Monday, February 13, 2017

Two Nights of Mindfuckery

So on Friday night we had sex. I thought it was good, but on Saturday night my wife publicly said at a party (when asked if we were going home to have sex) "No, we had sex last night, that's his ration for the month. I have to ration it out because he wants it all the time." It was said in jest (the women laughed) but when we got home to bed my wife got into her nightie straight away and pulled the covers over her. And then turned on the TV to the movie channel.

It went down like this:

the 21 and the 23 year old were as hot as theses two, except they were both blond

Long story short we had been at a social event with her BNG buddies early on Friday evening, and that stretched out into a long night. About a third of the people there were like me: 'partners' not BNG members. My life likes to work the room at these things, and she prefers to do it alone ie she likes it if I don't hang around her. Which was fine on Friday because two of the partners were 21 and 23 babes and we tend to gravitate to each other and talk about non BNG stuff. Or what it's like to be with someone in the cult of BNG.

Even though I was twice their age we made a genuine connection, probably because I listened to them and gave some good advice. And didn't try to make a pass - women appreciate that. We all got very drunk, but being older I was smart enough to not to give away too much information. The other two weren't so careful. I was clearly in 'the friend zone' and after more than a few wines they were sharing stuff about their partners maybe they shouldn't have - especially since I knew them.

It was interesting stuff, and the 23 year old in particular went very deep. The 21 year old not so much, but then I don't think she was capable of going deep. Aw, don't get bitchy Nero! The point is: it was great to see I could still connect with women half my age, there was even a minor sexual frisson with the 23 (that both of us knew would never amount to anything in this universe), and we all had a really good time. My wife was happy too, possibly because she also enjoys chatting to new people (ie men) and generating a bit of chemistry - all for business networking purposes of course!

So when we got home on Friday night my wife flopped down on the bed (quite tipsy/drunk) and I immediately lifted up her dress, exposing her crotch. As you may recall, we'd had sex on Tuesday but that was just mutual masturbation. She wouldn't let me eat her pussy and wouldn't let me penetrate her. Tonight I wanted to taste her pussy.

"Let me see that pussy" I said, as I raised her hem up over her panties "I wanna go down on you."

"Oh you do, do you?" she giggled, lifting her hips and pulling her panties down to her thighs.

"Yes, I do" I replied, pulling them down the rest of the way - below her knees, over her ankles, and casting them to the floor.

I settled between her legs and ate her out. High on all that vino she she squealed and squirmed and came quite quickly. I didn't let her off that easy, and made her cum a second time with a much gentler method. Clits can be very sensitive after orgasm, I know my wife's is.

"Now what are you going to do?" asked my wife, through glazed eyes.

It was a challenge more than a question, delivered with faux defiance. I contemplated fucking her ass (I sensed she was at the same level of intoxication that had worked so well the last time we'd done it so successfully) but there was no lube. I contemplated going to the bathroom and grabbing some hand lotion and then fucking her ass, but a little voice inside me said "Stay classy Nero".  So instead I climbed up on the bed and mounted her missionary style.

She was wet and tight - I slid straight in.

"Oooh, you're quite wet," I teased "who or what have you been thinking of?"

"This" she replied, "I want to get fucked."  That she didn't say who she wanted to fuck her wasn't lost on me, but maybe she realised it too because she followed it up with "I want you to fuck me, just fuck me. Fuck me good."

If you're going to spread your ass for me, I'm gonna fuck it, just sayin'

And that was it - she was off with the dirty talk again. She held me tight and urged me on, telling me to fuck her good, that she was a dirty girl, and that I should fuck her dirty hole. I pounded her hard and deep, rubbing her clit with the root of my cock as I did so, to the accompaniment of "oh yeah, that's it, mmmm, yeah, fuck me, c'mon, fill me up, cum in my hole"

It got to the point that I was getting paranoid she'd been reading this blog and was parroting some of my previous we-had-sex posts. But the dirty talk seemed real and I know she gets really horny when her period is due so I carried on regardless. I grabbed her butt from beneath and was pounding her deep when she blew her line. I forget the exact line but she said 'cock' instead of 'pussy', and then compounded the problem by saying the line again but with the correct 'pussy' used this time.


My hips didn't stop but my brain did. What did she just say? What was running through her head? She has previously said to me (sorry, can't find the link) that the reason she reads so many dirty/erotic stories about women getting kidnapped, raped, and forced into sexual subjugation (and usually loving it by the end) is that she imagines herself as the guy doing the subjugating. If that's true (unfortunately we didn't get into it properly) then that is a whole other WTF?! of it's own.

Was that what was happening now? Did she just fluff her fake dirty talk, or was the dirty talk real and she was imagining herself as me - me who was fucking her and... urging herself on? What kind of narcissistic power trip was that? And was she imagining herself fucking herself or... imagining herself fucking me? That would be even more WTF? than the first scenario, right?

If that sounds very very confusing you can imagine what was going through my head.

I had to stop, so I did.

"What's wrong? she asked.

"Nothing" I said, playing for time. I hopped off the bed and grabbed two pillows, which I stacked beside her. "Get on top, I wanna fuck you from behind". She happily assumed the position, hiking her skirt and diving over the pillows like it was a barrel. I climbed up, grabbed her hips, and again slid in easily. My cock was still rock hard so I had no problems there, despite my brain going in all directions. I decided if I pounded my wife hard enough those thoughts would go away, so I amped up the pace and it wasn't long before she was talking dirty again.

And her words seemed genuine, which was a good thing. She told me that she just wanted me to use her, to use her hole, and fuck me how I pleased, that she was a dirty girl with a dirty hole, and I could do what I wanted. She reached back and spread her cheeks, baring her asshole to me. She licked her finger, reached back, and then inserted it in her ass*, telling me that she knew I wanted to fuck her ass. "I bet you'd love that wouldn't you?" she taunted, "you'd love to stick your big cock in my dirty asshole..."

I was ready to cum.

"Maybe I would..." I said, as I pulled out of her and stepped back onto the bedroom floor.

I stood directly behind her and started jacking my cock as she reached down and started fingering herself. She was still in the doggy position with one hand slapping her pussy and the other holding her asshole wide. She would alternate between diddling herself and then pulling her asshole wide with both hands and telling me fire away and fill her asscrack with my cum. But it was all happening so fast, she was in almost a frenzy. She'd beg me to spray my cum on her asshole, and then she had to let go of her spread cheeks so she could slap her clit again, and then she'd by spreading herself again and telling me to do it, to cum in her ass...

Just like before, when she'd got so flustered she'd mixed 'cock' with 'pussy' she'd now swapped 'on' with 'in'. Did she want me to cum on her asscrack or in it? Did she want me to cum in her ass, or on it? We were both in the zone now and I could tell from her frenetic movements and panting that she was cumming again. And so was I.

I felt my balls exploding and I surged forward. As I leaned forward I intended to fuck her pussy, but a millisecond later as I was about to enter her I changed my mind. Her asshole was wide open and staring at me, twitching and begging me to fuck it. It was screaming at me: "Do it, do it!" so I did. Holding my stiff cock by the root and balls I flicked myself up in those final moments and jammed my cock into her asshole.

Since there was no lube I limited myself to 'just the tip' but I pumped her full of cum. I held my balls and squeezed, using my free hand to press down on her tailbone, to stop myself from thrusting any further. I must have squirted at least five times as I unloaded into her. When I pulled back, still holding my cock and balls, I saw my dick was covered in cum.

"Christ that's a lot of cum on me" I exclaimed, "you're lucky you got just the tip"

"Just the tip?" she laughed, "that feels like a full load you planted in my ass!"

*'She licked her finger, reached back, and then inserted it in her ass' ~ this is actually been a fantasy of mine ie I've said previously (but of course I can't find a link now that I need it) just how hot it would be if she actually reached back and fingered her own ass while I fucked her doggy style. So when she actually did it on Friday night I was again a bit paranoid - has she been reading this blog?

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