Sunday, March 5, 2017

50 SHADES of EROTICA ~ by Lexi Hunt

As I mentioned in Another sucky Valentine's Day I gave my wife some 'erotic fiction' (I call it Kindleporn) for Valentine's Day. I gave it to her because I know she loves reading it, and I hoped it would show her I was open and accepting of her need/desire to read it. As far as I know she's never opened the files or put them on her Kindle - my guess is she doesn't like me encroaching on her secret pleasures. It's not so illicit if your husband approves right?

I'm pretty sure I got her titles she might have chosen herself, but maybe I was wrong. One of them is 50 SHADES of EROTICA by Lexi Hunt, a collection 50 short stories designed to get you horny. The two reviews on Amazon are terrible, but of the few excerpts I read they seemed pretty good to me. Hot! But then I am a male, which is precisely the criticism one female reviewer on Amazon made: she felt the stories were geared to mens pleasure not womens.

Oh well, here's an excerpt from just one of the 50 stories. If you like it buy the collection and judge for yourself...

“She felt Eric’s hands in her hair, and she smiled eagerly as she unzipped him and freed the thick column of flesh. Marveling at the contrast between the baby soft skin and the hardness of the muscle and cartilage beneath it, she inhaled deeply. The man smell was powerful, and sexy as hell. Suddenly, she wanted to feel him inside her… anywhere, just as long as he was inside her body. She wanted to own him.

Eric held his breath, scarcely believing that his horny daydreams were actually coming true. Her body was fabulous, and her parted lips promised the heaven he had dreamed of as they opened wider to take in his swollen glans. His hands clenched in her hair and pulled her closer, and he felt her hard nipples brush against his thigh. “Oh…my…god,” he gasped. “I’m never going to last…”

Her mouth came off of his hard cock and she held him tightly in both hands as her eyes locked on his. “I don’t care,” she breathed. “Cum in my mouth now Eric, I want it… I want it bad. I’ve been dreaming of this since the first interview.” Her hot breath was driving him crazy. “But you have to promise you’ll fuck me after…”

Unable to speak, he thrust his cock towards her mouth and she took him in, all of him. This was no tiny, frail girl, she was a grown woman and if she had a gag reflex, he couldn’t tell… every inch of his long thick cock slipped inside her eager mouth and her nose bumped against his pelvic bone before she drew him back out until only the tip remained inside. Smoothly and swiftly, she sucked him back in, and then she began to move her head faster. They were both moaning as he pulled her long blonde hair.

The splash of his cum in her throat was electric, and Ashlyn felt herself peaking with him as she swallowed, something she had not thought possible. She’d had warm sexy feelings and even some tingling in her pussy when she had taken Todd’s cock in her mouth, but it had felt nothing like this. She had to make an effort not to bite down on... [more]”

Excerpt From: “50 SHADES of EROTICA: Mega Collection of 50 Erotic Stories" ~ by Lexi Hunt.

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