Thursday, March 30, 2017

The drought is broken!

You will be pleased to know I finally had sex with my wife last night - 3 weeks since we last had sex and 5 days since she may have (or may not have) got a brazilian. It was the latter that upset/frustrated me so much. Why get a wax and then piss about for 5 days before sharing it with your husband? Why tease me with it along the way? (see this and this for those stories)

Peek-a-boo! So, did my wife actually get a brazilian or have I been twisting myself into knots over nothing?
All was revealed to me last night, and you can find out whether she did or didn't below...

Anyway, last night I decided to dispense with my recent policy of 'don't initiate anymore' and I made my move. I actually went to bed before she did so I was waiting for her when she came up. And guess what? She didn't come up until 12.45am! This is so rare for her - I wondered if she was trying to wait me out, hoping I'd fall asleep? She claimed later that she just had a lot of work to get out of the way. And a lot of Facebooking, according to her browser history - but let's not quibble since I got laid. Yay!

So she creeps in to the bedroom, thinking I'm asleep, and then I say "you're up late" and she says "oh, you're awake" and I say "I was waiting for you" and she says "Oh, what for?" and I say "no reason" as I sit up and push the covers down to my hips (but not pulling my dick out because that would be juvenile). My wife gets into bed, gives me a kiss, and then lies down and goes to sleep.

I reach out and place my hand on her shoulder and she puts her hand on mine, but makes no attempt to move (she's on her side, facing away from me). Eventually her hand drops, so I remove mine, and then I can hear her shallow breathing as she drifts off to sleep. So far so good bad - this is not going to plan. I sit there for many minutes before deciding to dispense with the plan and just get off myself.

I push the covers lower and fish my cock out. I start quietly jerking off - slowly so I don't shake the bed (but all bets will be off when I get towards the finish line, of course). Only a few days earlier I had read a post on FetLife titled 'Do you like to watch men masturbate?' and the prevailing response from women was 'No'. Which was bemusing because most men love watching women masturbate. The caveat from half the woman was that they didn't have a problem with watching their partner masturbate (as foreplay to the main event), but they weren't interested in watching random men masturbate.

I think my wife is one of those women because she suddenly turned around, leaned over, and asked "Oooh, what are you doing?" - knowing full well what I was doing. Even in the darkness I could see she had a big grin on her face and a horney gleam in her eye. This is not the first time she's responded to me in this way, and I knew she was horney. She confirmed it by lying on her back, grabbing my free hand, and pulling it to her pussy.

Her smooth bare pussy!

Bingo! Houston, we have confirmation - it's a brazilian!!

Sure, there was a little regrowth starting (because it had been five fucking days since she'd done it!) but she was bald down there, no doubt about it. I made a show of scrabbling my fingers around 'to check' as I played dumb and said "did you shave?".

"No, I had it waxed" she answered, as she grabbed my hand and pressed it deeper into her cleft.

So there I was, fingering my wife and jerking my cock until finally I thought 'fuck this' and dived between her legs. I went down on her and it escalated quickly. It became a bit frenzied - clearly my wife had her needs too and had also been hankering for some sexual attention. [Side note to the ladies: if you want some just try asking for some and you might just get some - stop pussy footing around!] 

I used this pic for anyone who scrolled ahead after reading the caption for the first pic.
Those of you who read down this far will have spotted the error.

I'll spare you the erotic details (if you've read my previous accounts you know the drill: tongue, wet pussy, her body writhing, her grabbing my head, pulling me deeper, wet slit, drinking her juices, mmmmmm, all good!) but suffice to say she came hard and was smiling broadly when I was finished. And flopping back on the mattress groaning "oh, god!" (It was more like 'Oh, gooooodddd!' - but people always read that as 'Oh, Good')

I climbed back up beside her and allowed her to catch her breath. I jacked my cock as she did so but stopped when she leaned over and pulled the lube out of her night stand. "Why did you stop?" she asked (I told you she liked watching me jack off), looking at me as she ran the liquid up and down and inside her already wet slit. "Because we haven't had sex for 3 weeks and if I go any further I'm liable to explode right now!" She laughed and got up, and then sat back down on me - in the reverse cow girl position. (Had she been reading my answers to this weeks TMI Tuesday?)

My wife loves this position too, and soon she was riding me like a horse, at a steady canter. She had her hands between her legs, diddling both her clit and my balls, when suddenly she started fingering my asshole. (Okay, maybe she hadn't been readings my answers in this weeks TMI Tuesday then) Actually it felt okay, I don't mind a little tickle, it's the full insertion I find painful, but I wanted her to cum so I could get mine. I very rarely cum in the Cowgirl position (reverse or standard) so I was already anticipating mounting her doggy style.

I do like looking at her ass though, and as she bent over in that final race for the finish line (just imagine what the jockey does in any horse race you've ever witnessed - minus the horse whipping) (I'm the horse) her asshole was fully exposed. And it was open for business. I wet my thumb and stuck it in, and started slapping her butt with my other hand. She moaned "oh fuck, yes yes yes" and rode me harder and faster. It got so wild I had to pull out my thumb so I could grip her hips and pound her harder. My cock was thrusting up, as she was bouncing down - hard - fingering her clit and my balls again.

She came again, hissing and groaning as she rolled off me before slumping down beside me. Once again I gave her a little time to recuperate, but not enough that she would fall asleep.

She kneeled on the edge of the bed, so I could drill her standing up...
"My turn" I said, as I stacked a few pillows on the bed as a prompt for her to get into the doggy position. My cock was like concrete so I planned to pound her good.  My wife moved the pillows a few inches and then swung her body around so that her knees were at the edge of the bed and her ass pointed out. Okay, I had thought I'd be on my knees, on the bed, but clearly she had a different idea - so I went with it. I stood on the floor, grabbed her hips and lined my cock up with her cunt.

They didn't line up, not perfectly.

Luckily our bed has a kind of plinth so I stepped up onto it, grabbed her hips, positioned my feet outside her legs and pointed my dick down at her hole. And in I went, slowly. She was so wet and so tight I groaned. "Oh, yeahhh" she moaned back, "that's good".

"So good" I replied, "you feel so tight".

Instead of pounding her I slowly eased my cock in and out of her. All my weight was being carried in my legs, so all she could feel was my stiff prick slicing through her wet cunt (and my hands on her hips, holding her steady). She loved it: "That feels really good, keep fucking me like that"

So I did, but lust being what it is it wasn't long before the tempo picked up - as did the dirty talk. I started fucking her hard and fast, at her urging, and I told her to play with her clit because I was going to cum soon. She started fingering and slapping her pussy, faster and faster, a sure sign she was going to cum too. I asked her if she wanted me to cum inside her or outside... all over her smooth hairless pussy?

"Inside" she grunted "cum inside me, I want to feel it, fuck my pussy, cum in my hole..."

That was it, I was done, I gripped her hips, told her I was cumming, and sprayed her insides with my seed.

You wouldn't believe how good it felt - all the stress drained away as I came - I felt great.

I'll tell you more about that stuff (the talky bit afterwards) on Saturday....


Update ~ This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday

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  1. Man, that is one sweet little image up top! Nothing stale about this blog.

    1. I prefer more curvier women myself, but no, I wouldn't kick her out of bed if she insisted.
      (it would be ungentlemanly)

  2. Well, I must be in the majority because I enjoy watching men not my partner masturbate (as long it's not a surprise "attack" in flasher or unsolicited video form, lol). And I wish the two of you had more sex because (it seems from my perspective) every time you do, it's hot and you tend to feel better after.

    1. Ugh, that should say *minority* not majority.

    2. I definitely feel better after! And she does too, presumably.
      But imagine (as I do on dark days) if she was faking it all, to make me happy? I don't think I'm that stupid, but maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see?
      Ah yes... the perennial question: is she faking it? Right up there with that other perennial question: is my dick big enough?

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  4. Hot adventures (again). Great piece :-)


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