Friday, April 7, 2017

Guess what I like?

via Instagram

Have a great weekend everyone!!
#legs #butt #ass #tightleggings #fetishfriday

BONUS! (ie not mentioned on Instagram)

These leggings were very fashion forward a few years back and my wife had a pair. One night when we came home I wouldn't let her take them off - I made her lie on the bed and I rubbed my naked self all over her. It felt fantastic! My lust aroused her and it wasn't long before I was jacking off, my balls pressed against her shiny butt as she fingered herself beneath me.  She loved it when I sprayed the proverbial 'hot jets of sticky cum' over her clothed ass and couldn't stop looking at it after (in the mirror).

I guess that was her pornstar princess fantasy at play?

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