Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sex In Santa Monica

I told you last week that we were going to a BNG conference in Mexico this week. What I didn't mention (because I didn't know - WTF?) was that we were spending the weekend in LA before hopping the border to Mexico. To be more precise: we spent the weekend in Santa Monica before flying off to Mexico on Monday afternoon.

It was a great hotel, but the weather was mediocre - mostly overcast, with a few light showers. We were travelling with my wife's BNG BFF who had alerted the LA chapter of BNG that we were coming - so we had dinner with them on Saturday night before hitting some bars. We did it all again on Sunday night. Sure, it was swell, but I kinda find it repetitive. It's just what BNG people do, every fucking time they meet as group (large or small) - they try to prove to each other who can party hardest,

Yup, it pretty much looked like this - yummy!
Long story short I got to have sex with my wife on Saturday night because she was quite tipsy ie in high spirits. She'd met new BNG members and had won them over - my wife's goal in life is to have everyone love her once they've met her.

Anyway... we got back to the hotel room and as soon as my wife took off her clothes I threw her roughly on the bed and ravaged her. It had been two weeks since we had last had sex and I was raring to go. So was she, although she had a small surprise - her period had started! WTF?! This as no way to start a two week vacation (albeit with a 'conference' wedged in the middle of it). To compound the problem my wife had another surprise - she had got herself a brazilian wax the morning we flew to LA so I had a freshly bald pussy lying in front of me! Fresh and ripe - mmmmmm!

Is there anything better than a smooth bare pussy? No, there is not!

I dove in and ate her out very carefully.  Actually it wasn't hard at all, although my wife freaks out a little. But she soon got over it after my tongue hit her clit and ran circles around her. She was writhing and squirming and cumming in no time at all! (The trick is to keep your tongue focussed on the clit/lips and avoid the vagina completely - there's no need to go in there so her period is not an issue, trust me). After she had come a few times I mounted her missionary style, built up from gentle thrusting to hard, and pretty soon I was pumping a whole lot of fresh jizz into her wet cunt.

She loved it.

The following night we returned to our room in much the same manner but this time there was no room at the Inn. She said she couldn't because she was having her period, and when I said that hadn't been an issue the night before she said "nuh huh, uh huh, no way". I told her that her smooth pussy was so delicious that I simply had to have more. and she said "nope, not gonna happen". I pointed out that her pubic hair was growing back as we spoke and that there was never a better time to get in before the regrowth started than now and she said "tough luck".

And so that was that. Thank you very much, good night, go home, nothing to see here....

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