Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TMI Tuesday: Feb. 7, 2017 ~ Which One?

Pick one and explain.

1. Would you rather have a real-life, actually working light saber or Wolverine’s claws?
If I could do photoshop there'd be claws on that glove!
~ A light saber would be pretty damn cool but I would choose the claws since they're unique. If I had a light saber I'd be living in a universe where other people had light sabers too so I'd probably end up getting my arm or hand sliced off. Mind you if I had the claws I'd be living in a Marvel universe and that might not be so peachy either!

2. Would you rather watch all episodes of old time TV show Ultra-man or all episodes of the original Power Rangers?
~ Both would be torture. Which one would kill me first, to get it over with quicker? Can't I watch Batman instead?

3. Would you rather do 3 minutes of planks or run a half-mile?
~ I'd try the planks in the vain hope it would be over quicker.

4. Would your rather bite all your significant other’s toenails or shave your head?
~ Shave my head. I'm starting to go bald at the back so it might be fun to see what it looks like, besides, it will grow back. 
Ha! I've just realised this a question for women since they love their hair and are bonded to it. Let me say again: it will grow back and short cropped hair can be damn sexy on a woman!

5. Which can you do better, give oral sex or a finger/hand-job?
~ Definitely oral. My wife is not that keen on fingering - she doesn't mind me fingering her clit but she does not like me inserting anything inside. Or maybe she's just never liked the way I do it? I know she loves my oral skills.

6. Do you prefer to be on top or bottom, for missionary style sex?
~ As a straight male I'd have to say Top. But I do enjoy being on the bottom for Cowgirl, and Reverse Cowgirl is even better because I can stare at her delicious ass.

Bonus: This week’s bonus question courtesy of Nero – “Have you ever masturbated to your own blog?”
~ Haha - I've already answered this one, in a blog post called “Have you ever masturbated to your own blog?” 

Double Bonus: speaking of oral (Q5) What's going on with my Wife and This Guy? ~ Part 2


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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