Saturday, March 25, 2017

"I might have a surprise for you later" ~ Part 1

So my wife was out pretty much all day on Friday at various meetings and came home at 5pm exhausted. After our Mexico sojourn she has decided to have a 'dry month' so she's not drinking alcohol, which makes all these meetings quite grueling. She had a 'friday afternoon drinks' scheduled from 4pm til 7pm but skipped because she also had a spa appointment at 3.45pm.

Then she grumbled about how she really should be at this drinks thing since she was on the Board of the company hosting them.

But instead she sat at her computer, checking her Facebook, and grumbled and sighed some more.

Call me shallow, but I was hoping this was my surprise!

Finally I said if she really felt she should be at this social function (even if she wasn't drinking) then she should go. She agreed, but then said she was also waiting to hear back from some old friend who had arrived back in town and she had promised to catch up. I said 'why not tell her to meet you at this function (in a bar) and you could have dinner afterwards?'.

She agreed this was probably a good solution, and the deal was sealed when I offered to drive her into the city. So my wife stood up (she didn't need to change) and gave me a hug and said "let's go!"  Then she paused, squeezed my butt, and said "you're looking good" which was interesting because my accountant (a 60 year old woman) had said exactly the same thing to me that afternoon.

I guess I looked good.

"I might have a surprise for you later" she (my wife) said, with a wink.

"Ooh, what is it?" I replied, "can I have it now?"

"No" she replied, "otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise"

So I dropped her into the city at 6pm and at 8pm I got a text from my wife, inviting me to come in and join her and her friend who were about to have dinner. I said I'd just eaten dinner, but I'd come in later for dessert. Fifteen minutes later she texted "where are you?" so I replied "coming now" and added an aubergine emoji ie a dick emoji. The wit was lost on her completely.

So I joined them, had a drink, had dessert, said goodbye to the friend, and then we were home by 10.30pm. I was looking forward to my surprise, which I had deduced was her shaved pussy, which is what I figured that late Friday afternoon spa 'treatment' had been for. What else could it be? It didn't look like she had had her nails done.

I parked the car in our garage and my wife immediately went to her computer in our home office and started checking her emails and Facebook. We discussed a travel quote for our next vacation in September, and I suggested we take the cheaper flight even though it meant more layovers. My wife wanted to request a new quote but I said she could do that later since the travel broker wouldn't look at it until Monday anyway. My wife said if she sent something now they might look at it on Saturday morning so off she went.

I went upstairs and turned on the TV, and attempted to entice my wife upstairs with the promise of her favorite show. She said she would be there in a minute but she wasn't. Which didn't surprise me. I knew she had spent 2 minutes sending an email to her travel broker, and then another 58 minutes checking her Facebook to see what she was missing.

So it was now 11.30pm and I was keen to discover what my 'surprise' was, and licking my lips in eager anticipation of a smooth bare pussy sitting on my face. I could almost taste her juices already, because I knew I was going to make her cum hard - mmmmm!

Unfortunately my wife now wanted to watch her favorite show, since I had suggested it, and I guess in her mind it had only been a few minutes, not a whole hour, since she said she was coming upstairs to watch it. So we watched it. At midnight her iPad in the kitchen started pinging, which meant someone was sending her messages.  So she sat on the couch beside me, bending her body away from me and tried to surreptitiously read and reply to whoever was texting her via the iPhone in her hand (on silent).

Given the hour I knew it could only be This Guy, texting from Europe, and I was right. During the next ad break I boldly went to the kitchen (but pretended to go to the bathroom), opened up her iPad, and read their messages. Thank you Apple IOS, for linking her laptop, phone and iPad! The pair were making their plans for when she was visiting him in Europe in April (see screenshots - his words are in gray, hers in blue) but the messages stopped as I read them. Maybe my wife was suspicious, since I wasn't in the room and she would have known her iPad was in the kitchen pinging. I made sure to flush the toilet before coming back to the TV room.

So we got to bed at 1am and I was angry about the texts but still looking forward to my 'surprise'. A bald pussy trumps all, at this stage in my barren sex life. But it was not to be. My wife turned out the lights and went to sleep. She gave me a sort of hug, which I attempted to reciprocate, but she rolled away and mumbled something - as if to say 'what? I'm already asleep'.

Whatever libidinous feelings she had for me at 5pm were gone, possibly washed away by whatever fantasies she had running through her head about This Guy.

I tried to sleep myself, but of course that's impossible when your mind is churning through various scenarios between your wife and This Guy. They may not be having a physical affair. but as their text's show they're certainly sharing a level of intimacy that goes beyond 'professional'. I haven't mentioned this previously but three days ago they were on the phone together (ostensibly to talk about some international BNG project) and I overheard him say (because my wife had gone upstairs to take the call but put him on speakerphone - and I had eavesdropped) "don't worry, I have to look after my honey-bunny".

I don't know WTF the context that was said in, but it reminded me of when I first realised something was going on between them two years ago (in NY) when she admitted they had given each other 'joke' pet names during their drunken night in Tijuana (for which I wasn't present) 6 months prior.

So here I am, at 2.30am, pounding away at the keyboard trying to get this (whatever 'this' is) out of my system. It's not helped now that I've just discovered an email (also received at midnight) from BNG International confirming both a payment received from my wife and also that This Guy is now her registered guest at the next BNG conference in April in [European city]. As you might recall from this post This Guy asked her if he could be her 'partner' at the conference, and she agreed. As he said at the time: "the rumors will spread LOL"

So... do you think they've cheated already, or are they about to consummate their online affair in [European city]?

Or maybe nothing is going on and I'm just being paranoid?

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