Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TMI Tuesday: February 27, 2017 ~ Keep Calm

1. Which one of the following do you need increased privacy:
a. Online interaction such as internet search and website interaction
b. Sex
c. Drinking or taking drugs (including marijuana use)
d. Work
~ Obviously you need a degree of privacy for all of these, but since drugs are illegal they top my list.

2. What decade in life were you most happiest with your sex life? Why? For example: teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.
~ My 20s. Young, carefree, and happy. And having more sex :)

If I was in my 20's (maybe even my early 30s) I know we'd totally have hit it off! ;)
3. What is the sexiest TV show you have watched in the last year? Why is it sexy to you?
~ Masters of Sex. Lizzy Caplan is to die for. I binge watched all four seasons and totally fell in love with her the character she plays. She (her character) represents my dream woman/partner. I had to keep reminding myself that she was a creation of the scriptwriters because Masters Of Sex is pretty much all made up. The real personal life of Virginia Johnson is unknown.

4. What sex scene, from a movie, would you like to recreate?
~ Any of them! All of them? Seriously, there were some very hot scenes in Masters of Sex (a Showtime series). I wanna be this guy:

5. Your sex life is to become a reality series. Which of the following titles best fits:
a. “Too Big To Fail”
b. “Years of Solitude”
c. “A Visual Guide for the Perplexed” and/or
d. “Yes please, Any Time and Anywhere

Bonus: The Late Phoenix would like to know your family’s secret recipes because he is hungry and thirsty all the time. Please share.
~ Sorry, it's a secret.
UPDATE: Inspired by Arj's post let me offer this: Put some ice in a glass, add Jack Daniels, sip. Alternately, if you feel like a drink you can guzzle: add some coke to the glass.

Double Bonus: I really wanna be this guy (leaked selfies of guess who?):


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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