Thursday, April 6, 2017

I was in Santa Monica two months ago ...

via Instagram

... and I didn't see @sommerray - that is #disappointing !!

In other disappointing news: there was no sex last night. Not really surprising but my wife did mention last Friday that our next 'scheduled sex' 'date' was Wednesday - which naturally got my hopes up. Instead she went to bed early because she'd a very long day (she had). And had to get up early again this morning.

#beach #babe #beautiful #butt #collar

UPDATE: I checked my posts and it was actually a week ago that we last had sex! She told me then that our next 'date' was the weekend, but when the weekend came said she was still too sore and suspected cystitus might be on it's way. You can't argue (game over!) once a woman plays the Cystitis card.

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