Thursday, April 13, 2017

It’s always fun to masturbate together? ~ Original Draft

Editorial note:~ This is the original draft of Monday's 'It’s always fun to masturbate together?' post which I ruthlessly edited for length. Readers of the Masturbation Monday meme prefer shorter hotter posts. Today's posts includes all the bits I've cut out (ie me talking about how I felt) plus a few bonus images for your trouble. Feel free to pass judgement in the comments section below. I welcome your editorial criticisms!! Tell me whether you prefer the longer or the shorter version. Maybe you just prefer less depressing whining angst from me?

"It’s always fun to masturbate together. Don’t you think so?"

Thus began the prompt for last week's Masturbation Monday meme - which in turn ended up being a prompt for our 'sex' last Saturday night. I say 'sex' instead of just sex because I'm still in a transitional phase. I'm still coming to grips (no pun intended) with the realisation that most of the sex my wife and I have now is non-penetrative, replaced with what amount to mutual masturbation sessions. Like the one we had on Saturday night, for which I'll give the details to after this short pictorial break:

As well as the question above Kayla Lords also gave us this image as a visual prompt for this week's Masturbation Monday meme

What you see in
What I see in the image above is how I imagine what mutual masturbation should be. Granted the shot is cropped fairly close, but I imagine this couple is masturbating together for their mutual enjoyment. They're not two people coincidentally masturbating side by side who could just as easily have been getting themselves off in separate rooms.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as that. I guess I'm a bit of Glass Half Empty sort of guy so I'll just stick to the facts and let you decide...

We'd been out for an early cocktail party followed by dinner with another couple on Saturday night, but as I've mentioned previously my wife is halfway through a 4 week 'no alcohol' bender. This means she's just drinking water for 4 weeks to prove she's not an alcoholic. I don't think she's an alcoholic but I do think she goes to a lot of social functions and over indulges sometimes. She can't stop at just 2-4 drinks, she just keeps going (if it's a long day/night).

[Side note: That gif above is mesmerizing isn't it? I just keep looking at it as I try to type this. I just want to stop writing and jerk off again. I mean, seriously, just look at that frikken pussy (straight women may just be staring at the cock)! It's so sensual the way she fingers herself.]

Anyway the point is that when she doesn't drink she doesn't get frisky. This doesn't necessarily mean Tipsy = Frisky, but the odds of her getting amorous are greater when she is. Where am I going with this? I dunno. Let's just say we were home by 11pm and my wife went straight to bed to read her magazines. By midnight I thought 'fuck this' and went upstairs to join her - and to see what's up with our 'Scheduled Sex' arrangement.

Because while my wife was looking at fashion magazines I was online and reading a few of Kayla Lords' posts. I was fascinated to see that she describes herself as a 'submissive' which is not what I expected from a woman who writes erotica and operates a few sex blogs. I guess I just didn't expect a woman who seems so confident about her sexuality and forthright about what she wants (and so knowledgeable about what's available) to consider herself sexually submissive. I consider her to be a powerful dynamic individual and...

... and then the penny dropped.

My wife is a powerful dynamic individual... used to ordering everyone around... getting her own way... getting what she wants... making things happen. What if my wife was sexually submissive? I don't think she wants to be tied up and spanked (well, maybe) but what if she wanted me to be more
Alpha in the bedroom? Domanitrix are always in the media talking about how their clients are often high powered captains of industry, politicians, and judges - people used to having a certain level of control over other people but wanting to be told what to do on the bedroom. To have that control stripped away from them.

Maybe my wife just wants to be told what to do in the bedroom? If I recall correctly there have been many occasions when my wife has given out plenty of negative sex vibes and yet acquiesced as soon as I initiate directly. (To be fair it's 50/50 that she could just as easily shoot me down). I decided to put it to the test. I went upstairs, got into bed, and sidled up to my wife.

"What are you reading?" I enquired, as I ran my hand under the covers - from her knee to her inner thigh. It was patently obvious she was reading a fashion magazine.

"This issue seems to be full of 'old lady' fashions this month" she replied, since she also knew I knew what she was reading.

"Uh huh," I responded, glancing at the clothes. They indeed looked a bit dowdy. I was glad she thought so - just because you've hit fifty doesn't mean you have to dress like an Old Maid.  But I wasn't here to talk fashion. "How's the regrowth?" I asked, throwing back the covers so I could see her pussy. It had been two weeks since she had gotten a brazilian and she was still looking quite trim, there was only minimal regrowth. 

My wife's regrowth wasn't as bad as this (not that I'd kick her out of bed)
"...probably needs a closer inspection" I offered, as I got up and moved between her legs. She didn't say anything but she moved her legs wider, as she continued reading. I slowly sunk my head down to her pussy. "Ow, scratchy!" she cried out, as my beard grazed her thighs. She'd never said that before, which was puzzling. I'd had a beard for 2+ years now, something she told me to keep after we visited Brooklyn for 3 weeks without a razor and she decided I blended well with the hipsters.

"I'll shave in the morning" I said, as I spread her legs wider and clamped my hands onto her upper inner thighs. Now all she could feel was the iron grip of my manly hands and my feather-like tongue as it rolled over and around her labia. She continued to read her magazine as I continued to tease her, until finally she dropped her magazine and pushed her pussy up into my face. She had one hand on the back of my head and the other was presumably squeezing her breast. 

I couldn't see but that's what she does when it feels good.

When she released her hand from my head I looked up. She had a hand on each breast and both eyes shut tight as she ground her pussy into my face. "Yeah, just there" she moaned, as my tongue found the sweet spot on her clit. "Don't move!" she hissed, grabbing my head with both hands and locking me into position. I flattened my tongue and held it there, pressing hard, just how she likes it. 

She came, releasing my head and kind of tossing me back. When she cums she doesn't want any more contact down there. It's sensitive, she says. Fair enough, my dick is sensitive after I've come too. I could tell it was a 'small' orgasm (I'm old enough to know that that's how it is sometimes) but I resisted the temptation to go back in for a second. Sometimes I do (after a brief rest period for her) but not tonight - I just wasn't getting that vibe off her.

I rolled over and removed my boxers and then lay back on the bed. She reached over and gave my stiff prick a gentle tug. "Jerk it for me" she said, as her hand dropped to my balls. She started caressing me there as I jacked my cock slowly. She slid one leg over my thigh and started clenching against me. Then she slipped her hand between us and started grinding against her hand, pressed against my thigh. Hmmm, maybe she was looking for a second cum after all?  I put my arm over her shoulder and reached around to her breast, giving her sideboob a firm but gentle squeeze.

My wife rolled onto her back so I could have better access to her breasts... and so she could have better access to her pussy. She had her left on her clit as her right hand continued to play with my balls. My right hand was on my cock and my left hand on her right tit. I was squeezing it a bit harder now, rolling her stiff nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It was rock hard now, as was my cock.

Her back arched and she moved both hands to her cunt. Her eyes were shut and I could see her disappearing into her own little world. I placed each of my hands on each of her breasts and continued massaging them. She was pulling both hands up hard into her pussy, rolling her hips slightly, and her teeth were clenched. I could see she had one finger from her left hand pressed down on her clit, splitting her pussy lips, as the whole of her right hand covered her left and bore down hard.

It was clear she was oblivious to my presence so I let go of her tits and watched as she got herself off. Her butt was lifted ever so slightly off the bed as she pushed up against her hands, which were bearing down with matching force. As I said, she had the finger from her left hand pressed hard on her clit, providing specific local pressure, as the whole of her right hand covered her left hand and provided a dispersed pressure all over her cunt. 

She grunted as she made a few short quick thrusts into her hand - a final hump as her second orgasm overwhelmed her. She slumped back on the bed and breathed. When she finally opened her eyes she looked at my cock and asked "why did you stop?"  I told her I was watching her. "Well it's your turn now" she said, as she turned away and reached over to the nightstand to get the lube.

Lube? So we were going to have penetrative P.I.V. sex after all? I guess the trick was to get her off twice so she was really aroused, and hungry for my dick! Clearly all those times we'd 'just' enjoyed mutual masturbation was because she hadn't had enough foreplay. I resolved to work on that...

My hopes were dashed when she squirted the lube on her hand and grabbed my dick. That's not a bad thing, but it meant we weren't having P.I.V. sex because she always lubes herself first when are. This meant I was getting a lube handjob, which I knew would be nice since I'd asked her to try it that way the last time. Except this wasn't so nice because she a new brand of lube and it dried really fast around my hot cock. Instead of giving me a slick handjob it was like her hand was coated in wallpaper glue.

The problem with lube is that once you start with it you're kind of committed to it. She added more in an attempt to keep things slippery but it still kept drying out - maybe because my cock was hot and throbbing. I told her to use her fingers just on the tip, which she did, but not the way I wanted. She got me close, but not close enough. It was like I was running up a mountain but just as I reached the summit my feet were slipping on gravel. I was running but going nowhere, neither forward nor backward. 

Maybe this is why our sex life is so dysfunctional? We both can get ourselves off better than the other can? She knows the exact rhythm and pressure to apply to her clit and pussy when masturbates and likewise me and my cock? I decided now was not the time for self examination, it would only lead to despondency and a limp cock. "Turn over" I told her, "I'm gonna cum on your ass!"  It was not so much that I wanted to cum on her ass as I needed a mechanism to take over the handjob. I could have cum on her tits but that would only reinforce the fact that she couldn't make me cum with a handjob.

Lying on her stomach meant she would be freed of the burden of trying to jack me off. 

I climbed up behind and started fisting my cock. I wanted to slide it up and down her asscrack but the wallpaper glue was now a dried mess and it felt terrible. I pulled back and just started wanking, my balls pressed against her butt. My wife reached back and started massaging her cheeks but I wanted more. "Show me your asshole," I ordered "I'm gonna cum all over it".  My wife dutifully grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them wider, exposing her tight little asshole to me. 

"Yeah, that's it" I groaned lustily. We'd had anal sex possibly a half dozen times in our 20+ years together but it still looked like a virgin asshole. Tight and pink. I really wanted to fuck her there, and had convinced myself many times that I deserved to fuck her there is she couldn't accommodate me in the front entrance, but reality prevailed over fantasy and I knew I wouldn't be trying that tonight. But that didn't mean I couldn't have a little fun.

"Stick your finger in your ass" I told her, "I wanna see you finger your asshole while I cum on you"

She placed one finger tentatively in her hole but she didn't go in far. This annoyed me because I've seen her go in a lot deeper before, and in fact give herself a good fingering. Okay, that only happened one time but it was hot and I wanted to see it again. "Deeper!" I said, as I jerked my cock harder and faster. I was ready to cum. Her finger pushed a little deeper but she did it so gingerly she was clearly not 'fingering herself' by any stretch of my dark imagination.

It was then I realised she'd had her nails done, and didn't want the glitter to come off - not on one finger anyway. How would she explain that to friends? Especially if 'that' finger now had a brownish hue? I knew that neither of those would actually happen but I also knew that my wife would worry it might happen, hence her hestitancy to indulge in assplay. I decided it was time to finish this little scene (not that she knew she was in one).

"I'm ready to cum now," I told her "where do you want it?"

"Anywhere you like honey." 

(Okay, she clearly had no sense of where I was going with this)

"Tell me where you want it!!" I said, more gruffly

"On my ass, cum all over my ass" she said, taking the hint. But I wanted more.

"I'm gonna cum in your asshole" I told her, "all over it. I'm gonna fill it up cos there's a lot coming"

She said nothing but pulled her cheeks wider to expose her rosebud. Except it was still pretty tight. I wasn't looking for a gape (personally that does nothing for me) but I was looking for something more relaxed. I realised she thought I was going to stick my dick in her ass...

"Don't worry, I'm not going to stick my cock into that tight little asshole of yours" I said, "but I am gonna fill it with a puddle of cum." That seemed to calm her, I saw her sphincter visibly relax. "Now tell me where you want it!" I continued.

"In my asshole" she replied, "all over my dirty asshole!" 

And so I did, and it was quite a puddle. I surprised myself. It filled her asshole and her ass crack and when she collapsed down on the bed it became quite a sticky mess. Which she loves, when she's in the mood. "Omigod!" she laughed, as she grabbed a huge wad of tissues to clean herself up "you came a lot". Indeed I had, since I needed a few myself.

I'm still no closer to learning if my wife has submissive tendencies but I'm clearly no Christian Grey, and neither is she Anastasia Steele. I guess we'll have to work it out some other way.

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