Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TMI Tuesday: March 7, 2017 ~ Dates, Mates & Relationships

Dates, Mates & Relationships

This is pretty much how I'd let a girl know I was interested when I'd met her at a party or club.
But there would have been a fourth less aggressive move to kick it all off. 

1. Which of these are you most often guilty of in a relationship:

a. jealousy

b. not apologizing

c. not keeping your word

d. guilt trips

~ I get jealous all the time, but I consider that feeling quite reasonable considering that my wife is very attractive and men are always touching her when they meet - a kiss (not a peck) on the cheek and a hand on the hip as they lean in. We are not Latin or French, there is no need for it. I'm talking about her BNG buddies of course, and there is always a lot of alcohol served at these functions and/or the 'after parties'. I don't see a lot of 'Business Networking' at these events, just a lot of drinking and flirting. It makes me wonder how they behave with my wife when I'm not there - I've witnessed men give her a serious clinch/grope when they didn't know I was there or didn't know I was her partner.
I checked 'guilt trips' because 'spiralling into despair' was not an option. I do not lay a guilt trip on my wife, but she does with me: telling me that if I think she's having an affair or cheating then she might just do so since I think she is anyway.

Coincidentally my wife never apologises (because she feels she is never wrong - if you think she is she will argue with you for an hour until you accept she was not wrong, and it was you that was wrong to think that she was wrong) and while I wouldn't say she doesn't keep her word I would say she means what she said when she said it but can change her mind at any moment. This means when she says she is really tired and wants to be home by midnight you can still be up at 3am at an afterparty drinking with the same BNG buddies you drank with until 3am the night before...

2. Which of the following behaviors would annoy you most in a partner.

a. fishing for compliments by verbalizing self-doubt

b. passive-aggressive behavior

c. usually forgets important dates i.e., birthday, anniversary

d. making you feel guilty when spending time with friends

~ I checked both because my wife is guilty of both, and it upsets me. We celebrate a significant anniversary later this year, but my wife has booked herself (solo) on a week away with her BNG buddies for a 'business retreat' instead. My birthday presents (and card) are always bought at lunch time on my birthday.

3. Consider you are looking for a mate, rank these traits in order of importance, with 1 being most important, and 7 being least important.

2 ___ Kindness

1 ___ Honesty

7 ___ Ambitious

6 ___ Confidence

4 ___ Reliable

5 ___ Assertive

3 ___ Sense of Humor

~ Many of these are only ahead of another by a very narrow margin, the last half are probably all 4th equal.

4. Score! You exchanged numbers with a hottie. Now you: (pick one)

a. Wait for a week, see if that person calls you first.

b. Call the next day if not sooner.

c. Call and text incessantly. Let them know they’ve made an impression.

d. You’d never call. What if you get rejected?

~ At my age, and after this many years with my wife, if someone gave me their number I'd think it was a Honeytrap. Either my wife was setting me up, or some hottie just thought I was a sucker they could play.

5. How did you handle your last relationship break up?

a. You’ve never been in a relationship before. The timing’s never been right.

b. You went out and got drunk every night, until you forgot everything.

c. You went out on a massive amount of dates, even with people you knew you had no interest, making sure to date a new face every night.

d. You felt bad and cried, but bounced back in a couple of days.

e. You felt bad, but bounced back in a couple of days.

~ I wrote in e. myself, because I've never been dumped. I was always the Dumper, not the Dumpee.

Bonus: Would you take a holiday all by yourself, at the ‘spur of the moment’? Why or Why not? Where would you go?
~ I have been sorely tempted several times, usually when my wife has driven me to despair and I've considered leaving her. I want to leave because I can't take it anymore, and figure it would be better to take some 'time out' that blow up. But I never do.
Coincidentally this is the year that my wife is already planning several solo trips, which she claims are BNG related but I know are really an excuse to vacation without me. Up until now we've always vacationed together. 
Prediction: at the Mexico BNG conference they announced the next one will be in India later in the year. Everyone was buzzing because India BNG is made up of very rich individuals and are known for hosting the most luxe events. I know my wife really wants to go, and she knows I've always wanted to go to India, but I predict she will go on her own to this 'essential' BNG conference.

Double Bonus: I have managed to have sex with my wife while we are in Mexico, but it has been kind of odd. I will explain more when I get home and have the chance to write.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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