Monday, April 24, 2017

Flashback: "I can't stop, I AM SO CLOSE!"

My wife is flying off to Europe, for a conference where she's meeting This Guy. After the conference she flies to his home city (also in Europe) for a 3 day visit. But they're not having an affair, they're just good friends within the global BNG network. Nothing to worry about Nero! 
But since I am worried I thought it would be best if I spared you my angst - so I'm on hiatus this week while she's away. Which gives me a great opportunity to recycle some of my old posts! Here's an excerpt from this one, from November 17th, 2016....

".... So in MM - Mutual Masturbation +1 I recounted how I'd plan to have sex with my wife but due to her period I couldn't, so we engaged in... (did the title give it away?) ... a little mutual masturbation instead. It was good but on Sunday morning I woke up feeling still horny. Note I said 'still horny' and not 'feeling horny'. I've become aware that even when I have great sex and had a great orgasm(s) I am always still horny later. Always!

I figure it's because I'm often horny but have to repress myself due to my wife's low libido; so when I do actually cum the floodgates are open and I just want more. This often means that hours after having sex I am in my office watching porn/reading erotica and jerking off. Am I an orgasm addict? A chronic masturbator? Damned if I know, I'm no psychologist.  

Before I got my hands on Playboy (and before 'graduating' to Penthouse) as a young boy
this was all I could jerk off to: lingerie ads in my mother's magazines. Dad had no porn.
Either way, this meant that I was in my basement office at 9am on Sunday (waking up early is another symptom of what I call 'residual horniness') and telling myself I couldn't look at any porn until I'd done my 'chores' ie writing up Monday's post first. The problem is that when I recount a sexual encounter with my wife I get aroused again. This time was no different, in fact it was worse. Not only had I written it up but I also then had to find pictures to illustrate it. Normally I just grab one or two images but this time I ended up with over a dozen - hence this pictorial post!

So my cock was once again rock hard and starting to throb in my pyjama pants, due to being in a constant state of arousal for an hour. I thought now was as good a time as any to 'take a break' and 'reward myself' for my diligent efforts. I pulled up a hidden window on my browser, from the last time I'd been reading Literotica (checking out what my wife had been reading) and there were the 10 unread stories (in different tabs) from the last time. 

I thought I should read rather than watch porn because I had no idea what time my daughter would wake up, and my worst nightmare would be her waking up and hearing her father watching some porn in the basement as she came down for breakfast. 

Anyway, I started reading various stories, stroking my cock but not quite getting off. I heard my wife come downstairs and fix herself something to eat. I kept reading, with one ear open in case she came downstairs to the basement office, but she didn't because she had her laptop with her in the living room. So I kept reading, and then I heard my daughter come downstairs and fix herself something to eat as well. I kept reading, with one ear open in case she came downstairs to the basement office, but I knew she wouldn't because she never comes down. Well, hardly ever, which meant I still had to keep one ear open.

So this led to quite a lot of 'edging'. I would get close to cumming, then I would hear a noise, or the two of them talking, then it would be quiet again so I would continue reading, then I would get close to cumming, then I would hear a noise, or the two of them talking, then it would be quiet again so I would continue reading... and so it went. The whole time my cock is 'fat' ie either rock hard or 'plump' and always close to coming. I was pretty much jacking it constantly.

I read a lot of stories: 'Loving Wives' (hot wives having sex with other men while the husband watched/participated), 'Gangbangs' (we all know those ones), 'Interracial' (white woman [sometimes a 'wife'] discovers big black cock and goes crazy for it), 'Group Sex' (we all know those, usually 3way or 4way Swingers), and I even read a few 'Cuckold' stories (husband get's 'sloppy seconds' [or nothing] after hot wife has been out slutting with other men - often forced [often happily] to eat the other man's cum from his wife's pussy afterwards) even though I normally don't read that genre.

"If she thinks I'm going to eat her out now, she's dreaming" thought Nero, bitterly
I normally don't read that genre because it's not my cup of tea at all, yet this time I was in such a state of arousal I managed to push past the ick factor (swallowing another man's sperm? ugh!) (I wouldn't even swallow my own, actually) and just enjoy the fucking. There's another genre my wife is into: 'Taboo' (code for incest fantasy, where the relatives are all over 18) and I read some of those too. But I was reading mother/son stuff (son comes home from college no longer the kid he was when he left, reminding widow of her long dead husband, lust ensues) and sibling relationships gone awry; not the father/daughter (or uncle/daugher, or grandpa/granddaughter) stuff which my wife prefers and I don't.

I have a daughter so that is completely icky to me, and by the same token I also think sex with my mother would be gross ... but yet I can read a mother/son story - so it's quite a bizarre genre isn't it? Bizarre but very popular, according to the stats. I guess that's why it's called 'incest fantasy' - very few people really want to have sex with a sibling or relative but the stories can be so hot. I guess after all it's the last nasty sex taboo, since we've pretty much all tried some form of anal play at some stage haven't we?

But I digress... so I read all these stories, always edging on cumming just as I hear noises on the floor above me. I still have a massive hard on and a very strong desire to cum. I resolve to read one last story and this time to 'finish' regardless - no more distractions!! So I'm jacking my cock, speed reading the story (ie skipping the plot and just fast forwarding to the sex bits) and I hear some movement above me, but I've heard that movement all day so I ignore it, and then I can feel 'it' boiling in my balls, this time I am going to cum, and... I hear footsteps on the stairs above me - someone is coming down!

But I'm so fucking close I can't stop... besides, I've always fantasized about my wife catching me masturbating (as in leading to something better) so I carry on... but what if it's my daughter? WTF?... but I can't stop, I AM SO CLOSE! ... I know they're at the halfway point on the stairs so I can finish, I'm sure of it... I do finish, it's like a Supernova, my orgasm explodes with hyperintensity but is over as quickly as it came... the cum squirts up high and falls back on my hand, I'm careful not to let it go anywhere else... I use my other hand and squeeze my balls and force it out, wringing out the last of my orgasm... I'm quitting the window on my laptop and hopping like a kangaroo to the bathroom (next to our basement office), my pants still around my ankles...


Someone is pulling open the bathroom door.... [continued]

[You can read the complete story here, originally posted November 17th, 2016]


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