Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Japanese fascination with Schoolgirls

I've been to Japan twice, visiting big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but I never saw anything like what is shown in the video above. Sure, I saw a hint of it in some of the back streets in Tokyo but since I didn't speak the language I was oblivious to most of it. Being a gaijin (foreigner) no-one handed me a flyer, which I presumed were just for local eating houses.

This short doco is really good and yet very sad. I'm not smart enough to articulate myself properly but when I was there I became intensely aware of what a male dominated society it was and how narrow it was for women. Once married they are not expected to work, which is why they put it off if they can - and yet they can't risk putting it off for too long because god forbid they should end up unmarried. Life for both genders in Japan is very regimented and both are expected to perform specific roles and behave in a specific manner.  The culture/society dictates it, and the majority will not deviate from the norm.

 When one of the school girls in the short doco above says she has no friends it almost broke my heart. Another one, now older and wiser, talks about how the people who she thought were her friends weren't. They were the ones who introduced her to "JK" ("joshi-kosei osanpo dates" - that’s Japanese for “high school walking”).  JK is the business of selling schoolgirls. It starts off with paying schoolgirls to walk around the block with you, or telling you your fortune, or drinking tea with you - but of course that is just the soft end of the stick. The 'pimps' (because what else would you call these so called businessmen who run these supposedly 'harmless' services for supposedly 'lonely' Japanese men?) are grooming the girls to see which girls are susceptible to offering 'more' on the menu of services.

It's an unpleasant subject but well worth a watch. Be informed, it might be your grandchildrens future.

As I read more and more articles about how AI (artificial intelligence) and robots will take over most of the traditional jobs in the next 30 years I have to wonder what will be left for people to do. It's a subject I bore my real world friends with: if the robots and 'automation' are doing everything then what is left for humans to do to earn a living? My answer is sex work, which doesn't sit very well with them, even though they can't give any examples of what we'll do in the future.

And given the technological advances in sex dolls (as I mentioned last Sunday) even that work may not be an option either!

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