Friday, April 28, 2017

Flashback: "Smack it!" she begged, "spank my ass!"

My wife is in Europe, on a conference where she's meeting This Guy. After the conference she flies to his home city (also in Europe) for a 3 day visit. But they're not having an affair, they're just good friends within the global BNG network. Nothing to worry about Nero! 
But since I am worried I thought it would be best if I spared you my angst - so I'm on hiatus this week while she's away. Which gives me a great opportunity to recycle some of my old posts! Here's an excerpt from this one, from June 17, 2016....

"Good, you've come to bed" she said, grinning, like she'd been waiting for me. Like she'd been waiting for me because she'd read some very dirty stories and was as horny as fuck.

Oh yeah, she was definitely as horny as fuck.

I'd no sooner got into the bed when she leaned over and kissed me. On the mouth, with tongue.

She never does that.

keep reading - this comes later

... soon my hands were roaming all over her body. I moved one over her breast quickly, to sneakily ascertain her level of arousal. Her nipple was rock hard, jutting out proud and firm. Yeah, she was aroused! She moaned in my ear and pressed her body against me as her hand snaked down to my cock. I was hard too, and she moaned again when she discovered my throbbing erection. I quickly shucked off my boxers and she grabbed my naked length and started tugging on my stiff prick.

.... she got up and straddled my face. She pulled my head up and into her wet pussy, and I tongue fucked her for all I was worth. She seemed to be cumming because she got extremely wet and the taste changed. I loved it.

Suddenly she released me and swung herself around, into the 69 position. She started swallowing my dick immediately, whilst simultaneously planting her cunt on my face. She was a woman on a mission - moaning and groaning as she slobbered all over my fat cock, as she ground her pussy into my mouth. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up a bit, spreading her cheeks so I could inhale her scent properly and tongue her good. It swirled all over her and she just got wetter and wetter.

Again it occurred to me she must have been reading something really dirty because she was working herself into quite the frenzy, and again I didn't care. She was licking my cock, jacking my cock, swallowing my cock, and all the while rolling her hips all over my face and tongue. I think she must have cum again because she arched her back and tried to suffocate me with her twitching pussy. I clapped my hands on her butt cheeks and drove my tongue in even deeper. She was flooding my mouth with her juices - and suffocating me!

... She was moaning again now, and then groaning as I pressed my wet thumb over her rosebud. I pressed the doorbell but did not enter, choosing instead to pummel her pussy - so hard my balls were slapping up against her clit. That set her off on another trajectory as she started slapping her clit with her free hand and grazing my balls in the process.

"I'm going to cum" I warned her.

"Yes yess" she hissed, "cum in me, fill my pussy"

"No, not like this..."

"Where?" she interjected, "in my mouth? on my tits? in my face...?"

Wow! What the fuck had she been reading? She's never talked this dirty before.... [continued]

[first posted on June 17, 2016, you can read the complete story here]


This post has also been submitted to Masturbation Monday - hence it was edited for length.

click here for more about 'Masturbation Monday' (much more!)


  1. Yeah, I've read things that drove me a bit wild like that, too. :)

  2. Now this was freaking hot and oh so familiar! I just got together with my boyfriend after knowing him for 6 years. He is driving me crazy with his tongue.. every single second.. he can't keep his hands off lol.. I'm a horny bitch, and hopefully he never gets enough of me..

    1. Well you're a lucky horny bitch then! Imagine if you were horny but he wasn't giving you any? Ha! :-)

  3. Oh man. I've definitely read things that have really worked me up

    1. And hopefully you had someone there to help you out (although flying solo is never a bad thing either).


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