accepting of 'deviant'* porn) one might wonder how many unreported rapes there are?

*deviant, as defined by American standards. (And yes, I think very young girls and rape fantasies are a deviation from the norm too - definitely not my thing)

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