Monday, April 3, 2017

A visual prompt for Masturbation Monday

I got an email last week from Kayla Lords, host of the Masturbation Monday meme. I've participated in a few MM memes but generally I have nothing erotic to post, just sad stories about how I'm jerking off because my wife isn't having sex with me.

Kayla was writing to everyone who'd participated previously in Masturbation Monday to give them a heads up that Masturbation Month is coming in May; and she invited photographers and bloggers who share their own sexy images to submit one to be used as a 'prompt' for the meme during the month of May.

I immediately thought of this image below. It was one that I had planned to use for last month's Hooker Hacks: have sex with your husband!! - before deciding to use one from the gorgeous LexyLu instead (who is not a hooker, don't let the post title fool you):

Obviously I can't submit the above image because I don't own it (and I don't know who does - it was 'found' on the internet) so Kayla can't publish it, but I do find it very sexy. It's a very simple shot but quite beguiling. I don't know who she is (probably a model) but I chose to imagine she's just an 'ordinary' woman, maybe a wife or mother, and she's decided to live out some fantasy or tick something off her sexual bucket list (same thing?) by stripping naked in the back of the car while stopped in a public park.

What happens next?

Well, maybe you could make a few sexy suggestions in the comments section below? Better still, if you feel like trying your hand at a bit of creative fiction (erotic, of course!) you could write something longer and send it to me c/o neroblogshere[at]gmail[dot]com. And if you're really game, you could also forward it to Kayla c/o Masturbation Monday


click here for more about 'Masturbation Monday' (much more!)

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