Saturday, February 4, 2017

What's going on with my Wife and This Guy? ~ Part 2

After my post What's going on with my Wife and This Guy? yesterday I didn't expect a sequel so soon, but yes, there is one!

At midnight last night That Guy sent this video clip to her as a private message via Facebook Messenger. I've googled it but I couldn't find an online version of it. If you want to see it you can find it on Facebook here. In the meantime here's a screengrab:

Actual video can be found on the The Kloons Facebook page

I get it, it's a funny video. Just a bit of humor. But is it appropriate to send it to a married woman you've only met twice IRL? How would my wife feel if I sent that privately to one of my female friends? A female friend she (my wife) had met only once or twice, but knew I was 'good friends' with?

I'll find out what my wife thinks about his message when I see her reply later, since it's 2am as I write this now and she hasn't actually seen it yet. Hopefully he knows she's asleep now (he lives in Europe) and won't check his Messenger account because if he does he'll get that notification from Facebook: "√ ~ Seen at 12.01"  I'm kicking myself for forgetting that the sender gets a notification when the recipient has seen the message, but when I saw the screenshot/thumbnail above... can anyone blame me for clicking on it straight away?

So, what do you think about That Guy now? Should I be worried? And what is the significance of him sending my wife this video? Just some random humor, or was it something he did in LA that time they first met at the BNG conference? As I mentioned in this post, my wife sure does enjoy getting eaten out. Sadly (for me) this video takes the shine off her recent praise for my oral skills:
She rolled off me and flopped down beside me, groaning. "Oh my god" she repeated slowly, "Oh my god". She clutched her stomach lightly and continued "Your tongue, oh my god, your tongue..."
She just lay there for a minute or two, repeating herself, and praising my oral skills. She does this every time, as if she'd forgotten, as if it's a new revelation... (more)

Seriously, if my wife found out I was privately sending a female friend this video there'd be hell to pay. Unfortunately for me I can't say a fucking word because then she'd know I've hacked her Facebook account. Like I said yesterday, the two of them share a certain intimacy in their 'friendship' that makes me think they did do something at that conference in LA two years ago. I had convinced myself they didn't fuck, they probably 'just' shared a drunken kiss in the back of the limo -- but now I'm not so sure. 

This video, together with all those xoxoxoxo's in yesterday's message make me think he's trying to rekindle something, to possibly remind her of something they shared. Given his age they probably popped a Molly in LA and convinced themselves they had a special connection.

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