Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TMI Tuesday: March 28, 2017 ~ Sexy it is!

One of those arty nude pics you find on Tumblr

1. What question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner?
~ "You don't really want to have sex with me, do you?"
As you may have picked up from my recent posts, my wife seems to be taking every opportunity to avoid having sex with me. She's made several hints in the past few days that we might have sex (see here and here) but she's never actually followed through. As I mentioned in this post she meets with her BNG sub group monthly and part of that meeting involves an open discussion on self improvement. I hacked her emails and saw what she had written to bring to the meeting: one of the things she knew she had to address was "my husband and I seem to have gotten out of our groove and I need devote more time to him to get our groove back". Based on How Stella Got Her Groove Back I presume she's acknowledging our woeful sexlife. 
See also my answers to Q4 below. I can't seem to ask for those either (although once I did tell her I wanted to tie her up - she responded by asking why couldn't she tie me up? I said I was happy to try that if she wanted to, but she didn't really. She was just asserting herself as unwilling to be 'submissive' to me).

2. What question about sex do you find hard to ask anyone?
~ "Can we do Anal?"
Some women like it, some women don't mind it, some women hate it, and for some women it's an absolute deal breaker. To request it signifies that you are a deviant pervert of the worst order. 
(Full disclosure: I don't actually enjoy anything in my butt either - or has my wife just been doing it wrong?)

3. Sexually, what are your favorite things to do?
~ As is probably clear from this blog, I absolutely love love LOVE cunnilingus. I love going down on my wife and will gladly eat her out any time she likes - even if it means throat cancer one day for me! When we fuck I prefer doggy style (I really love pounding in deep and hard) but I also enjoy it when she rides me in the reverse cow girl position (I love watching her ass bounce up and down, and seeing her asshole pucker open when she's excited). On the rare occasions we have had anal sex I've enjoyed it and I'd really like to explore it properly (see the 'anal' and 'Anal Sex' tags below for those experiences).

Kind of like this but the other way around
4. Name 3 things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them?
~ Anal sex (the forbidden fruit, we've only 'got it right, perfectly' once)
~ Light bondage (tying her up, making her submit to me)
~ Forced orgasms (tying her up so she can't stop me as I keep eating her out; tying her up face down on the bed with a vibrator on her clit while I fuck her ass or pussy for as long as I want to)
~ Submission (this is a fantasy I've never [and can't] asked for: I want to sit at my desk in our office and watch porn on my computer while she sits under the desk and blows me. When I'm ready to cum I will jerk off and blast it all over her face, or in her mouth if she's squeamish)

5. In how many countries have you had sexual relations?
~ Too many to count, honestly. But that is a result of us travelling together over three decades. You've actually touched upon an idea for a post I've been mulling over - the life cycle of our sexual intimacy. I alluded to it here - my wife used to put off sex until we were on vacation. She'd refuse me for two weeks saying she was busy, tired, etc but promising we'd get plenty once we arrived at the hotel because then she could relax and enjoy lots of vacation sex. But now even vacation sex seems to have fallen by the wayside. Hence the question I proffered in Q1.

Bonus: Describe your ideal sex partner.
~ Someone who is sexually liberated ie knows what she wants, openly communicates what she wants, and knows how to get it. Someone who is willing to experiment, and willing to share herself sexually with me ie do things for my pleasure, not just hers - as I would do for her. I'm envious of many of the women blogging the TMI Tuesday meme since they seem to have many of the attributes of what I would consider an ideal sexual partner. Lately I've been binge reading A slave to Master by Ancilla_Kssst and getting quite jealous of their relationship. Whilst I don't want a slave or any of the extreme sex (no judgement!) they enjoy, I do love seeing how the two of them interact sexually so happily. I also have a TMI crush on Arj, Atiya, Heelsnstocking, and Jack & Jill.  (And a few other TMI'ers but I'll shut up now!!)

Double Bonus: you missed yesterday's post "I might have a surprise for you later" and you also missed Friday's post The Friday Night Surprise (No Surprise!)


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Good answers - as to watching porn and your wife blowing you - i did that a while back with my man, finishing with cum over my lips and face - but as my posts show i am into submission and a certain amount of humiliation. Incidentally my man does not want me to give him any anal play - it dosn't turn him on either.

    1. May I say (with tongue in cheek) that there is nothing humiliating about having a man cum on your face. It's only humiliating if he won't let you wipe it off, and then makes you hold his hand and walk outside in public with him! :P

    2. You do make me laugh out loud!

    3. Good!
      I'd hate for people to think I was as morose as some of my blog posts might make out!
      : )

  2. I am sorry for the lack of sex between you and your wife. I am going through a dry spell with my boyfriend currently and it has been a little frustrating.

    1. Yeah, damn frustrating! But guess what happened last night?
      We had sex - the drought is broken!
      Details: https://goo.gl/GCnKhV


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