Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TMI Tuesday – March 21, 2017 ~ Work Life Balance

I am convinced this would improve my Work Life Balance

1. What did you do with your very first paycheck?
~ I don't recall. I started working when I was old enough to to do a paper route (delivering newspapers). I also started doing odd jobs around the neighborhood from an early age. I started buying my own clothes when I was about 15 (so I looked fly) and I bought my first car when I was 17 (and it wasn't a clunker), all with my own money.

2. Besides paying recurring bills, What did you do with your last paycheck?
~ I don't get paychecks anymore. I haven't worked in a long time. I live off my investments. I live very frugally since technically I'm 'poor'. Luckily my wife is rich so she pays for most of my living expenses and vacations.

3. There is only one bricks ‘n’ mortar store allowed to remain within 200 miles of your home. What type of store would you want this to be? You can name a type of store or the specific name of a store.
~ Walmart. The people who shop there are amazing. As are the staff. And they have everything.

4. You are only allowed and able to access one website for an entire year. What website do you choose to be your one and only?
~ It would probably have to be Facebook then, since they would have the most embedded content within their site. Coincidentally... I disconnected my Facebook page when I got back from Mexico so I've been off 'crackbook' for a week now. My wife is surprised.

5. What makes you cringe – in life, at work, in the bedroom?
~ In life: people who try too hard to be liked/loved by others. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and you can see the desperation in their eyes.
~ At work: been a while since I had co-workers but I'd say it was a version of trying too hard to please (as above). Or putting up with shit they don't deserve from a boss or co-workers.
~ In the bedroom: the only thing that makes me cringe is my own behavior, sometimes. My wife has rebuffed me for so long for so many times that I keep telling myself I need to just stop trying. So I refuse to initiate, hoping that she finally will - but she never does. The most I can last without sex is 6 weeks at which point I do something rash that I regret. (see next question)

6. What can you do better – in life, at work, in the bedroom?
~ I have started to make changes in my life ie trying to find/create my own happiness. My wife does whatever the hell she wants without any regard to what I might want, she is focussed on 'enjoying life'. It's a one sided relationship, which was confirmed during our 2 weeks in Mexico. Her fellow female BNG members all told her (during the BNG conference in Mexico) what a kind attentive thoughtful husband I was, and she revelled in that. She told me how they all complimented me and told her what a great husband I was. Which was nice to hear but this time it did not translate into any libidinous feelings on her part - which is what used to happen in years previous. She would get horny (possessive?) for me whenever her female friends complimented me and/or told her how lucky she was to have me.
In the bedroom? We are back to me refusing to initiate sex, since it is clear my wife is not interested and I am sick of degrading myself by 'forcing' myself upon her. No, nothing rapey, I just reach a point where I'm virtually begging for sex - to the point where it is embarrassing and she feels obligated to oblige me in some way. Lately (this past 12 months, at least) it has meant handjobs to give me some release. She starts me off and then gets me to finish, since "you know what you like". I feel like shit afterwards. So... now I am masturbating solo so that I don't have blue balls and start getting desperate.
Suffice to say it is not the life I imagined when we got married 20+ years ago.

Bonus: If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
~ I have no freaking idea.

Double Bonus: "I have managed to have sex with my wife while we are in Mexico, but it has been kind of odd. I will explain more when I get home and have the chance to write."  I wrote that two weeks ago but still haven't had the opportunity to write it up. I promise I'm trying to get to it, but [spoiler!] it's not a great or happy story.

This was my original image choice, which I captioned
"I googled 'work sex' and got this! ha ha"
then I had a brainwave: google 'office sex' instead!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Damn man, answer 6 and the forthcoming Mexico story sound a little downbeat, especially after all of that hot, but intermittant anal sex that you were enjoying just not that long ago.

    Re Googling Office sex, doesn't sound like my recent adventures of visiting someone else's workplace for 9-5 intercourse are ranking on the search engines yet......so in an attempt to rectify that:



  2. Yeah it is a little downbeat, and to be fair someone commented elsewhere that my wife's lack of libido could be due to menopause approaching. That's actually not something we've discussed so I'm gonna do some more investigation into that.
    As for your links... they're great! They are exactly the fantasies I've entertained. When my wife was the big corporate boss in the big corner office I once tried (more than once, actually) to get her to have sex with me but she said 'no way, no how'. I even tried after hours, during the weekend, since she had claimed the risk of her subordinates catching her at it wasn't worth it, but again she said 'no dice'.
    I have often wondered what it would be like to have a woman just walk into a room, bend over a table/desk/sofa, lift up her skirt to reveal her pantiless ass, and say "just fuck me, NOW!" Clearly you and YSL know exactly what that is like - I'm jealous!


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